Lake Mohawk

Lake Art

by Kathy Ptacek
Painting by Lake Mohawk artist Drue Chryst depicts the boardwalk.

To walk along the Boardwalk at Lake Mohawk in Sussex County is to step back into another time, a time when the pace of life was a tad slower and less complicated.

While the Lake, Boardwalk, and adjacent White Deer Plaza are old, they are not ancient. The Lake is, in fact, man-made, dating from the mid-1920s. And before the Lake there was the valley: Brogden Meadow (so named for a colonial judge who settled there), 2300 acres and three miles long, rimmed by wild and wooded ridges, and the source of the Wallkill River that flows north through the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge and into New York state.

In January 1926 the Arthur D. Crane Company, under the direction of developer and designer Herbert L. Closs, began the work that would result in this largest of private artificial lakes in New Jersey. The river was dammed at the northern end of the valley and the lake bottom cleared. The private resort community opened on June 26, 1927, with a young full-blooded Mohawk woman, Princess White Deer, in attendance. She sang on Broadway in a number of shows, including the Ziegfeld Follies, and the Plaza was named in her behalf and the lake in honor of her tribe.

The Plaza expanded between 1926 and 1935, and the private planned community grew, too, as more summer homes were added. Originally, houses cost only $3500--a princely sum back in the '20s and '30s.

Winona Parkway entrance to White Deer Plaza looks much the same way as on this old postcard.

In 1988, Frances Smith, General Manager of the Lake Mohawk Country Club, in conjunction with local historian Wayne McCabe, worked to get the Plaza, Country Club, and the buildings placed on the New Jersey and National Register of Historic Places. The district qualified because of its unique architecture, a style which has been called "Lake Mohawk Tudor," a fanciful amalgamation of Tudor, English Cottage, and German Baronial styles, as well as structures in the Vernacular style. Lake Mohawk Tudor buildings employ half timbering, variegated slate roofs, gable roofs, stucco siding, decorative brick and stone work, among other interesting architectural elements.

Drive down the district's sloped main entrance of Winona Parkway, off Route 181 in Sparta, to get a glimpse of the lake beyond, and into White Deer Plaza. Head right along the broad street, divided by a narrow median, for a quick tour of the historical district.

#9 White Deer Plaza - Today this the St. Moritz Grill and Bar. The building is circa 1930-1935, with a multi-color, variegated slate roof, stucco siding, half timbering, all in the Lake Mohawk Tudor style.

Across from the St. Moritz is a line of buildings, circa 1928-1930. These are also in the Lake Mohawk Tudor architectural style--hip-roofed buildings, displaying flush eaves, stucco siding, variegated slate roofs, and other unusual features. The restaurant on the corner has interesting brickwork, while the Plaza Delicatessen sports gable dormers. Note the diamond-paned casement windows and painted shutters (with heart cut-outs) at the pet center. The attractive wooden gate there is also remarkable for the heart, tree, and flower cut-outs, as well as the painted grapes and vines embellishing it.

Formerly a service station, the building at the corner of the Plaza and West Shore Trail also dates from this period (1928-1930) and has a multi-color slate roof and hip dormers. The carport in front is supported by huge corner towers, with a thick chain draped between them.

Across the way are two small eateries, and again these structures are in the Lake Mohawk Tudor style, with a wooden balcony running the length of the ice cream parlor's second story.

#24 White Deer Plaza - The realty office was the administration building for the project. Built in 1928, this Lake Mohawk Tudor structure has the multi-color slate roof, a semi-hexagon bay window, half timbering, diamond-paned window, and other architectural details of interest, including a bell in a dormer that faces the Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk at Lake Mohawk. Photo by Joe Guerriero

Park at the beginning of the Boardwalk, in front of the real estate office and turn and look back toward Winona Parkway.

#23 White Deer Plaza - Today this building, with its pitched gable roof and half-timbered facade, is Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub, originally the site of The Tea Room and Gift Shop (built circa 1927), the first commercial building on the Plaza. Eventually the Tea Room became the Carl Malmquist Restaurant, and then in 1937 Frede Krogh purchased the tavern and renamed it Krogh's Restaurant and Tap Room. In 1981 Bob Fuchs, the fourth owner, purchased the restaurant; subsequently in 1999, it became Krogh's Restaurant & Brew Pub, with a state-of-the-art microbrewery on the premises. Among its many brews is Brogden Meadows Pale Ale--a tip of the hops hat to the district's historical origins.

Swing back to face the lake now, and notice that to the left of the Boardwalk stands a stucco kiosk (circa 1928) with variegated slate hip roof.

Past the kiosk on the left go through a pergola gateway, down stone steps and across a foot bridge (over a pond) to a sunken garden, complete with Japanese maples and Norway spruces. This verdant retreat was built over a period of years, from 1929 to 1935, and in the small garden stands an immense boulder, with plaques dedicated, on the 60th anniversary of Lake Mohawk, to Herbert L. Closs and Arthur D. Crane, the "fathers" and developers of the area. A pier runs the length of the garden.

From the garden go right and up wide steps to the Boardwalk, a leg-stretching 1000 feet with herring-bone design. Once upon a time it was 2500 feet long, wrapping sinuously around the Lake, but in 1957 was shortened and reshaped to its present length. Take a leisurely stroll, or perhaps pause to sit for a while on one of the many park benches there and watch boats out on the beautiful lake. The Boardwalk, owned and maintained by the Country Club, is actually semi-private, because some of the businesses along it are open to the public.

Manitou Island can be seen not too far distant, a green jewel rising out of liquid blue. A bridge off of West Shore Trail leads to the Island, which is closed to the general public, as is the stretch of road past that.

The Lake Mohawk Country Club (circa 1928-1933) cannot be missed--its great size suggests a medieval castle, and indeed, the imposing building looks like something out of a fairy tale book. Cream-colored, the Lake Mohawk Tudor/German Baronial structure rises three stories, with four-story crenelated corner towers, a Palladian window (facing the lake), dormers, turrets, decorative slit windows, two unique brick chimneys, as well as a variegated slate roof. The main entrance is off of West Shore Trail, with plenty of handicapped parking alongside a grassy expanse.

The 800-acre lake is stocked with numerous fish, including striped bass, and has a catch and release policy. The lake also features ten beaches, powerboating, sailing, water skiing, and various clubs for its 2600 member families.

Past the Country Club, the Boardwalk is not the straight ruler length, as is the case with other boardwalks, but in an S shape that reveals a bathing beach tucked into a curve and then flows down to a foot bridge over the spillway, complete with sluice gates and wheel apparatus. Ducks sun and preen themselves there, at the headwaters of the Wallkill River. The Boardwalk ends shortly after that with a children's small playground, complete with swings and slides and an elaborate jungle gym, and a corner pavilion with a copper-capped belfry. A stone pergola gateway gives out to West Shore Drive. The mostly private road leads the sightseer on a visual tour of charming and well-appointed summer homes, many now used year around, for some ten miles before ending back at White Deer Plaza.

Enjoy some of the renowned restaurants, shops and and galleries in the historic district. Then afterward, as you immerse yourself in the history of a time long ago, grab a slice of pizza or an ice cream cone, and sit on a Boardwalk bench and watch as time--and white-sailed boats--slip on by.

Nearby accommodations and attractions

  • Franklin Mineral Museum
  • "The Fluorescent Mineral Capitol of the World" Fluorescent, local & worldwide minerals, fossils, artifacts, two-level mine replica. New activity "The Adventure Package" includes gem panning, fossil dig and rock collecting! Gift shop, picnic area. Open daily.

    32 Evans Street, Franklin 07416, 973/827-3481

  • Kymer's Camping Resort
  • Located in Sussex County near the Kittatinny Mountains the camping resort offers trailer and cabin rentals and trailer and tent campsites with water, electric and cable TV hookups on 200 scenic acres.

    69 Kymer Rd., Branchville 07826, 800/543-2056

  • Tall Timbers Seasonal Resort Community
  • Private campground community offering affordable vacations that include central water and sewage disposal, boating, hiking,fishing and planned activities throughout the summer for all ages. Located minutes from Mountain Creek and only 55 minutes from New York.

    100 Tall Timbers Rd, Sussex 07461, 973/875-1991

  • Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum
  • Thousands of photos and artifacts document the lake's long and illustrious history. Open every Sunday through June, 12-4pm, October thru May. Free admission, parking.

    323 Lakeside Blvd., Hopatcong State Park, Hopatcong 07843, 973/398-2616

  • Harmony Ridge Campground
  • Outstanding family facilities near Culver Lake and Stokes Forest include over 200 sites on 160 acres, cabins, trailers, tent sites, camp store, laundry, hot showers and full range of on-site activities.

