Delaware River School of Art

Ken Metcalf

The free-flowing, undammed Delaware River has inspired Columbia resident Ken Metcalf, for twenty years with its beauty and the way light plays off the water. “The river is awesome,” he says. “How peaceful it is. And the way light reflects causes me to be reflective and meditative.”

Summer Sanctum on the Delaware

Painter of rivers, islands and cathedrals, Metcalf compares how a river can have a sunlit canopy of arching trees and light coming through an arched cathedral’s stained glass windows. There is also a spiritual aspect. Metcalf is an active member of his church’s administrative council, a trustee, and runs the men’s ministry group.

Autumnal Tones on the Delaware

Metcalf painted as a child then studied illustration and film in college. His goal in painting the river is to convey its simple beauty. “I choose to take a peaceful and Arcadian view in hopes it will inspire people to see its sublime and ever-changing beauty it offers. That side of life that is inspirational and harmonious and appreciative of the ever-changing world around us.”

Metcalf paints on weekends, early mornings and nights surrounding a busy work and travel schedule as regional sales representative for Imagine Communications. Before that, he worked for a production company that produced logo graphics for ESPN until 9/11 changed it all. “After that I decided to get more serious about my art and build up a body of work so I can show it.” He also produces “The Riv Show” that features works portraying the Delaware River. His current project is a series of paintings of the Delaware River and Gap view from the Columbia-Portland walking bridge. In the spring, his show at the Knowlton Presbyterian Church Gallery, on “Reflections of Light” will highlight rivers, streams, lakes and harbors.
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Mary Jasch, Spring, 2016

The land along the Delaware River is rife with artists who portray the river and its environment in all its splendor. Here are more artists who honor this federally-designated “Scenic and Recreational River” and surrounding landscape...

This story was first published: Spring, 2016