Clinton and the Red Mill

Perhaps no symbol of western New Jersey is better known than the landmark Red Mill at Clinton. Located just below the confluence of Spruce Run and the South Branch of the Raritan, on the west end of Main Street, the mill and its surroundings have played host to a succession of industries and activities spawned by the region's remarkably rich agricultur

Craftsman Farms

At the turn of the last century a uniquely American tradition of home design and furnishing appeared: clean in line, solid in construction, choice in materials, and given to the aesthetic of a life lived in harmony with nature.The living room at Craftsman Farms nears full restoration to its original appearance. Many of the historic furnishings have been restored to their original locations during the Stickley era.

Guardians: Knox, Vanderveer and the Pluckemin Cantonment

The Jacobus Vanderveer house is the only surviving building associated with the Pluckemin encampment.

History You Can Taste

The Garden State Heirloom Seed Society Museum, housed in a nineteenth century farm house, is an interactive and informative stroll through New Jersey?s storied agricultural past.

Jim and Mary Lee Canal Museum

Thousands of people over the years have visited the home in Warren County where Jim and Mary Lee raised their five children, but Jim Lee, Jr. figures his fifth grade class took the first tour his dad ever gave, back in 1953.

King of Drakesville

Just off the old, now-vanished, Ledgewood Circle, a stone's throw from the mall, the Drakesville Historic Park pays tribute to Morris County's pedigree of innovative pioneers.

Lenne Lenape Indian Village

The easiest path to an appreciation of the Lenape is across the bridge to the Indian Village at Waterloo. Developed in1988 by archaeologist John Kraft, the recreated village has introduced the Lenape way to hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Long Pond Iron Works

Take a ride to Long Pond Ironworks State Park in West Milford and park at the visitors center. Walk past the old stone-rubble houses sitting like giant sculptures on the lawn, amble down into the woods and look for the dirt crossroads surrounded by trees and the ruins of a town. The area now called Hewitt was once the Long Pond Ironworks.

Macculloch Hall

Macculloch Hall Historical Museum truly shines among New Jersey's historic house museums. Built from 1810 to 1819, this Federal style mansion of more than twenty rooms was home to George Macculloch and five generations of his descendants. Macculloch is best remembered as the Father of the Morris Ca

Marshall House

Lambertville and the gold rush.

Millbrook Village

Millbrook Village, part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, is a re-created community of the 1800s where aspects of pioneer life are exhibited and occasionally demonstrated by skilled and dedicated docents throughout the village

Morristown National Historical Park

To understand why it's a great story, walk to the top of the hill in Jockey Hollow that held 200 soldier huts in early 1790. Walk up one day in January and imagine staying there until it gets warm enough sometime in April to take off your down jacket.

Museum Early Trades and Crafts

A newly restored building provides a beautiful setting for new exhibits and interactive programs; a family oriented space where children and adults learn about the tools and trades of the past.

Museums and Historical Societies

White Township, Holcombe-Jimison, Ledgewood, Califon, Wantage, Stillwater, Space Farms, Hackettstown, Hope, Lake Hopatcong, Lebanon

Museums and Historical Societies

Montague, Sussex County Historical Society, Phillipsburg Historical Society, Pike County Historical Society

Packed To The Rafters

The Bouman-Stickney Farmstead in Readington is well into a new chapter, one written for posterity.

Preservation Row

Next time you read about some group adulating an ancient stone house or a dilapidated barn, think about what’s behind the story. There are some innovative ideas out there. Make time to see what they’re up to.

Ralston Cider Mill

Of all the cider mills in New Jersey, Nesbitt's is the only survivor. For seventy years the stone building sat on some of the most valuable real estate in the world, somehow avoiding adaptive reuse or the bulldozer. This fall, you will be able to experience a rare instance of a remarkable technology, so vital to the heritage of our state. For the first time, Nesbitt's Mill will open its doors for public visitation and demonstration.

Sterling Hill Mine Tour and Museum

Gem lovers, adventurers, history buffs take note! A labyrinth of marbleized tunnels gilded by a multi-color glow of fluorescent minerals below the earth awaits at Sterling Hill Mining Museum, which includes the Thomas Warren Museum of Fluorescence and a 5,000sf mining history exhibit hall.

Ye Olde Lake Hopatcong

Lake Hopatcong is central to the New Jersey Skylands, not only geographically, but also to the many levels and facets of the region's character.