    23 Risdon Drive, Branchville 07826, 973/948-4941


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Fallon V
07 Sep 2017, 08:30
The Lake Mohawk Historic Committee is looking for storytellers! I am seeing some great stories on this comment thread. If you'd like to come share, we will be at Krogh's Restuarant & Brew Pub every Tuesday in September. 6-8pm in the Pub - "History on Tap". We are celebrating the building's 90th anniversary and raising money to protect and preserve Lake Mohawk history! Please come out and join us!
DeWitt Peterson
14 Jan 2016, 16:43
I recently purchased a copy of Against All Odds: The Story of Herbert. L. Closs and Lake Mohawk, New Jersey, by Douglas Hanks, Jr. Copyright in 2002. I as wondering if this is the book(s) Joan Paula Closs Kelly mentioned in these writings a few years ago. It is most interesting. I am trying to find where copies may be purchased. The printer in Burlington is no longer listed. I would appreciate any leads. I recently acquired a postcard by Curt Englebrecht done around 1938 from my family's front porch. I was there and you can tell the age since the trees are smaller, the houses scarcer, and the boardwalk less developed. I remember him coming to our house at 2045 Glenside (now 101) and asking to look around to take that photo. I woke up to that view for many years. Curt did marvelous things with his camera and I see them on the web frequently.
Bob Calfi
15 Sep 2015, 17:26
@Tom can't be serious are you. The Lake Mohawk Country Club is made of the residents that live in the section you call "privatized". This can be done anywhere, where have you been? The country club is funded by the residents who live in your so called private section. The people that live there want it "private" not the Lake Mohawk Country Club. These people pay more dues than the other residents of Lake Mohawk to have it that way. You really should read up on how private communities are run and operated. There is nothing offensive or screwed up about it at all. Lake Mohawk has a lot of history and there has always been a private section from its inception. There are thousands if not 10s thousands private sections of towns throughout the United States.
Tom Marley
20 Aug 2015, 21:45
Can someone tell me how Lake Mohawk Country Club gets away with privatizing an entire section of a town?? That is one of the most screwed up and offensive ideas I have ever come across.
Judy D
26 Jul 2015, 14:13
There was a professional movie made (supposedly by a company from California) by the Crane Company titled "Lake Mohawk Through the Seasons" as an advertising tool in the 40's. I wrote the book "Reflections" about Lake Mohawk and have been looking for this movie for years. Does anyone know ANYTHING about it?
Matt Sullivan
28 Feb 2015, 12:19
I grew up in Sparta in the 70's. Summit Road. A great town to grow up in. Lots to do. Upper Lake, Alpine Pool, Golf course, The Glenn, Played Midget football on the Warriors..had a blast!! great memories....Moved away in 1980.
Rich Anderson
27 Feb 2015, 12:51
I grew up and lived on East Shore Trail from 1959 - 1977 when I moved to South Jersey where I still live.
I have great memories of swimming and skiing every day in the Summer on the lake and playing ice hockey when it froze in the Winter. We had some great beach parties. We lived across the street from beach #2 and enjoyed great fireworks on the 4th of July. Brain Fuller was my best friend (earlier post) during the early days until he moved. I saw several other familiar names as well.
Brian Fuller
26 Jan 2015, 06:10
I grew up on East Shore Trail 1964 to 1970 and still reminisce about the winters skating and playing hockey with the boys, sledding at the golf course and fishing in the summer. There was a sporting goods store owned by Bob Vitebeck my dad used to take me to for new gear and a pizza place up by the Presbyterian Church that had the best pizza ever. My best friend, Richard Anderson and I had the best time in the snow making forts at Beach 12 or 13. Kids today just don't understand.
Dennis Carney
01 Dec 2014, 19:41
Lived on Springbrook Trail from 1987 to 2009 until I was forced to sell the house to pay Medical Bills for my wife. Miss the generations of deer that used my backyard to let their fawns rest and had the does bring me their fawns to meet every spring and had neighbors amazed how I had a few follow me around the yard as they wanted to be hugged and have their heads scratched. Many happy memories of our time spent with my twins enjoying the lake.
Rob Hiler
21 Nov 2014, 18:49
Hi , I lived at 65 Park road from 64 until 72 and remember many great times growing up at the lake (9yrs old ) ..Our neighbor Frank Sigler was a Medal of Honor recipient from WWII and was a friendly guy who helped my dad around the house . I remember the great times fishing at the glen and going to sadies for penny candy . I went back to the lake in 1979 and stayed with my cousin Vic Guadagno for the summer on west shore trail , more great times great aunt Mary Hiler married George Dykstra who was an owner of Kroughs back in the 70's ..My old house just came up for sale and was thinking about buying it for nostalgia reasons ? Like above comments i do remember the ole bowling alley and the race cars along with the Movie house ..Have fun and keep sharing !!
Betsy Hall
20 Aug 2014, 04:20
Mrs. Matille (not sure if that's spelled correctly)was the lady in the Club House who oversaw the Junior Room.
Todd Winchester
19 Aug 2014, 17:47
Lake police patrol was Hauschild(sp) I think- cant remember who drilled a hole in his boat. My question is who was the nice littles lady who kept us under control at the Jr Room?
Joyce Anderes
05 Aug 2014, 07:26
Love this site. My family moved to Lake Mohawk in 1955, when I was 8 years old. I have wonderful memories of this area. A great place to grow up in.
Barbara Denney Campbell
04 Aug 2014, 14:39
Hi again! I haven't been back to this site in a few years and would love to get in touch with those who asked me to email them way back when. Paula (and mom), B. Banta, Brian (who lives in my old house)and anyone else that enjoyed the fun days together with me at the Marine pool, running around the lake or hanging out on the boardwalk. To those of you who have been in touch, stay in touch! ;-)
Betsy McIntyre Hall
04 Aug 2014, 11:04
I was raised at Lake Mohawk. My Grandparents built a house between beach 3 and beach 4 in 1929. My mother was the 1st Queen of the Baby Parade. Both of my grandfathers were charter members of the Golf Club. I remember hitch-hiking to get around the lake and we swam at the Marine Pool when the Kelsey's owned it. I have so many wonderful memories of the Lake. I still live in Sussex Count and have raised my children here.
Kathy Walko
14 Jul 2014, 14:47
I just found this site and what a treasure. Like many others I was born and raised at the Lake and I agree that there is no place like it. My parents, John and Barbara Walko, moved to Hillside Trail around 1950. We moved to Alpine on Summit Road around 1958. My brother John and sister Donna share nothing but wonderful memories of childhood. I remember exploring Indian Rock and the fields of Perona Farms. The cows even ended up in our yard one day. I was a mascot for the Red Devils many years ago. I decorated my bicycle for the parades. We had a sailboat at the "yacht club". Swimming/skating at the Alpine pool. ....Many of the names mentioned are familiar. My parents knew the Cranes and in the 70s lived next door on Crestwood Trail. I remember the adults getting together and sharing many stories. Everyone seemed to know everyone.
Hope to keep up with new postings.
Howard S Raabe, Jr RA
30 Jun 2014, 19:24
Fond memories of our childhood at the Lake from 1955 until 1963 when I left for college. It was idyllic. We visit every year when we meet for our family re-union.
Nancy Ducey Lindow
18 Jun 2014, 18:11
My Dads name Harry Ducey / he and the Geftens were the police in the early years then the Gefftens sons were on the force / I played in the downstairs bowling alley at the police station / the new police station is so different / they had my Dads picture up on the wall at one time / I wonder where it is now âť“
tom sundheim
18 Jun 2014, 17:50
What a great bunch of comments about our fun little town. My family lived close to the Upper Lake on Seneca Trail.....I played wiffleball in our back yard field with brother pete,daubner kids,all the Bailey crew, my buddy Juddy Horan, Flemming, the McQuillan kids, Amidons, Billy Armstrong, Blanchard,and the Pedersen boys when they weren't chasing the Dieckman girls ! ..LOL. After a game or 2 or 10 we would hop on our 20" / high handle bar, banana seat bikes and rip down to the beach.....There was always time to go up to Pinky's and have a malt, try to buy cigs and Playboy mags , and get back to the beach for some fun.
I remember getting stopped by the Sparta police for speeding on our skate boards rolling down west shore past jim and billy grants home. We never told the cops that we were also swimming in the water tower behind the Grants home.....THAT was fun !
Fun in the graveyard at the Presbyterian church during the "IF" dances....listening to the famous Islanders with FANG at the mike.....trapping muskrat with my buddies tom nieradka, phil schreyer, and jeff fisher ( still living close to town ).....graduating 1969 SHS ( yes it was the BEST football team the school ever had ) and getting caught drinking beer our senior year out front while we got to "hang out" our senior year.
Fun to hear others stories, and I am glad most others had tons of fun being a kid in a great town.....3 last comments..Steve Piniaha and the Warriors RULED the football field, don't forget the fun at the HOLE on the boardwalk......and what was the name of the Lake Police Patrolman on the lake in the 60's ( trivia question....starts with a H )
Jackie Earl Campbell
18 Jun 2014, 08:04
Gwen Donovan...Images of America SPARTA....
I very much enjoyed your book and the photos. However, there is an error on page 75 with the identity of one of the police officers. The photo of the police officers...bottom row Chief Fred Spoolstra and officer Charles Schwank....The police office is actually, in fact, my dad, Alton J. (Shorty) Earl. We have several copies of this photo and there is also a newspaper clipping. Thank you.
Bill Slack
17 Jun 2014, 18:29
Raised in Lake Mohawk from 1944 and left in 1968. First resided on Springbrook trail until third grade. Uses to walk through backyards to beach 3 and fish off the dock next to the marina. Parents bought a new home which was built by Dave Elg(sp) at 8 Cedar Tree Lane. Sparta Stanhope Rd was the main road we use to walk to school on while throwing stones at the water tanks at the end of the street. Buddies in the neighborhood were Nick Irons, Mike Moehler, Ron Chrissey, etc. We could get to about five different lakes by bike within forty minutes. Interestingly, we "hung out" with kids from the entire area. Played in some of the baseball games behind Jerry Slack's house with Jackie and use to bowl in the firehouse across the street. Ken Krogh's house was close and many times, we would meet at the rec. room in the Country Club.

This was a great place to grow up and be safe as kids. Most of the time in the summer you get up early in the morning and your parents would go to work. After chores, you could do anything you wanted as long as you were home by supper. After supper, it was "kick the can" time until you couldn't see because of the darkness. This is one of the blessings of my life!
nancy ducey lindow
17 Jun 2014, 14:53
yes i too grew up in the lake mohawk area / my dad was on the police force up there when it first started and my mom was one of the first dispatch people by using their front porch light to let my dad know he needs to be checking a problem out !!
28 May 2014, 10:15
My family lived on Lake Mohawk when I was little in the early 1960s. We lived in one house where I don't remember the location (but it was close to the boardwalk/possibly off it?) and on West Shore Trail from '65 - '68. Those are some of my happiest memories. Skating on the lake...we had a boat and my sister water skied while I used an inner tube...going to the pool. I went to kindergarten through the second grade there, as well as nursery school.

