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June 1 - 7

Alive and Well!

Bob Thompson
Feeling your oats? Here comes the sun, so take advantage of a schedule full of intriguing things for you and your family to enjoy. Or choose among dozens of natural attractions or outdoor activities suggested on our website. How can you complain?


Well-Sweep Herb Farm's Spring Open House and Craft Market
Well-Sweep Herb Farm celebrates fifty-four years of herbal expertise with two full days of free lectures and presentations, tours of their spectacular gardens, live music, and a wide selection of curated craft vendors and food! The farm's largest selection of over 1,898 varieties of plants will be available. The Spring Open House and Craft Market takes place rain or shine this Saturday and Sunday, June 3-4 (Free admission and parking). Find out more on their website or on facebook, or call 908/852-5390. Well-Sweep is located between Hackettstown and Washington at 205 Mt. Bethel Rd. in Port Murray.

Lift Off

A festival featuring some flying fun with balloon launches and drone demonstrations, as well as local artisans and crafters at Warren County Community College June 2-4. (Hurricane Date: Thursday June 9 - 11)
A three-day high-flying fun festival, Friday, June 2 - Sunday, June 4, hosted by Warren County Community College, will feature hot air balloons launching in the evenings at 6:30 pm, and tethered rides as weather permits. The College will showcase their extensive drone program with demonstrations at the drone port. In addition there will be an Arts & Crafts Show, food trucks and musical entertainment each night. Get advance tickets here for Hot Air Balloons, Arts and Crafts! Warren County Community College is located at 475 Route 57, Washington, NJ.

Restless Natives

A native mountain laurel allee at The Cross Estate Gardens in Morristown.
Native plants (those that lived here before the colonists arrived) make outstanding gardens because they are strong growers, ornamental, require less maintenance than many exotics, and are particularly attractive to birds and butterflies. Some are even rumored to be deer-resistant!

Take a Float on the Wild Side!

Heading upstream through the Refuge from Bassetts Bridge, the Wallkill is a corridor of beauty.
The Wallkill River shares with great rivers like the Nile and the Rhine the peculiarity of northward flow. From out of Lake Mohawk, it spills over a dam then becomes a stream, bubbling and rushing fast, seeming most determined to be free.

Walking the Line

Cinder path on the Sussex Branch.
At one time, nearly every town in New Jersey was served by rail, despite the great effort they took to construct. Countless people's lives focused on the railroad, relying on it for industry, food, employment, and transportation. Nearly all the railroads have, of course, been abandoned; tracks removed, buildings demolished. The remaining "scars" in the earth are level paths of black cinder dirt or ballast stone connecting towns and villages, factories and mines. Because railroad grades traverse such varied terrain, a walk along them can be just as rewarding as hiking on conventional trails.

Old Man and the Pond

These days, even fishin’ from my heavy-duty, extra-large Cabela’s chair is limited to lakes where I have a smooth – and short – path from my truck to the water’s edge. One thing will never change, however — I still love fishin’. Love it, love it, love it!

Tap our calendar for the best events for you and your family, or check our current stories. Pick from a multitude of daytrip itineraries and watch out for our virtual efforts to keep you informed. For the more aerobically inclined, the Outdoor Map shows the way to go, or choose among dozens of natural attractions or parks & preserves suggested on our website. Choose your own adventure!
Northwest New Jersey and destinations just beyond those borders, in Pennsylvania and New York, offer brilliant ways to get out and enjoy the pleasures of the season.

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