Barrels of Fun

A wave of new craft breweries has decorated the New Jersey countryside, often providing a disused building with a bright commercial future. What could be better than making beer, and lots of people happy, for a living?

Black River and Western Railroad

Getting lost in the beautiful Hunterdon County countryside, as it stretches out from either side of the right of way of the Black River & Western Railroad is easy. All you have to do is look out the window of the railcar...

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse

Cows Outside! The farm produces artisanal bread, solar-powered cheeses, and pasture-raised beef. Farm tours are also available on the weekend.

Boutique Clothing Stores

Springtime in the Skylands is magical in its landscapes, tame and wild, with new life and new hopes. Rites of Spring include embellishing one’s self with wearable art offered by many boutique owners with special visions. Here are five:

Duke Farms

Green Think at Duke Farms.

Duke Farms: A Thousand To One

The former one-acre Duke Gardens exhibit has been expanded to one thousand acres open for public exploration and enjoyment for the first time in one hundred years. The gardens have become Duke Farms Living Habitats, and their worldly cultural aesthetic has largely transformed into a focus on what belongs right here, right now.

Ellis Observatory

Sir Isaac Newton's spirit lives on at Sterling Hill. The men talk casually about hooking up a recently donated low-light camera and monitor. Attached to the telescope, the camera will send images to monitors in the observatory and the gift shop building. Guests can view and hear activities in the observatory.

For Heaven's Sake!

Our figurative stars have aligned again this year to give us not one, but two celestial spectacles; comets speeding up towards our skies.

Franklin Mineral Museum

Is it the bronze statue of the miner on the front lawn greeting the visitor or perhaps the full-size replica mine inside the building? Or could it be the lure of dinosaur footprints from New Jersey, the world's largest polished slabs of petrified wood, scorpions, dinosaur dung, and over 3000 specimens of local minerals that brings nearly 20,000 school-age children to the Franklin Mineral Museum each school year.

Kitty Fox

In the middle of a fast food parking lot, I slowly unfolded the flaps of a plain brown cardboard box. Three balls of charcoal gray fuzz were curled up inside on top of a ratty old towel. "Hi, pretty kitty," I cooed in my best loving mommy voice. I scooped her up in my hand, and she curled into a smaller ball, trying to disappear. "It's alright, baby girl," I said.

Lakota Wolf Preserve

At the Lakota Wolf Preserve, you can see wolves here in the East in a natural surrounding for the first time in over a century.

Land of Make Believe

Since 1954, the Land of Make Believe has given families a place where the kids and parents can have fun together.

Liberty Village Premium Outlets

In 1981, Liberty Village became the country's very first outlet village, where many designers and manufacturers opened their first outlet stores. Sixty outlet stores are now situated in a colonial-styled village where the brands are anything but old-fashioned.

Mountain Creek Waterpark

When they stop making snow at Mountain Creek, there is still a blizzard of events to satisfy both the families and adventurers at the Vernon facility in the summer.


Our problem is telling the world what the heck we got here, says Bruce Williams, creator of Flemington's newest attraction. It is indeed difficult to describe the jaw-dropping feeling you get when you take this effortless trip into the realm of unfettered imagination along the mile-long one way labyrinth that is Northlandz.

Rockport Pheasant Farm

The New Jersey Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife completed acquisition of the 492 acre property in 1925, two years after the first release of Rockport pheasants.

Skylands Botanical Gardens

Confusing (or better, enhancing) the boundaries of where the Skylands can be found, the New Jersey State Botanical Garden at Skylands is certainly quarters for some of the best of what Northwestern New Jersey represents.

Space Farms

Today, people still enjoy doing basically the same thing as they did 80 years ago... visit the animal collection and maybe have some candy and a soda.

Star Bright

The UACNJ facilities in Jenny Jump State Forest, near Hope in Warren County, are 1,100 feet above sea level, one of the few dark sky locations left in the state.

Sterling Hill Mine Tour and Museum

Gem lovers, adventurers, history buffs take note! A labyrinth of marbleized tunnels gilded by a multi-color glow of fluorescent minerals below the earth awaits at Sterling Hill Mining Museum, which includes the Thomas Warren Museum of Fluorescence and a 5,000sf mining history exhibit hall.