I am going to be traveling in the area in a few weeks and decided to stop by to see it again. It's been fifty years - I'm sure it's changed, but I've wanted to come back and it looks like this will be my chance.
steve L
30 Apr 2014, 08:01
we are relatively new to Lake Mohawk (20 years) and love living here. our daughters both went thru the Sparta schools. our house on west shore trail has had numerous additions/renovations over the years, but the original small structure has the classic Lake Mohawk chestnut log walls and interior with the tall stone fireplace. we see houses advertised saying they are "original Crane house". does anyone know of any existing records of the Crane Company that would tell if a house built in the 1920's and 30's was done by the Crane Co. ??????? or anything else about when and who built houses back then ????
D Lee Decker
22 Mar 2014, 16:07
I can add a bit of history to Lake Mohawk. My Grandfather Charles Decker owned a farm that now resides under the lake. He didn't want to sell the whole farm but couples began offering to buy parcels of land which he did sell.They were stand-ins for the developer. The farm final was all sold.The original farm house is still standing on the shoreline. Charles and his wife Florence then bought a farm on Hopkins corner near Lafayette. I grew up on that farm back in the 1950s and 60s.
Ruthie Hall Gordon
24 Feb 2014, 06:29
I Love reading about Lake Mohawk! My family lived on Springbrook Trail in the early 60's. I have wonderful memories of parties at Margie Taylor's house, dances on the boardwalk, Helen Morgan School, and Mohawk Ave School. This still looks like a great place to live!
DeWitt Peterson
08 Jan 2014, 09:33
Here are some more memories of Lake Mohawk during the period 1934 to 1950. \r\nOne family that lived on the corner of Alpine Trail with a rock cliff behind it was the O'Davages. Mrs. O'Davage was very friendly and skilled. she hosted many boys there after school with her three sons: Bill, Rudy, and Walt. Walt was in my class. All were very popular with their classmates. They had a big rope on a big tree above the house where you could swing way out almost above the house. They raised 20 or more beagles. Often all would be in the house!!\r\nOnce Walt and I went to the big lake over the mountain and rowed around Manitou Island catching over 100 fish.\r\nWalt had many splinters in his foot from jumping onto a dock so it was a big struggle to get back to his home. Then my father told me I must clean all of them and freeze them. What a job!!\r\nThe O'Davages moved to Bangor, PA and became the Davidges. During the Depression Mr. Davidge had bad luck owning sporting goods stores, selling goods wholesale, and similar. In WWII he was a merchant marine officer. One day Wally Keiderling and I were listening to WNEW when news came that Walt Davidge of Bangor had killed his drunken father with a .22 rifle in self-defense. Mr. Davidge had become a heavy drinker and was abusing his wife road when Walt went upstairs for the rifle and told his father not to come up the stairs. He was never charged. All of them had rifles and shotguns.\r\nGeorge Hughes was my best friend for years after his younger brother Billy died of pneumonia in the third grade (1938 spring). Another has written about his much younger brother Bobby and his death. Mrs. Hughes was a widow after her husband George (Sr.), the lake's surveyor, died in the early 40s. She then worked for the Crane Co. and raised the two boys and two girls. They lived in the farm house beyond the Marine Pool (before the pool was built), over the surveyor's office, and in a house on East Shore near the famous sandpit. George and I cut over 100 lawns for a few summers before power mowers of any kind were invented. We had 6 reel pushers with 3 always in the sharpening shop on Stanhope Road. Casey of Ogdensburg joined us later and I had to quit. George later sold the business to Casey and became the Road Supervisor for LMCC. George died about 3 years ago after living at the lake all his life.\r\nAnother well known family was the Fosters. They lived on the West Shore on the water near the golf club road and later on the island. Mr. Foster was an oil industry executive. All the (5?)children were very popular. Bill Foster was in my "group". He became an oil executive also. He went to Delbarton, St Anselm's College, and more.I ran into him at Pittsburgh Airport years ago as we were all snowed in for many hours. The parents became good friends of my parents in later times. /the /fosters had an apartment near Grand Central in NYC and we used it a few times if we young folk stayed too long in the jazz joints.\r\n\r\n
Joseph Basler
15 Dec 2013, 13:18
Although these L. Mohawk comments elicit many happy memories, there are exceptions. Jackie Campbell mentions the drowning of her cousin Bill and his pal, Bob Hughes. I didn't know Bill but I knew Bobby from having played baseball against him when we were young teenagers. He as an outstanding pitcher. Outwith the baseball field I very rarely saw him. I think I recall his sister Carol telling me that he didn't like the water and never went swimming which I thought unusual especially with Bobby being a year round resident at the lake. When I heard of his death, I thought it both tragic and ironic that something Bobby had such an aversion to eventually claimed his life. -- Bobby you had a great curve ball R.I.P.
Barbara Wanthouse Marsh
02 Dec 2013, 09:53
Found an old silent video of the clown divers!
Jackie Earl Campbell
14 Nov 2013, 08:52
I totally enjoy reading all the comments people have taken the time to write on here. The names bring back so many fond memories. My brother Ron and I grew up on Glen Road. Our paternal great grandparents home was one of the original farm houses at Lake Mohawk, it sits beside beach six. My maternal grandfather's business, Jennings Ice business is mentioned on here. Also, he developed Jennings Ranger Service and later Jennings Bus service. My uncle Gabe (Marshall) Earl was a surveyor with the Crane Co. His son, my cousin Bill and friend Bob Hughes both sadly drowned in the Lake while attempting to go ice skating. My uncle Albert Earl was a carpenter with them. My dad Shorty (Alton)Earl had a mason business and my Mom Janet (Jennings) Earl drove a school bus for my Grandad. My uncle Phil Kelly ran his honey dipper business (sepic tank business),my uncle Bill Morgan was a butcher in the store across from where the A&P later was built on Pool's corner, my uncle Jerry Jennings had a private eye business. My brother probably taught many of you PE at the junior high or coached you at SHS...we had a wonderful childhood, things were different then. My cousin Wayne and I would leave the house first thing in the morning and be exploring in the Glen,returning bottles uptown to Schaff's market, we walked or rode our bikes everywhere in town. We always had baseball games going on...usually behind Jerry Slack's house in the pasture. I loved the Marine pool. My brother was one of the "clown divers" and I was on the swim team. Loved the square dances at the clubhouse and the Rickey's at the Green and Orange Inn. Always loved going to my grandparents house..they lived behind the St. Moritz in the house behind the parking lot. I was always getting in trouble tumbling into the little pool on the right side of the house. Later they moved directly above that house into an old barn my dad refurbished into a home. Did anyone mention SADIE'S??? Great memories of family and friends.
Barbara Wanthouse Marsh
27 Sep 2013, 18:17
cat tannert: I may have a picture of Red diving off the tower with Timmy me if you want to see what pix I have!
Bill DeMarco
27 Sep 2013, 10:00
Lived in Sparta in the 70s. Went to Engle School then Alpine Elementary and Sparta Junior High. We moved away in 81 as I entered High School. My older brothers attend Sparta High. Our house was at the entrance to the golf course on West Shore Trail. Right across from the beach! Neighbors included Kelly, Familant, Kramer, Lawler, Phlugh, Dr. Johnson, Dolge, Blaine and many more. I loved Sparta!! Many good times and friends.
DeWitt Peterson
14 Sep 2013, 13:54
My father, Clarence Peterson, built our home in the early 1930s on Glenside Trail (2045 now 106) and sold it in 1973. He did much of the rough work and the Crane Company did the real tough stuff. I grew up there from second grade through high school except two years in Elizabeth for 8 and 9 grades. Joan Paula Closs (one of the entries here) was in my class but she often went elsewhere. My father was a good friend of Herb Closs, Ed Closs, Bob Crane (my scoutmaster), and others in the Crane Co. He ran the Village Sweet Shop in the late 1930s to 1948 on the Plaza, which was a hangout for all the youth. In the early days there were only about 50 families year round. My nearest neighbor was Chief Big Mountain and his family who lived at the gate past the Marine pool at Hemlock Park. Since we lived avross the line in Byram, to get to Sparta school I rode my bike 3 miles or got a ride with my father (an hour too early) or with others. My mother had a one dollar gasoline budget so she did not often take me or pick me up. We had different friends in the summer as the city folks came. Also my father was Balanced Rock Beach Chair for a few years and that meant running the September Harvest Moon Ball. We spent many days after school at Fort Zero skating. The good ice lasted from mid December to early March and sometimes was thick enough to drive on. I can remember sledding nearly the whole 3 miles after getting a start with a car. \r\nThe Crane Co. was very good at promotions, so there were Winter Carnivals, professional hockey, star swimming and diving champs visiting, artic explorers, Princess White Deer every year, a commuter seaplane for a short while, curling championships, toboggan races, and more. The country club was full of activities with movies twice a week, dances, shows, parties, kids' contests, and costume parades. On the parking level was the Junior room hosted by Mrs. Mattil (also the Fort Zero hostess) where we played table tennis, pool, simple games and also danced.\r\nOne of my friend was Carl "Red" Tannert (mentioned by his son here). I remember once he left Paul Castellanos up a tree for about 4 hours when he went to get new tools. Red, Paul , Gerard Fitzpatrick, Wally Keiderling, Bill Albrecht, Charles Ehrgott, Robin Wood, Rosemary Walker, Kay Ward, Bunny Stehr, Red Hilliard, Bill Foster, and Jack Scott were some of the members of "our gang" for many years. Others were Genevieve Lawler, George Hughes, Charles and Hans Blocklin, Dick Kelsey (and his brothers Tim and Bill), Kenny Heitman, and Betty Hogan. Favorite spots were the Village Sweet Shop, Central Hotel for pizza, Marine Pool,and Newton or Frankiln movies (if anyone had a car!!).\r\nI can remember the A&P being in same building as the post office, a hardware store, Bob Danforth's gasoline station, George Hughes Surveryor's Office, Person's barber shop, Van Orden's grocery, Carl Malmquist and Mrs. Malmquist, Jenning's ice house behind the St Moritz restaurant, Jim Eidel's store on Main street as well as Schaff's store, and Kay's store (3 groceries almost in a row). Then there was Hammill's chicken farm on the Woodport Road, Mr. Smith's bus from the Plaza to Newton High School, Richard's Garage,Fred Dodge's Garage, Dr.Longnecker in house near Winona Parkway,Poole's Tavern, and the bowling alley in the basement of the municipal building. There were still remnants of the summer hotel glory days(1890 and early twentieth century in Sparta. One was The Maple Glen Inn on corner of Glen road and Main. Another was next to Presbyterian Church and a third was nearly across from the Episcopal Church.\r\nthere was no dentist in town so we went to Franklin.In the late 1940s, John Bennett lived on the Plaza. He retired as superintendent of the large Toms River School system. Lake Mohawk and Sparta were great places to live and to grow up.
08 Sep 2013, 22:05
My parents owned "Marc Hobby Center", the slot car racing center located in the "Sparta Lanes" bowling alley building. Does anyone remember their "Car Racing" days???
08 Sep 2013, 21:50
My family moved there in 1958... I was 2. I lived in the house we built at the bottom of "Snake Hill" on Alpine Trail for 18 years. Anything you want to know about the "Old Days"... just ask!!!\r\n\r\nI went to every school, swam at every beach, learned to swim at Alpine pool, saw my friend drive his Mustang off the Manito Island bridge, Milk was delivered by Milk Truck, owned the very last "pull start" motor boat on Lake Mohawk, pplayed in a Rock & Roll Band that played dances in the "Junuor Room"... That's for starters!!!\r\n
Alan Smith
13 Jul 2013, 12:53
I sadly did not actually live or have property in Lake Mohawk. My wife (Susan Knecht Smith) parents owned property there.\r\nMy family owned a small cottage in a small lake community called Sunset Lake - it consisted of 7 homes arounf a small spring feed lake. We summered there from 1945 until 1965. We spent a lot of time down on Lake Mohawk - swiming at Alpine Pool. The 4th of July was very memorable to me sitting on the lower boardwalk by the boats or the upper boardwalk on benches or on the fence. We eat ice cream bought from the store right there.\r\nThe St Moritz was truely a grand hotel/restaurant.\r\nThe large Cris Craft Sightseeing boats were amazing to me as a young child - we would go out in them several times during the summer.\r\nWe would all walk the Boardwalk out to the island in those days in hopes of finding Indian arrow heads.\r\nI think often of those days and how simpler they were aand full of adventure.\r\n
Barbara Wanthouse Marsh
08 Jul 2013, 02:55
Was anyone on the swim team at the Marine Pool in the 50s? I have a team picture...
John R. Sorrenti
07 Jul 2013, 08:22
Hi! Dpes anyone remember Linda or Carol Smith who lived at 47 E. Shore Trail Lake Mohawk from about 1968 to 1978? Their mom's name was Ester. They were good friends of mine from Queens NY and would love to get back in contact with them now that I live in NJ. I went there but they no longer own the house. Any help would be appreciated.\r\nThank you
Kathy Janson
05 Jul 2013, 12:16
FYI SHS Fun in the Sun Reunion October 11 - 13\r\ncontact
05 Jul 2013, 08:35
...with email link
05 Jul 2013, 08:33
Barbara Denny Campbell - Living in your former home at 49 Seneca Trail since 1993. A rare find in Lake Mohawk on 7 acres. Email if you'd like update/pics.
Barbara Wanthouse Marsh
18 May 2013, 10:06
Wendy...I was just on Manitou Island a year ago...nothing has been torn a matter of fact, please email me...from your description, I think your grandparents may have lived in the house MY grandparents built in the 30s....
Wendy Roehrich
18 May 2013, 08:17
Hi, My grandparents John and Carolyn Roehrich had a wonderful Tudor House on the island in the 60s. Crossing the bridge turn left 2nd house on left. It looks like from google satellite all those houses have been torn down. I loved going to stay at their house and stopping at fairy tale Forrest.
Jack Reuther
28 Jan 2013, 18:08
I lived at Lake Mohawk from 1949-1963. We lived on West Shore Trail across the street from Turtle Cove. Our back yard was woods that led to the golf course. When I was born in 1949 it was at Franklin Hospital. Growing up we spent a lot of time exploring the woods and hitchhiking down to the plaza. I think one of the first viewings I ever went to was when a Native American from the area passed away. We spent a lot of time fishing and going to the beach by Manitou Island. They had a boat that took people for rides from the boardwalk. We called it the "sightseer" and we would get excited when it passed the beach because it made a big wake. I also remember the sad drowning accidents that would occur both in summer and winter. We would go food shopping at the A&P in Newton which was the closest supermarket. The Sparta Theater was a frequent Saturday afternoon destination to see movies like Davey Crockett. Speaking of Davey I remember going to kindergarten with my Davey Crockett outfit on. I went to kindergarten in a first aid building across from the then location of town hall. My teacher was Helen Morgan who would later have a school named after her. I have nothing but good memories spending the first 14 years of my life at Lake Mohawk.
Marianne Avila
15 Jan 2013, 17:07
I have about 45 original photos of Lake Mohawk being built. The photos date between 1929 to 1930 and are signed by HCC. Is there a market out there for them? Please email me at Thanks
kathy janson habdas
15 Oct 2012, 13:44
Rick thank you for sharing the wonder photos!
Rick Ambrose
14 Oct 2012, 19:09
For those interested in seeing vintage photos and postcards of Lake Mohawk, I have created a slideshow\r\nof over 100:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nFor those interested in the hosstory of Lake Mohawk, you can can read the entire story as documneted in Builders Developer Magazine's April 1929 issue here - click the link and scroll down to Lake Mohawk section:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nEnjoy !\r\n\r\nRick Ambrose\r\n\r\n
Barbara Wanthouse Marsh
30 Aug 2012, 03:15
You can uncheck "hide my email" after your and then people can contact you by simply clicking on your name in the comment section....I think it shows up blue rather than black!
Barbara Wanthouse
23 Aug 2012, 03:35
I have a Marine Pool swim team picture from about 1953-4. If anyone wants me to send an attachment, just email me! I know I had just gotten my Pickerel pin and I was about 7.\r\n
Grayson Van
21 Aug 2012, 09:07
My great uncle W R Van Valkenburg and his wife Jeanne of Manhatan were early investors in Lake Mohawk, in the late 1920s. They kept a cottage there for many years. He died in 1947 but Jeanne and her kin would often take off for the lake, until her death in the late '70s. I think their place was numbered in the low # 20s but would love to find early development plats etc. If anyone could steer me to info, I'd very much appreciate the help. Thanks
Barbara Wanthouse Marsh
14 Aug 2012, 02:46
Joe??? Isn't your "real" name Pumpy???? Left a message on facebook...lots of catching up to do! Barb Denney and I are having fun reliving our youth and the many years since!
Joe Wigert
13 Aug 2012, 22:05
A great place, peopled with wonderful people, combined to make a fanciful place to be a kid.
Robert Hanson
11 Aug 2012, 07:55
Barbara, \r\n\r\nMe too and water skiing.
Barbara Wanthouse
02 Aug 2012, 14:17
OMG! I spent hours catching turtles in Turtle Cove!\r\n
Robert Hanson
02 Aug 2012, 14:11
Bob Banta,\r\n\r\nI remember you cruising around in the coolest Chris Craft.....we were on West Shore, Turtle Cove on the lake. Learned to swim ay Happy Valley Beach. Good to see your name after all these years.
02 Aug 2012, 04:48
Very nice site!
02 Aug 2012, 03:19
Hello! bgaagdd interesting bgaagdd site! I'm really like it! Very, very bgaagdd good!
Bob Banta
01 Aug 2012, 10:01
Bonnie: My wife and I just purchased a weekend home at SML (Mariner's Landing). I spent my summers on West Shore Trail just a few houses away from Happy Valley Beach. Let's do lunch and talk about our teenage years at LM.
Bonnie Sands Johnson
01 Aug 2012, 05:06
My family stayed with my grandparents in Sparta near Pools Corner during my teenage years in the early 50s. My great grandfather was Sparta's blacksmith before his death. My grandfather, George Palmer, had the painting and decorating contract with Herbert Closs and so we were able to swim at the main beach. No one has mentioned the Chatterbox, where everyone went after the dances at the Country Club. Does anyone remember Dorothy Grueter from the St. Moritz or Audrey Croft? Audrey was in my class in 5th grade at Helen Morgan School. I now live on Smith Mountain Lake in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It so reminds me of Lake Mohawk, even now, although it is 45 miles long with 525 miles of shoreline. There are a few of us here from Sparta/Lake Mohawk. What a wonderful part of my childhood. It looks the same today as it did all those many years ago. I have a picture of my mother as a ittle girl standing by the creek that ran through the meadow if anyone is still collecting memorabilia.
Ralph Frangipane`
18 Jul 2012, 14:39
I moved to sparta in 1985 from bergan county. I became very interested in the history of Lake Mohawk. I started to collect some old post cards of the lake and town. one card in particular has a picture of the vally in back of the Prespaterian church on main street,looking up at what is called alligator the corner of main st. and glen rd. my question is about the sender of this card.It is post marked Sept 1 is signed by M.W.CRANE and addresd to Miss S. Stevenson Elizabeth N. J. I know the history of Arthur D. Crane but who is M.W. CRANE a brother,sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, ect. Anyone knowing the history of the Crane family that far back is a real longshot but you never know. thanks, Ralph Frangipane
Robert H.
10 Jul 2012, 12:30
Spent my summers from 1955 - 1966 on West Shore Trail. Best times of my life. Met my first girlfriend at Lake Mohawk. Took her to the Marine Pool dances by boat. At the IF dances every Saturday night. Who remembers the late Glenn Van Warrebey? Diane Peters? Rob Plaster? Go back now it is not quite the same as those days.
Bob Banta
03 Jul 2012, 18:07
My grandparents purchased property (actually two lots)and built a home on West Shore Drive a few houses down from the entrance to the Golf Club and Happy Valley Beach. This was before they actually filled the lake. Like the two Barbaras who I remember well, I too have fond summer memories of Lake Mohawk. If Barbara Denny reads this post it would be nice to get in touch. Sorry to learn of your parents passing. My parents live in S FL (Juno Beach) and I know that they have until recently visited Muriel and Art on the FL west coast.
Barbara Wanthouse
19 Jun 2012, 13:49
I ordered Gwen's book! So many memories. I wish I had known about it earlier because I have a treasure trove of Marine Pool pix!\r\n
Don Fitz Maurice
04 May 2012, 12:21
We were at the Lake from about 1934 to 1937 my motherKathryn, my father Dick and my brother Dick, my sister Myra. We spent 2 years on the west shore and 4/5 on the east shore. My brother and I swam on the swim team and I dove with the Fairbrother sisters when the Otts ran the pool. I remember my brother going out on the greased pole to get a little flag for a prize. Those wonderful shows put on every Sunday at the pool were something to look forward to. If anyone remembers those times or any of my family, please email me. Thank you Don Fitz Maurice We were there in the summers and lived in Orange N.J.
Joe Ciccarelli
10 Apr 2012, 06:10
Enjoyed reading some of the posts on this page - I spent many summers from 1950 to 1965 at the Lake. Enjoyed the Marine Pool, Saturday morning swim races run by Mrs Lomerin and a lot of great dances / record hops at the country club. My mother - Pat Bentley moved to Lake Mohawk as a young girl in 1927 as the lake was being constructed - she lived in the white house with pillars near the entrance which later became a real estate office.\r\nThe lake was a special place during a special time.
Gwen Donovan
03 Apr 2012, 05:51
The pictorial history book I wrote for Arcadia Publishing about Sparta is now available on iTunes and is downloadable for Apple devices as an eBook. Hopefully it will also be available for the Kindle and other ereaders as well. Here is a link for more information:\r\n\r\n\r\nHa ppy e-reading!\r\n\r\nGwen Donovan
Barbara Wanthouse Marsh
27 Mar 2012, 16:46
Both my mother's parents and my father's parents built homes at Lake Mohawk in the 30s (thats where my parents the Marine Pool). My grandfather built his home on the island before the bridge was built and all construction materials had to be ferried over. I spent many an idyllic summer at the Marine Pool on the swim team with Barbara Denney, Vicky Laddey, Pumpy Wigert, Billy Ackerman, Dennis (?)...I earned my Minnow pin and a Pickerel pin, Carin Lomerin trophy, and I can't remember the names of the others based on age-group. Kroughs, Sadies, the grotto, and square dancing are all part of the 50s age of innocence!\r\n
Patricia Hins
29 Feb 2012, 18:58
My parents owned the Lakeview on the boardwalk. I have very fond memories of Lake Mohawk. I went to Our Lady of the Lake High School. Now I live in Florida and have 5 grandkids. Wow time goes by. Patty McCarthy
Keith K
18 Jan 2012, 17:30
Just started doing some genealogy work and come to find that my Grandfather owned the White Deer Inn in Lake Mohawk. I have several pictures of the front of the building with White Deer Inn on top and McCarthy - Kay (the name my Grandfather went by) below it. Does anyone know where this building was located? I would assume that this was during the early 40's. The ownership changed within a short time but any assistance is greatly appreciated.
James BigMountain
31 Dec 2011, 11:30
My name is James Bigmountain. My great Grandfather and Grandmother were there for a period of time. I have read a couple comments refering to them. I am trying to retrace our family history back as far as possible. If anybody has any iformation, documents, dated and named photos anything would be a great help. please contact me with any info you may have it would be very helpfull. Thanks\r\
mark nielsen
24 Nov 2011, 21:02
I grew up on West Shore trail from 1968 to 1970. I then lived on the island from 1973 to 1978. I used to go ice boating in the winter. I went water skiing in the summers. We built forts in the woods and used to hitch hike to junior high in the mornings. I was a member of the ski club and used to swim at the marine pool! I have many fond memories of great times there and get back there as often as I can. I hve eaten at both Kroughs and the St. Moritz many times!