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

Summer Fairs and Festivals: Old Time, Big Time

In spite of all the turbulence in our lives, or perhaps because of it, traditional fairs and festivals remain especially popular. In these cases, it is fortunate that the more things change, the more things stay the same.

The Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College

Getting people off the couch and away from their flat screens is no easy task. Here is how a local professional theater manages to satisfy a widely diverse audience, sometimes with as much drama off as on the stage.

Tomahawk Lake

Tomahawk Lake is a treasure for the families that come here.

U. S. Equestrian Team Headquarters

Proud to call New Jersey its home, the USET is the non-profit organization which represents the United States in international equestrian sports.

USGA Golf Museum

Rolled up in the Far Hills countryside, the USGA Museum is home to the world's premier collection of golf artifacts and memorabilia

Vintage North Jersey Wine Trail

Sprinkled with nearly a dozen vineyards, the area is also making its mark as a delightful destination for a diversity of wineries.

Wilbur's Country Store

Wilbur's is the perfect destination on a drive through the New Jersey countryside. And if you need a unique gift, this is the place! The shop also hosts two annual Craft Fairs.

Wild West City

The good, the bad and the enduring

Working Theaters

Production companies and presentation houses require different, but equally challenging skills, to survive. Getting people off the couch and away from their flat screens is no easy task. Here is how local professional theaters manage to satisfy a widely diverse audience, sometimes with as much drama off as on the stage.

Independence Days

In New Jersey we are fortunate to be able to celebrate our independence on hallowed ground, the Crossroads of the Revolution, where so many crucial moments in the war took place.

Jersey Tomato Tasting

Some say that the Jersey tomato is just a memory; a juicy legend from times gone by, when tomatoes weren't born to run across the country in tractor-trailers.

Kutztown Folk Festival

One of America's most celebrated festivals, the Kutztown Festival is the oldest continuing folklife event in the nation.

Last Fling Pumpkin Sling

The popular New Jersey autumn event has moved to the Pocono Raceway. Here’s why...

Mansion in May Designer Showcase

Proudly presented by the Women's Association for Morristown Medical Center, Alnwick Hall - The Abbey will be open to the public for just one month, featuring the design inspirations of over fifty of the area?s top interior and landscape designers.

New Jersey State Fair

A real country fair, the home pride of generations worked closely with the land is everywhere to be seen: in the good food, good works, and good times that are the true bounty and community of the rural, agricultural heritage of Sussex County.

Scandinavian Festival

Drawing visitors and vendors from throughout the Northeast US for over a quarter century, Scandinavian Fest is the largest all-Nordic festival in the US.

Summer Fairs and Festivals: Old Time, Big Time

In spite of all the turbulence in our lives, or perhaps because of it, traditional fairs and festivals remain especially popular. In these cases, it is fortunate that the more things change, the more things stay the same.

Warren County Farmers' Fair and Balloon Festival

Make time for the 80th Annual Warren County Farmers' Fair and Balloon Festival, July 29 - August 5, 2017 - Celebrating the Fabric of Life!

Warren County Preservation Day

Each spring, the Warren County Land Preservation Department celebrates countywide conservation efforts at the Annual Warren County Preservation Day, this year hosted at the historic Van Nest-Hoff-Vannatta Farmstead in Harmony Township on May 21.

Weekend Journey through the Past

Somerset County’s showcase of historical sites.

Along the Vintage North Jersey Trail

A portion of the western part of Warren County, along the Delaware and Musconetcong rivers and their tributaries, has been designated by the federal government as a wine grape-growing region. Take a leisurely ride from one Warren County winery to another and find out what happens with those grapes!

Apple Picking

A walk among ageless trees laden with the mythical fruit is a trip through a special kind of garden.

Beneduce Vineyards

“It’s a family tradition,” explains Justen Beneduce Hiles, who with her brother Mike, Jr., are the active partners in the family-owned vineyard in Pittstown.

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse

Cows Outside! The farm produces artisanal bread, solar-powered cheeses, and pasture-raised beef. Farm tours are also available on the weekend.

Brook Hollow Winery

The Brook Hollow Winery, in Knowlton Township, looks out over a five-acre vineyard, then beyond to the Delaware Water Gap.

Buck Garden

Leonard J. Buck Garden in Far Hills is a garden of splendor and inspiration-- a landscape of art, sprung from a love of the beauty of plants and a reverence for nature.