Henry Jacobsen
16 Nov 2011, 14:47
My parents Soren and Inge Jacobsen moved from Denmark in 1948-1961 and settled in Lake Mohawk for 13years of my live.Unbelievable area to grow up in.From the time I was 9-18 years of age my dog "Tippy" and I hunted,fished, and hiked over a 5mile radius taking in all the surrounding beauty that still is Sparta Lake Mohawk. One time at age 11 or 12 I dammed up the nort end spillway and a friend and I went down stream and hit trout and catfish on the heads with two by fours and at final count had 52 fish on a rope. Never did that again!! Got into a little trouble over that incident. My father worked for Herb Cross of Arthur Crane Company for several years before starting his own construction company SBJ construction. He built the Lutheran Church which is located just outside Newton on Newton Sparta Road.As a teenager during the late 50's my sister and I and all our friends endjoyed the dances in the Club House on the Boardwalk. In the summer we had square dancing with the Sussex Count Special was the top dance of the evening. On Fridays or Saturdays we had Record Hops and I still have quite a few 45's records that were handed out as prizes then.The GreenOrange Inn was a favorite hangout on the boardwalk and Rootbeer floats were always the best.
Debbie Griner
09 Nov 2011, 23:23
Oh Boy!!! When I was around 5-6 years old my mom Eileen, my older brother Rick(y) and my younger sister Linda and baby brother Craig lived at Lake Mohawk. I really don't remember a lot of the town but I do remember sledding in the winter time (seems like my Mother said it was on the Country Club grounds)and going to school in Sparta. We lived in a house on the lake not far from the Country Club. I remember this because my Mother would not let us play in the back yard because she was afraid we'd get in the lake. All I remember about the house is that the front door opened into the upper floor and you had to go down the inside stairs to get to the living room and kitchen. My sister and I shared a bedroom at the top of the stairs. Now at 53 I get the chance to come back to New Jersey and take my kids and grandchildren to visit some of the places that I lived (Little Falls included). I don't expect that I can find anyone that remembers my family but it is nice to know that Lake Mohawk thrives and I can bring my family there to see it.
Cassandra (sandy) Kirby Conahay
09 Nov 2011, 17:41
One of the below posts wanted info about the ownership of the St. Moritz. My parents,Bob & Gloria Conahay , owned it for many years . If anyone wants to contact me please feel free!\r\nSandy Conahay
Cassandra(Sandy ) Kirby Conahay
09 Nov 2011, 17:34
Barbara Denney! Please email me so we can catch up! \r\nSandy Conahay
Jeanie Culverwell Burbage
02 Nov 2011, 12:10
I just happened on this site and have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's comments. I would have been in the high school class of '64, but I lived first on Putting Green, then on Walkill Road -- from 1949 - 1956, when we moved to Korea. All of the places sound very familiar -- fond memories of Halloween parades on the Plaza, Boardwalk and Grotto memories, snowy winters, great beaches -- summer sounds of crickets and boats -- a great early childhood! Now live in Athens, GA but would love to go back for a visit!
Joe Basler
01 Nov 2011, 13:03
Over the years I imagine L. Mohawk has had its share of visiting celebrities. Here are two whom I recall from the early 50's. The first was Buster Crabbe - Olympic Swimming Medalist and Hollywood actor (played Flash Gordon and Tarzan). He came with a troupe of swimmers and staged a gala at Marine Pool. The show was a success but there's a sad postscript to this story. While her Dad was involved with his preparatiions, Buster's daughter, Sande, joined with our crowd. Athough it was only for a week or so, she was a pleasant girl and seemed to enjoy the company. A few years later I was shocked to read that she had succumbed to what was undoubtedly anorexia (word wasn't in general at the time).\r\nThe second celebrity was also a movie star - One Sunday morning there was much excitement at Our Lady of the Lake Church. Margaret O'Brien, the famous child actress was in the congregation. She was about 15 at the time and was appearing in a summer productiion at the Grist Mill Playhouse in Andover.
tom pedersen
30 Oct 2011, 20:46
Came upon this site unexpectedly. Interesting to see so many recognizable names. All my brothers worked at "the jug" ran by bill and edna crowe. Probably one of the most interesting architectual towns in America.. Fantastic fun place to grow up, we can up for summers only until 1964 and became full timers.Beautiful town even if it has grown up
Joan Paula Closs Kelly
19 Oct 2011, 09:13
This is very worthy Have enjoyed reading it all\r\n\r\nI still have a few books about my father Herbert Closs that my husband Basil put together which covwers the early years of Mohawk ans its history\r\n\r\nHave included my E mail \r\n\r\nPaula Kelly
15 Oct 2011, 18:11
Hello! I just put an offer on a house in Lake Mohawk! I have some questions?\r\nAre they going to put the guard in on the other side? Will this be extra fees?\r\nThere are some houses that have been really "let go", does the association make them fix up their property?\r\nMy house is in the mid 200's, are the people as snobby as the internet says? Any popular reform Temples in the area?\r\nMost important, LOL, is the new Shop and Stop opening soon and what about that big shopping center people have talked about? Thanks!!
Kathy Janson Habdas
29 Sep 2011, 19:03
Let us not forget Chief Big Mountain and Princess White Dove as we remember the past. Did you know them Joe? I have, all my life, wished I could met a member of their family. They are so important to Lake Mohawk's history. I believe I saw them on the side of the lake, down close to where the playground is.
Joe Basler
29 Sep 2011, 13:34
Although I,ve been living here in scotland since 1964, I still retain fond memories of summers at Lake Mohawk (1944-54). I'll just mention a few and it may ring a few bells. HITCHHIKING - My main means of transportation - never had to wait more than a few minutes for a ride - nice people and many nice cars.\r\nYACHT CLUB (near Beach 3) - spent endless hours fishing from the dock. Sunday morning went down to watch the sailboat races - often the chance to crew. MARINE POOL - as a teenager spent most afternoons there - swimming, playing tennis and just hanging around with pals. Loved the diving boards - took courage but managed to dive off high platform when I was 14. MOVIES - In early days we watched then in the clubhouse. Seats were hard but we didn,t mind. BASEBALL - Four team league - East Shore, West Shore, Sparta and Marine Pool. My team, East Shore and I treasured the tiny medal I won. ICE CREAM - My favorite at Sadies was a dish of chocolate and orange ice. Got half pint cartons from shop in the Plaza that sold Hershey's ice cream. Owner gave everything away free the evening when we heard WW2 had ended. That's it for now\r\nP.S. Kathy, thanks for the 'Bookends' verse. I was quite moved by it.\r\n\r\n\r\n
28 Sep 2011, 12:11
I also grew up in idyllic Lake Mohawk. My parents built in Alpine in 1957 and we later moved to Heighwood Trail on the golf course. I remember going to Sadie's for penny candy, the family picnic's at Alpine Pool, having pizza at the Central, waiting for George Hughes to drive his truck onto Tamarack Cove so they could put up the green ball to iceskate, having burgers at Danforths (before it burned down), my dad creating the "Alpine Colts" peewee baseball team, him taking our whole neighborhood to fish off the boardwalk; my brother, sister and I marching in endless 4th July parades. After 25 years living in Australia we have moved to Manhattan and are about to buy a vacation home on the lake. Who says you can't go home again?!!
Kathy Janson Habdas
26 Sep 2011, 19:56
Greeting to all. My plan, as well as a few other "old" residents is a visit to the boardwalk on Sunday Oct 2, 2011 around 3 PM. Kathy, Jennifer .... meet by the bridge. Informal,walk to the play ground!?\r\n\r\nCome if you can...\r\n\r\nK : )
Gerri Apostolos
26 Sep 2011, 11:35
Way back in the dark ages my grandfather Claude Wever) owned a boarding house in Sparta. I am thinking around the early 1900's. Because of that connection our family drove up from Trenton every year to see the leaves change in the glen and then went to Sadie's for candy and ice cream. It was one of the highlights of my childhood and I still come up once or twice a year. Things have changed but I always look to see if Sadie's magically returned
Jan Haase(Grueter)
23 Sep 2011, 22:20
I grew up in the St. Moritz.My step- father brought the St. Moritz from Bob Conahay some time in the 50's. My mother married Ernst Grueter in 57 and that's when we moved to the lake. In the early 60's they converted the rooms over the restaurant to living quarters. The memories of the St. Moritz and the Lake were a step back in time. The people that came into the restaurant were like family.
Howard S Raabe, Jr RA, AIA
19 Sep 2011, 18:11
We lived just down the street from the Conahay-Trezise compound (Hickory Trail). Gary's father had the most spectacular cars. Did not know that they had owned the St Moritz. I do remember when our street was shut down for security reasons when Governor Meyner would visit. My father built our house right on top of the mountain with a panoramic view of the entire lake, end-to-end. Anyone remember that we were not permitted to look at the upper shelves of magazines at the Jug? We visit LMCC twice a year for family re-unions. Still have my membership card and beach tags. Must be beautiful in the Winter with freshly fallen snow.
kathy Janson
12 Sep 2011, 10:56
\r\n\r\nBookends\r\nBy P. Simon, 1968\r\n\r\n“Time it was, and what a time it was, it was\r\nA time of innocence, a time of confidences\r\nLong ago, it must be, I have a photograph\r\nPreserve your memories; they’re all that’s left you”\r\n\r\nGrowing up in Lake Mohawk. My family owned the Janson’s Cleaners and other interests in the area. We lived on White Deer Plaza in the heart of town. The store was always decorated for Christmas and my Dad, Paul Janson, would play Christmas carols over a large speaker system that could be heard all throughout the plaza. The plaza, with the seasonal snow, seemed like a Bavarian village somewhere in Europe. I loved Christmas. My dear Mother Lucille was a volunteer for the ambulance service. I remember Mom feeling so good about helping delivering a baby one night. The area provided children the best and safest play area; it was more like a village than a town. Mr. Mick, and other neighbors, looked out for the children making events like Halloween a dream come true. I remember bags of candy, a staple in my diet at the time, acquired by trick-or-treaters going door to door. The July 4th parades, the playground at the lake, the boardwalk, and my dear friends that played literally all day, going home only as the sunset. My family left Lake Mohawk in 1966. When I have returned to visit and I walk down the boardwalk, over the bridge where surely a troll lived, I am pleased to see the preservation undertaken. I smile to have these memories. Kathy Janson.\r\nPS. I do have photographs\r\n
Paula Crowe Taylor
30 Aug 2011, 11:34
I just posted a message to some of my friends and my email was not desplayed. My email is:
Paula Crowe Taylor
30 Aug 2011, 10:49
Carol Sheppard McGregor, Sandy Dykstra, David Pickel and Barbara Denney please send me an email I would love to hear from you.
Dipesh Mistry
24 Aug 2011, 05:22
Hello,\r\n\r\nMy family and I have been considering a move from UK to USA and a couple of weeks ago we were able to visit Lake Mohawk and we fell in love with it.\r\nNow if it was my choice I would move tomorrow but my wife is worried about leaving her family and friends behind, which is as expected especially when she has never lived away from home town.\r\nWe looked at a few houses (new builds) in Roundtop and really liked them. We have 2 daughters (ages are 10 and 4 by the end of this year) and were wondering about schools. We were told they are good in this area. \r\nIts also a big move in terms of knowing the living costs as I only used to knowing costs living in th UK.\r\nAnyway please let me know if I can contact anyone if we have questions that can possibly convince us to move to this lovely place. My email address is\r\n
cassandra kirby conahay
19 Aug 2011, 00:57
My parents owned the "St. Moritz" restaurant in Lake Mohawk when I was a child. Bob and Gloria Conahay. My grand parents, Bob & Jane Conahay lived on the Lake as did my aunt Betty Conahay(Gary's Mom ---used to be named Trezise)\r\n\r\nDoes anyone have an early photo of the St. Moritz?
jerry macdowell
13 Aug 2011, 02:37
sorry got carried away...the glen and all....back to the lake...the best place to grow up...if I remember right the country club had a pool room down below for us kids...the ice cream parlor was still there.( i'm going to kill it but...kroz?..) was across the street)..any how it was the bar...didn't spend much time inside....spend my time up on the hill in the back....\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
jerry macdowell
13 Aug 2011, 01:12
it's a shame what is happening to the lake...i remember..the beaches having numbers..the grotto, being under the boardwalk..going to the glen...last time i went to the glen it was washed out...what a shame...every-time i think of the glen and all of us from sparta...damn did we have a blast...phil you remember...i can go on and on \r\nt...
Joanne S. Kanouse
07 Aug 2011, 13:13
It's a beautiful, sunny, clear day at the Lake today. The County Farm & Horse Show, now called the NJ State Fair, began on Friday,the 5th;it will run until the 14th. I have submitted an oil painting of a Great Blue Heron for the Art & Photography Exhibit. I do enjoy seeing the art work in the exhibit; there are so many unique and beautifully painted works of art. The photography is very popular, too. I will enjoy an icy glass of beer and a plate of steamers at the beer tent and visit the Art Exhibit this week.\r\nAnyone interested in having the latest and complete real estate LMCC information can write me. Some readers may remember me as a Jr.H.S. teacher from 1971 until I retired in the late 90's. The Skewis school children were mine.
Barbara Denney Campbell
07 Aug 2011, 10:08
Hi and thank you for this site. It was fun reading others comments about the wonderful times spent at the lake through the years. I won't waste your time repeating similar memories, but I would like to add my name to those who will hold Lake Mohawk dear in their hearts. My maternal grandparents,the Arthur Hansen's lived in one of the first homes on East Shore Trial two doors south of the Marine Base (is that the name?). They originally built their home as a summer residence (eventually remaining year round). My mother, Muriel Denney, her sisters Gloria Pretzfelder,Edna May Young, and their brother Arthur Hansen were fortunate to share family vacations there with their children (my cousins).\r\nMy sister Carolyn, brother Jay and I grew up in a cute little "Cape Cod" style house located at 553 West Shore Trail. We then re-located to 49 Seneca Trail when I was in high school (Sparta High). While living there, I was a lifeguard at Alpine Pool for my summer job and my mother Muriel was the champion numerous times at the LMGC. Both of my parents passed away this past year ... they had retired to Florida after moving from the lake to Panther Valley when us kids moved on with our lives.\r\nAs much as I love my Southern California life, there is no place like home. My many friends with whom I grew up with will remain in my heart forever, as will the fun filled safe days of my youth spent at the lake. \r\nIf anyone wants to reach me, just let me know through this site ...
Billy Taylor
01 Aug 2011, 08:27
Sparta and Lake Mohawk remain the place "where I belong". I lived on 6 Winona Pkwy for 14 years- from the time I was born in 1958 until my parents divorce in 1972, before I moved to Springbrook Trail. My oldest brother, Ned, died in 1967 and he is buried behind the Presbyterian Church. I was baptized at St. Mary's on Conestoga Trail. My brother Gene and I played for the Mohawak Red Devils and graduated from Sparta High School. I attended Helen Morgan school..I could go on and on...I am so happy to hear that the plaza was placed on the register of National Historic places and hope the plaza never changes. Reading this stuff makes me feel on thing- I want to go home!!
Billy Taylor
01 Aug 2011, 08:16
My sister, Diane, has submitted a couple of comments on this page. I am forever a Sparta-boy for life and presently live in Northern, VA with one hope in mind. I want to return to Sparta to live there and have a plan already in place to return by June/July of 2012. I have a small interior house painting business and years of experience working retail in Home Improvement and in the grocery business. I hope to hear from people livng there now so I can begin re-connecting before I return. This is wonderful.
Mark Dykstra
26 Jul 2011, 19:12
Sandy Dykstra your father was also my Uncle. As I remember you, you were the prettiest cousin that I had. My Dad was James Dystra. I haven't seen you since Grandpa's funeral. I think I heard that one of your brother's, Brian, lives here in South Florida. Is that correct? I would love to hear from you. My email is\r\nUncle Dutch was my favorite.
Diane Taylor Forsythdd
25 Jul 2011, 22:17
Jennifer Maher submitted a note that she was looking for me, but I have no way to respond to her because her Email address is hidden. Please help. Diane Taylor-
Diane Taylor Forsyth
25 Jul 2011, 14:53
JENNIFER MAHER OR JUNE MAY: Please contact me! Diane Taylor. Email is I'm looking for Kathy Jansen also.
Diane Taylor Forsyth
25 Jul 2011, 14:30
SANDY DYKSTRA--PLEASE HELP!! I grew up in Sparta from 1958 through 1971 with my six siblings: Margie, Ned, Cathy, Billy, Gene, Jacqui Taylor. I lived on Winona Parkway. My best friend was KATHY JANSEN OR JANSON. I'm desperately trying to find her. Her parents owned the Sparta Dry Cleaners, located in the Plaza next to Krogh's. They moved away in 1965, right after Kathy and I graduated from 6th grade at the Mohawk Avenue School. The building was demolished sometime after that and a new one was built in its place. Do you have any recollection of their dry cleaning business, her parents' names, or the correct spelling of the name? Thank you... Diane Taylor (714) 350-6908
Dr. Gary Kunze
31 May 2011, 20:33
1969 Lived on East Shore Trail,lovely Alpine style house with leaded pane glass windows & 33' high ceiling;which allowed for an impressive Christmas\r\ntree.We had 3 massive Willow trees;2 on\r\nthe property line at waters edge and a\r\ across from them on the other side of the property.Lake Mohawk was a\r\nmagical place.
Kathleen Maurer
28 May 2011, 23:01
My name at the time growing up on Lake Mohawk was Kathy Dieckman! During the 1960's. My father Harold owned the real estate office the Triangle Agency. We lived on Seneca Trail at Upper Lake. This was THE MOST wonderful place to grow up! Yes, someone mentioned the Red Devil's? I was the 1964 Milk Bowl Queen!I have a sister Jane, and a late brother Carl Dieckman. My mother Audrey lives near me now in Florida. I was on the Lake Mohawk swim team and ski team.I recognize many of the names on this chat. Lauren Elg was my best friend.I attended Helen Morgan, the Junior High and Sparta H.S.My brother was called "Dieck." Oh yes, the JUG as someone mentioned was a great hangout!\r\n
karen primich
20 May 2011, 21:16
Trying to find a rental home/accomodations for the week of 6/4-6/10 that accepts continent dogs
19 May 2011, 19:42 grandmother's name was Jane Davis Conahay, not Elizabeth. Betty was my Aunt. \r\n\r\ncan anyone tell me anything about a place my Mom used to take us to in town called "The Jug"? We bought comic books (graphic novels of course) and bubblegum and ice cream there....or maybe the ice cream place was next door? All I know is that I LOVED The Jug!
Cassandra Kirby CONAHAY
16 May 2011, 23:02
forgot to mention that my parents owned the St. Moritz when I was a kid.\r\n\r\nMy father's parents lived in Sparta as well. Robert S. Conahay jr. and his wife Elizabeth Davis Conahay ....and their daughter Elizabeth(Betty Conahay with son Gary who went to Sparta HS..he played football as a kid..."Red Devils" ?)\r\nI am open to anyone asking me anything but I cannot promise any answers. Totally not an expert on NJ or Sparta or anything else for that matter , but I am willing to help anyone if I am able.\r\n\r\nsandy conahay\r\n
Cassandra Kirby CONAHAY
16 May 2011, 22:34
I am trying to find the right place to send historic pictures of Lake Mohawk. I have many. \r\n\r\nCan anyone there easily give me the address of the library there? OR is there an historical association? if not, there should be. \r\n\r\nC.Conahay\r\n\r\n
Common Sense
04 May 2011, 20:49
Ridiculous gating plan being propsed that will ruin lake mohawk country club. Want to receive updates and details? Send your email address to
Elaine Carlson Nicholson
01 May 2011, 14:43
Post Script"\r\nI found an old letter from 1941 with the correct address on Hillside Rd. It was 1196 Hillside Rd.\r\nMystery solved.
Elaine Carlson Nicholson
30 Apr 2011, 13:20
Lake Mohawk!! The summers of my early youth in the early 40's are so memorable. I have a delightful picture of me wearing a Mexican hat, etc. in a parade at the Marina. We lived on Hillside Rd. but I do not recollect the house number. We had two huge blue spruce trees on either side of the driveway and one winter we found someone had cut one down probably for their Xmas tree. Swimming at the beach was a treat. I had my picture taken in the water with my arms covered with poison ivy. I also have a newspaper picture taken of my dad, Ernie Carlson and May Everson at the Country Club at the Harvest Moon Ball. The date is October 8, 1940. I also have found some post cards from the 40's of the Lake and surrounding area. \r\nWould love to hear from anyone with memories or info about our house or any of our neighbors in the 40's. I remember that Charles and Edith Timson lived close by.
Spring Mathuews
20 Apr 2011, 18:02
I love Lake Mohawk and called it home from 85 to 2005. Growing up there throu-out the seasons, there were endless things that made it oh sooo special. It makes me soo thrilled to look back and remember good times with all the activities that were and still ofered that created a sence of a community that cares and understands (with a lets get it done attitude) and helping open hands. Lake Mohawk is so pretty this time of year and is soo much fun. Knowing that the values of the club and surrounding establishments have stayed the same in the ever-so-much changing world is such a comfort. I love it when it gets warm enough for flip-flops and the boats can be re-docked for the season. That means more fresh air and the luxory of not having to wear a jacket. Birds tweeting, Buds Budding , and Deer Frloalicking. Soon there will be the parades and bar-b-quez,Fireworks and Lightinbugs. I hope everyone can enjoy this lovely time and take a moment to defrost and recharge till next winter. Thats becuase Scoops will reopen now and, Peoples Tradition of Filling up at The Finest Eateries and walking it off on the Boardwalk and Playground and Limbering up with your Beloveds is one tradition I have enjoyed on more than a few occasionas. What im trying to say is that it's a good thing if your only argument or hard decsion this season is too Watch the Ski Hawks, Support ur local Charity, or get that extra Milkshake, Go Boating, or Fishing Or be a LandLubber Or Just watch from the sidelines. That you know that there is always someone to have a smiling refrshing moment with. Thats how I always felt, not everyday dont get me wronge but i found in the longrun theres that Ahha moment. So many, many people work hard to keep Lake Mohawk A Safe and Interesting place to live. I hope people keep enjoying what they love and know that make Lake Mohawk that Speical Place it has Always been. I hope it doesnt change in a million yrs. Gooo Spartans Goo Strong... Keep GOING!!!
Sandy Dykstra
17 Apr 2011, 17:37
I lived at Lake Mohawk from 1950-1965. My Dad , George Dykstra (Dutch) owned Mohawk Sparta Cleaners and was the Mayor for many years. We lived on Springbrook Trail. If you remember me I'd love to hear from you.
Richard W. Sumner
10 Apr 2011, 18:26
I have just come across, in an old trunk I bought,a thick envelope with many brochures, some postcards, a guest pass and a few other pieces regarding Lake Mohawk, Sparta NJ. These all seem to be from year 1940. If anyone would have any interest in them I could email some pictures of the items for your perusal. I am located in Middletown, NY.\r\nI would be happy to be able to pay for my trunk with the proceeds. I give my permission to pass my email address on to interested parties.\r\n
Carol Sheppard McGregor
10 Apr 2011, 04:05
My family had a home there from the 1950's to the 1980's on Cherry Tree Lane; around the corner from the Russ Beierles and next to the Thompson family. Also on my lane were the Plumes and at one time Charlie Fletcher lived next door (he invented the "flying car" and would test it out on Beierle's pond). I'm a Sparta High '65 graduate and have wonderful memories of those days and record hops at the country club and hanging out at the boardwalk; dining at Krogh's and the St. Moritz; bowling at the alleys and before that duck pin at the police station; water skiing on the lake, the beaches, marine pool and having lots of fun - great years to grow up in a most beautiful setting in Jersey.
03 Apr 2011, 07:26