Christmas Tree Growers

Tree farmers must plan years in advance, provide year-round care, and invest time, labor, and love into a crop which takes 7-15 years from planting to harvest.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Cut your own Christmas tree!

Dirty Little Secrets

Want in on a dirty little secret? "Holy cow, it's in the dirt." Yep, good old Garden State dirt. No, not our usual tabloid kind rife with political scandals, but the stuff beneath your feet. As any farmer and every gardener will attest, it's the stuff dreams are made of. And even if you don't have a green thumb, you'll know its hue, color and timbre, how it compacts and crumbles between your fingers, how its savory aroma wafts up as you bend forward for a whiff, and how nearly you can taste it.

Elixir of the Senses

Making wine in New Jersey

Fosterfield Farms

To enter Fosterfields, a working farm since 1760 and New Jersey's first living, historical farm, is to magically step back into the 19th and early 20th centuries

Four Sisters Winery at Matarazzo Farms: A Taste of Summer

In August, Four Sisters Winery will host the Vintage North Jersey Wine and Food Festival, where vintners from along the budding New Jersey Wine Trail will assemble to holding wine tastings and serving accompanying food. On Matarazzo's menu? Homemade flatbread pizza!

Lusscroft Farm

As historic sites go, Lusscroft Farm is one of a kind. Located in the northwest corner of Sussex County, these 578 acres have a rich and diverse past.

Pumpkin Picking

Fall field trips

Tassot Apiaries

Jean-Claude and his team are celebrating their 10th anniversary as your experts in beeswax candles, natural soaps and cosmetics, bee pollen, beekeeping equipment and of course…HONEY.

Well-Sweep Herb Farm

Touring Well-Sweep Herb Farm in Port Murray is an exciting learning experience; part herbal lesson, part horticulture history flashback, part taste test.

Westfall Farm and Winery

Were you to hanker for a splendid day in the country after a long hard winter—a Jersey version of a lazy, sun-stroked afternoon in Tuscany—Westfall Farm and Winery would be the place.

Windy Brow Farm: A Taste of Summer

Pick up some yellow peaches at Windy Brow then try one of their favorite seasonal recipes, Grilled Peach Summer Salad.


Winery tour

Notes on the National

The National Hotel has been entirely refreshed and reinvigorated by new owners who began their guardianship of the boutique hotel, restaurant, and rathskeller, last fall (2010). Ever watchful and completely creative, Pete and Marie D'Costa promise a perfect complement to the charming galleries and shops in the Hunterdon County village of Frenchtown for years to come.

Seasonal Camping

Many families make a Skylands campground their own vacation home, renting seasonal sites or bringing their own RV to rest at a lovely- and well-serviced- spot somewhere up in the New Jersey countryside

The Inn at Millrace Pond

Travelers and epicures in the Skylands are never far away from one of New Jersey's finest dining and lodging experiences- the cozy accommodations and artful cuisine of Hope's Inn at Mill Race Pond.

The Log Cabin Inn

Good food, good friends, good times. Your first and last stop in NJ!

The Wooden Duck Bed and Breakfast

Imagine a secluded estate not very far away yet far enough to escape from the real world. A comfortable, friendly B&B at the center of all Northern New Jersey has to offer. Mountain lakes, shopping, entertainment, romance & dining. Do it all, or do nothing: find your perfect combination. Come see why travelers, from not just the northeast US but from the world over, stay with us.

Whistling Swan Inn Bed and Breakfast

Built in 1905 by the Justice of the Peace of Stanhope, the Whistling Swan Inn, a Queen Anne Victorian home, has been restored to its original glory.


Explore Warren County Tourism Partnership

Find out how to best enjoy the Wonders of Warren County!

DuMont Admin. Bldg. 165 County Rt. 519 South, Belvidere 07823, 800-554-8540

Morris County Tourism Bureau

Provides information about what’s happening in the county, including events, historical sites, museums, hotels, restaurants. Open Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm; Saturdays in summer. Historic Morristown walking tours available as well as group tours and packages.

6 Court St, Morristown 07960, 973-631-5151

Somerset County Tourism

All you need to know about outstanding dining and accommodations, museums and attractions including pristine parks, superior golf courses, world renown gardens and first-class events. Plan your visit today!

360 Grove St., Bridgewater 08807, 908/218-4300

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