My family lived on West Shore Trail from around 1951 until we sold the house after Dad moved out in the 1980s. A great place to grow up! Summers were wonderful with many beaches for swimming, fish to catch, parties at the junior club or 20-30 club, bike riding, dances at the country club, etc. Winters were snowy. Once the lake froze over we would ice skate the mile plus to the boardwalk and back. Lake Mohawk was, and is, a truly special place.
25 Mar 2011, 16:02
Anyone have any stories and/or pictures from Log Cabin Terrace? My husband and I are interested to know when this part of Lake Mohawk was developed and what the original houses looked like. Anything shared will be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
Rick Ambrose
19 Feb 2011, 09:21
Lake Mohawk Cabins & Vintage Homes photos, as well as a collection of Historic Postcards & Photos can be seen at this website:\r\n\r\
17 Feb 2011, 13:43
I spent summers there with my relatives...the Utleys from 1963 to approximately 1968. They lived Balanced Rock then Maple Parkway. What a beautiful place...would love to visit again.
Nancy baker
25 Jan 2011, 20:43
How do I get in contact with all these people?My family has had a house there since day 1!\r\nMy mother Mickie McGrath Eberling is one of the original pioneers. We still have the house that was built back in1927. We will never sell the house!
Joanne S. Kanouse
15 Jan 2011, 12:40
Michelle N who asked for information about Sadie's Ice Cream Shop on Main Street. When my family moved to Sparta in 1971, the store was in operation. I don't have any real facts for you, but I can direct you to a Sparta historian who may give you the information that you seek.\r\n
Lorrie Apel
27 Dec 2010, 12:04
My grandparents, Jim and Marion Eidel, owned and ran Jim's Market at 14 Main Street from the early 1930's until 1963. They were right next door to The Central Hotel. My Pop was one of the founders of Sparta's Little Leaque program and also very active in the Kawanis Club. There is a monument at the ball park in honor of James J. Eidel. Marion Street was named after my grandmother. That was the sight of the boarding house my Nana owned from 1929-1946. She housed many people over the years, including the principle of the elementary school, Mr. Miller. There was even a murder-suicide at the boarding house in 1939. My mom, M. Elizabeth Armstrong and her older brother Edwin H. Armstrong enjoyed all that Sparta had to offer young people in the 1930's and 1940's. Everyone is gone now, even the buildings, but my brothers and I are left with many wonderful memories .
Joanne S. Kanouse
28 Nov 2010, 11:42
Please keep me notified of the comments to this site. Thank you.
Maria (Topalidis) Dziubla
26 Nov 2010, 23:07
I remember living here for a brief moment in time. It was pleasant. Unfortunately my parents were immigrant wanderers and so we never settled anywhere for long. I have fond memories, though. I think I was about 7 or 8 years old....I can still recall the smell. Bittersweet.\r\n\r\nMaria Dziubla\r\n[staying put with my husband and daughter in Los Angeles, California]
Joanne S. Kanouse
19 Nov 2010, 14:35
I saw the message from a relative of the Conahays ... owners of the St some time in the past. My husband and I have lived at 12 Island Trail since 1977. The island and the St. Moritz are still wonderful.\r\n
Susan Hamill
17 Nov 2010, 03:59
I was there also in my grandparents cottage by Tamarack Cove, during the 1950s-1960s. Great memories. Just purchased and read the book on Sparta that was mentioned here a few weeks ago...interesting read and some good photos.
Mimi Shepard
16 Nov 2010, 21:15
My grandparents, Patrick and Ellen Nugent had a summer house on Lake Mohawk. I loved\r\nspending the summers with them in the late 50's, early 60's. I can still envision driving to the lake, cresting a hill on the road, and seeing Lake Mohawk, crystal blue, dotted with colorful boats. Does anyone remember the Nugents? My maiden name is Broadhurst.
Joanne S. Kanouse
15 Nov 2010, 09:55
The holiday season is starting: some Christmas wreaths have been put up on the lamp posts on the boardwalk. The trees in the Plaza are covered with little white lights. The big tree is ready for the lighting ceremony. The popular German Christmas Market is scheduled for Dec 4 & 5; it has good food and holiday items to purchase. Music fills the air, and happiness pervades the scene.\r\
Debbie (Ike) Mangano
31 Oct 2010, 13:45
I grew up in Sparta and went through 9 years of public school there. Sparta is so unique. I will always call it my home and have a special place for it in my heart. My parents owned Sparta Radio and my brother and I grew up in our house which was connected to the store. We rode dirtbikes and snowmobiles through the fields and over the railroad tracks. We swam and fished in the myriad of lakes and rivers in Sparta and the surrounding areas. We innertubed down the Walkhill River and learned about our roots in the area that started many generations earlier. My father's family began it's history along the Delaware River in Millbrook and Branchville during the 1700's My mother's parents had a summer home on Shawnee Trail by Upper Lake. My first job was at Sadie's on Main Street in Sparta. I was in charge of the penny candy service while Sadie stayed in the back and scooped all of the ice cream cones. I worked there for a couple of summers starting in 1969. The boardwalk was the big hangout much to the chagrin of many parents and other adults. Looking forward to coming back for a visit soon!
Gwen Donovan
27 Oct 2010, 05:25
Just a head's up to fans of this site, I have a book about Sparta publishing on November 1st which is available locally at Sparta Books or online at Amazon ( F8&qid=1288181936&sr=8-5)\r\nThere are lots of old photos of Lake Mohawk from its earliest days, an entire chapter about the development of the lake, as well as the overall history of Sparta. One of the posters here asked about Sadie's penny candy store, and there is a photo of that in the book! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions; my email address is \r\n
26 Oct 2010, 21:08
I lived in Lake Mohawk for ten years (1963-1973). I have so many wonderful memories that I hardly know where to start. Fishing with my Dad from our boat, ice skating in the winter at the boardwalk beach, and, most of all, the spectacular Fourth of July celebrations! I have never known a community since my Lake Mohawk years that had such wonderful parades and family activities on the Fourth, every single year. The Country Club was stunning, and it was a perfect place for my sisters' wedding reception in 1964. I graduated from Sparta High in 1973, and I have only returned to the area for two short visits since then. It's still a beautiful place. I'm grateful to have the memories.
Cassandra Kirby Conahay
09 Oct 2010, 19:26
Yes, my parents, Robert and Gloria Conahay owned the St. Moritz when I was a kid. You can reach me at ...... for any questions, ok? \r\n\r\nCassandra Kirby Conahay
S. Hamill
19 Sep 2010, 12:40
Hi..Sadies was the name of the penny candy store as was slightly outside of the boardwalk/downtown area..this would be back in the 50s and 60s. Very small shop...does this help?
Michelle N
19 Sep 2010, 05:16
Joanne S. Kanouse or any other Sparta natives....\r\n I would love to connect with you. I am desparately looking for information on a old ice cream shop that used to be in Sparta, called Sadies. My mother used to go there as a child and for years I have been looking for anything reguarding the shop, photo's etc but I don't even know where to start with it. Please let me know if you know anything. Thank you!\r\n
Susan Hamill
18 Sep 2010, 22:13
Great Memories on this page! I spent summers at the lake throughout the 50s and 60s. My grandfather had a log cabin on Rainbow Trail...right overlooking the cove..some wonderful times there...the playground during the days, the fireworks on the Lake for the 4th of July, the square dancing and record "hops"...the beaches with the plastic tags, ice skating in the winter from our dock...Have not been back in years but reading over this page and seeing the photos make me want to return for a visit. Does anyone remember the shop on the boardwalk in the late 50s? and the penny candy store just a few miles away? Thanks!
Howard S Raabe, Jr
17 Sep 2010, 05:11
Grew up at LMCC from 1955 until 1963, when my parents moved to Culver Lake. I loved Lake Mohawk, it was a year-round vacation paradise. Swimming, water-skiing and boating in the summer; ice skating, hockey and sledding in the winter; parties at the clubhouse; hanging around at the beach. Our first home was on Hickory Trail with a view of the entire lake and access down the "mountain" to a nearby beach, or alternatively, a short walk to the upper lake. Knew scores of families from both sides of the lake. Still visit at yearly family reunions.
Maureen Conway McCartin
16 Sep 2010, 16:52
My father's parents, George & Lillian Conway, from Jackson Heights, NY, had a beautiful vacation house right on Lake Mohawk from about the 1930's until about 1960. I remember going there with my parents, George & Peggy Conway. I don't know the exact address, but to reach the house by road,there was a road in back of the house and then several steps down a small hill to get to the entry door. There was a stone patio with steps going down to the Lake in the front of the house. We have many family pictures from that time. I remember when the Lake froze over in the winter & the fish were frozen right below the surface. Did anyone know the Conways? I would love to hear more if you did.
James Bingham, ESQ.
03 Sep 2010, 05:54
Ate at the restaurant last night. For the price and the “exclusivity”, the food and service is a joke. The only reason they fill tables is that the view is perfect. Penne arrived overcooked to the point of being crunchy. My wife’s rice, conversely, was undercooked to the point of tasting raw. As for the service, after ordering a beer when our food was delivered, we never spoke with our waitress again. We finally gave up and just went to the front desk and paid the tab, sans 15%. \r\nIt really is a shame – there is no prettier place in the county for a 5-star dining experience, but this place gets by simply because of the view, and is 1-star at best. If we were to do it again, we would just get cocktails and enjoy the view. If they’re looking for a new slogan, I would suggest “The prettiest place to have a terrible dinner”. Time to bring in Gordon Ramsey!\r\n
Dr. Reese
02 Sep 2010, 10:02
I have the feeling my meal was made out of feces at the restaurant.
Chris A
31 Aug 2010, 19:52
My grandparents built a house on the lake in the late 30's on Maple Parkway. They summered there for many years. My father talked about his time there and all the activities. He recently passed away and my brother and I were able to visit the lake with an old friend of my fathers that grew up there with him. \r\nMy father was Bill Albrecht and his friend was Dewitt "Pete" Peterson. Beautiful location.
Mike Moran
20 Aug 2010, 12:59
I was born and raised in Lake Mohawk; parentls lived on Manitou Island beginning from 1952 to 2002. Bob & Gloria Conahay were neighbors and remained family friends for many years. I knew sons Bobby and Richard - and daughter Sandy. We vacationed with them often at the Buccaneer Lodge in Marathon, FL. Sandy & I both caught sailfish aboard "The Ace" one year. I was young - but it was always my understanding that Bob & Gloria owned the St. Moritz at one point. Can't recall if they owned it before the Grueters (spelling?) or after. But I have a definite recollection of them as owners or part-owners at one point.
19 Aug 2010, 15:56
Are there any lake lots available on which to build a small log cabin? Also, are there places to stay while we look? Thanks.
Joan and Gary Conahay
17 Aug 2010, 19:53
I have information for Linda Conahay McDonalld.Authors St. Moritz
Joanne S. Kanouse
29 Jul 2010, 17:42
If anyone is interested in communicating with me about events and/or people in Lake Mohawk CC/Sparta, as a 39 year resident of this area, I am happy to share my information with you and help you to re-connect with the community.\r\nJoanne S. Kanouse
Andy Z
08 Jul 2010, 19:21
I have original photographs of what I believe is the commemoration of Lake Mohawk. The pictures were taken by Belden & Company out of Newark, NJ (my great grandfather is in there somewhere!). If you are interested in receiving a copy of the pictures, please contact the administrator of this site - you have my permission to contact me via e-mail.
Melly Jitz
28 Jun 2010, 05:04
Thanks Becki! ;)\r\nMelanie
22 Jun 2010, 17:17
hi just looking to see if you rent out for thursday night to sun morn and how much is the price
Peter Millington
16 Jun 2010, 10:54
What a wonderful place to grow up. We moved to the Lake in 55. Loved to go to the cove and ice skate from morning till dark. We could skate the whole lake when it was black ice.
Joanne S. Kanouse
25 May 2010, 09:47
My husband and I have lived in the Lake Mohawk Country Club community since 1977. Our 3 children attended the Sparta schools, and I was a teacher at the JHS for 26 years. It is an almost magical place to live. The natural beauty is very soothing, and observing the waterfowl and other lake wildlife is exciting and interesting. Our grandchildren love to visit; they have learned to enjoy fishing as much as I do. There are some very large fish to be caught.Of course, water skiing and canoeing are active kids' fun, too.\r\nNow, with my personal knowledge of the amenities of the Club life and my training as a realtor, I am able to help families wishing to move to a wonderful area offering so many social and outdoor activities for adults and childrern alike.
jennifer maher
21 May 2010, 12:23
I lived in Sparta years ago. My 1st job was at Central Hotel, I was the 1st busgirl they hired. To come back & see the sights, some things have changed. Did a great job on the boardwalk & the high school. I'm also looking for Kathy Jansen and Diane Taylor. School chums.\r\nJennifer Maher--Jane May other name.
11 May 2010, 12:47
Sorry, but lake mohawk is completely private and only for the people who live within the lake's reservation.... outsiders are not allowed on the boardwalk past the gate that is up... you can only go on it as far as the part that has private businesses on it that are open to the public.... you cannot go boating, swimming or fishing on the lake if you do not live within the lake mohawk area.
Linda Conahay McDonnell
08 May 2010, 16:56
Hi,\r\n\r\nI was wondering if anyone knew of Robert and Gloria (Kirby) Conahay having ever owned the St. Moritz restaurant in Lake Mohawk. We are doing some family history, and I would love to know if anyone can verify if they did own it at one point.\r\nThanks!
Julian Libysen
21 Apr 2010, 05:46
Cat Tannert\r\n\r\nI saw your posting about 99 Hillside Rd (actually built in 1933). I am the current owner and I would love to talk to you about CH Tannert, your memories and the house history. Please contact me. If you live in the area, my wife and I would like to invite you up to the house.\r\n\r\nJulian
11 Apr 2010, 16:30
Marilyn Kolb - We also used to like eating at Nazzaro's Central - they knocked it down a few years ago to build senior citizen housing :(
Marilyn Kolb
02 Apr 2010, 08:34
My husband and I were newly married in 1960-we lived in a cottage at 145 Hillside Rd.(Its probably gone now?)\r\nWe were stationed at the Arsenal near Dover, New Jersey.\r\nOur first home before we went overseas. so.. I would enjoy hearing about my old place and about Lake Mohawk. There was a good Italian restaurant there called the Central House(I think that was the name?)\r\n\r\nMK\r\n
Wayne Wojcik
01 Apr 2010, 16:14
I have a way to restore your lake to it's pristine condition, and prove it. Please call.
Wayne Wojcik
31 Mar 2010, 19:41
I you have a polluted lake in NJ we can restore it and prove it!!
Robert Sweetman
18 Jan 2010, 23:12
To Liz Morrison Cherot\r\nwho posted above said she was born in Franklin and lived there 1947-61.\r\n\r\nI too was born in Franklin in Nov. 1951 and lived on the Lake from birth until my Dad got a engineering job in sothern CA in 1956.\r\n\r\nMy mom was Dorothy and Dad Willard jr. wiyth sisters Lynda anf Gail.\r\n\r\nDo you rememberus Ms. Cherot?
Martha Hoffman Skinner
17 Dec 2009, 13:40
In reading over the postings have an added comment to Cat Tannert's comment about the goofy diving team. That group was started by Vic Zobel, an olympic diver. My dad brought him to the Lake and the Marine pool. He took his show on the road one summer and they traveled to many different New Jersey and New York country clubs to perform. My brother Don Hoffman, friends John Kiely and Paul Walker were also a part of the group. They had crazy bathing suits and put on an incredible show. I think they were called Vic Zobel's zanny acrobats.
Removed name in error
14 Dec 2009, 08:29
Posting was the only way to re-join the mailing list
Martha Hoffman Skinner
13 Dec 2009, 18:25
I have wonderful memories of Lake Mohawk. My parents owned a home on West Shore Trail. We spent most of our time at the Marine Pool owned by the Kelsey family back in the 50s. My dad started the swim team for both boys and girls and coached for a long time. There was a Junior Club and a 20/30 Club with many activities during the summer months. In particular the two formals - the Junior Club one and the Confetti Ball that the 20/30 club put on. Before the Sparta theater opened we had movies at the club house and we also had square dancing one night a week. We would hitch hike around the lake without a worry. Lake Mohawk was a magical beautiful place - I hope it remains so.
Liz Morrison Cherot
22 Nov 2009, 07:25
I was born in Franklin, and lived on Log Cabin Terrace from 1947 to 1961, and moved to East Mt Rd until 1966. Those years were the happiest of my life, all my brothers and sister have only the fondest memories of our childhood spent at "the Lake". I now live on Lake Michigan, and although it is pleasant, it cannot compare to Lake Mohawk. Any child who spent time there, either summers or all year was blessed..
Gwen Donovan
16 Nov 2009, 11:25
What nice memories of Lake Mohawk! I live in Lake Mohawk and I'm writing a book about the history of Sparta for Arcadia Publishing. If anyone has old photos of the area (up until about the 1960s), they could be included in the book with a photo credit to you underneath. I can even come to you and scan them onto my laptop so you don't have to let them out of your sight. Please contact me at if you're interested in participating in this project about Sparta's wonderful history! Thanks-- Gwen Donovan
24 Sep 2009, 19:10
can anyone suggest a nice place to stay in lake mohawk? thinking of a family reunion there...thanks.
Alan Koehler
24 Sep 2009, 09:45
As a child we went to Lake Mohawk often to visit the Praegs (I believe that a daughter still resides there). My father went there often in the 1930's to visit Del Praeg and I have several pictures of them along with other members of an aquaplane team they formed on the lake and went on to win the North American Championships. Many fond memories.
Sir Reginald Theodore Kumquat III
18 Sep 2009, 11:21
Dear Joe,\r\n\r\nIn regards to your sailboat, I am sure that you are under the maximum sailboat length. I in fact own a 289 foot steamboat that I use on the lake at least once a week. I also have 2 aircraft carriers, a battleship, and 4 destroyers that are on the lake almost every day. No one has complained.\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\n\r\nBumbley Boo and the Coo Coo Crackers\r\n- Deceased.\r\n\r\n
joe cammarata
17 Sep 2009, 13:12
I am thinking of moving to Lake Mohawk and I have a sailboat. Any regulations on size? I have a 27 foot. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
17 Sep 2009, 12:57
Yeaaah boy! Represent Lake MoHawk 2009 and all that! I remember chillin with my peeps in my crib on the lake like yesterday. It was sweet until the Po Po came by and broke up the mud wrestling ConTest. AWWWW SHNIZZLE!
13 Sep 2009, 02:11
I might put my place up for sale, Doreen.\r\n\r\nIn no rush, perhaps in when you are ready in a few years we could get together.\r\n\r\nWhat is it that you would like to know about the town? It has a small business district, but mostly residential. \r\n\r\nIf you have anything specific to ask feel free to mail me at\r\n\r\nIf I can help I'll find the answer for you and get back when I am able.
doreen martin
11 Sep 2009, 14:00
My husband and I are interested to buy a house in lake mohawak/sparta. I am looking in about 2-3 years when my youngest of four children will be in college to study nursing. Can anybody tell me a liitle about this town. I plan on communiting to Englewood nj to work. thank you
Bill P.
21 Aug 2009, 23:52
Is there any way to get on the lake to fish from a kayak,or does private mean private ??
04 Aug 2009, 15:40
20 Jul 2009, 19:39
Born and raised...It's a feeling that just takes you...When you turn down Winona and your...\r\n( just home ) Talk about a town with a heart...\r\nI'am very luckey...
20 Jul 2009, 13:33
Carol, I think the restaurant you're looking for is Doc's Steakhouse. It's out on 181, on your way in from Rt 15. I haven't been there yet but I hear it's great. The chef was on Chopped on the Food Network a few nights ago.
Diane (Taylor) Forsyth
17 Jul 2009, 12:18
I lived on Winona Parkway with my family from 1958 until 1973. I grew up in Sparta and attended Helen Morgan School, Mohawk Ave. School and finally Sparta High School. I'm searching for an old and dear friend who was KATHY JANSEN at the time. Her parents owned a dry-cleaning business in The Plaza called Jansen's Cleaners--right near the St. Moritz. The building which housed the business was demolished many years ago. Do you remember this business?
03 Jul 2009, 13:35
Carol, It is called Arthur's St. Moritz and it is wonderful.
carol halpern
27 Jun 2009, 12:25
I heard there is a good steak restaurant nearby, do you know the name?
Jay Jacobs
09 Jun 2009, 07:03
What a wonderful community! Our family has lived in West Orange on and off for over 20 years, and I can't believe that we've never heard of Lake Mohawk.\r\n\r\nAnd now that our kids are grown, my wife and I were ready to spread our wings.\r\n\r\nMaybe we'd move out to the Tetons, or maybe we'd stay closer and live in one our favorite places, the Adirondaks. \r\n\r\nBut even though we love locations, we knew we'd miss the ability to see our family and friends at the drop of a hat.\r\n\r\nSo last weekend when my wife was off with some friends, my son, daughter, and chocolate lab and i headed North to see if there just might be a place closer by to fill the bill.\r\n\r\nWell,long story short,after many hours of really finding nothing to our liking, we saw the "sign."\r\n\r\nThe "Lake Mohawk" sign, and the rest is history...\r\n\r\nTwo hours later after driving through every nook and cranny, we didn't find a place to retire, we found our place to "live."\r\n\r\nToo late to show my wife that evening, we were right back in Lake Mohawk the very next day and this weekend we'll continue our journey up North to find our little place of "woodsy paradise."
David Pickel
27 May 2009, 10:00
We were at Lake mohawk last week-end to bury my grandmother (93) beside her husband Willard (Bill) Closs. He was the brother of Edwin and was fairly active in the building of many homes in the area.As a child we always called him "uncle Ed".My mother was Ed's niece and she married a canadian. I lived there until I was 4, then moved to Canada.It is a beautiful area and a lovely lake.We maintain our ties with New Jersey with a house in Bayhead on the shore. Great State........
22 May 2009, 17:44
Until age 3, I lived on Birch Pwky. Our neighbor was Johnny Bigmountain. I remember Balanced Rock and have pics of us kids swimming in Alpine Pools. I'm in my late 50's and plan to visit the Lake Mohawk area this summer. Could anyone recommend a good hotel/motel nearby? Also, if you remember any of the things I've mentioned here, please chat! It was wonderful to be a kid in such a beautiful area.
Robin Ritchie
24 Feb 2009, 11:18
I've always heard such great things from my Mom about Lake Mohawk. I believe her family (Christie's) had a summer home there along with a Cris Craft. I have some real old photos, but I'm not sure it's Lake Mohawk or Beaver Lake.
cat tannert
28 Oct 2008, 13:33
My grandfather ,CarlHenry Tannert Sr. built a log cabin at 99 hillside road in Lake Mohawk (in the 40's?). His son's Carl ( my dad) and his brother, Robert spent summers at the lake. They were part of a goofy diving team. My family still has wonderful pictures of my dad and uncle doing outrageous dives off of a very high diving board. My family and I moved to the house in the 1960's. I loved the house and the lake. I have many fond memories. We no longer own the house and have since moved away. My dad passed away 3 years ago in December. Someday I will come back to Lake Mohawk with my own family and share all my wonderful memories.
Kiranmai Ganti
06 Oct 2008, 09:03
I am from the South Brunswick Twp area. How do I get to Lake Mohawk boardwalk. Would like to spend a whole Sunday there by the lake and would like to know the address to load it in my car navigator. Any address of a particular restaurant on the boardwalk would help.\r\n\r\nThanks in advance.
25 Sep 2008, 21:37
In the early 1950s, my grandparents had a house on the lake & I have vague memories of it ... and being stung by 30 wasps one afternoon.\r\nThe house had its garage underneath one end of the house, a pattern my grandfather used in a later Florida house.\r\nDoes anybody remember the Willis Spiveys, and possibly the house?
bob von melker 1936 to 1948 WST
09 Sep 2008, 10:51
I was 15 when my family built a vacation home on West Shore Trail not far from Bob Banta, Cliff Gamelin Junior Halvvorsen,Jim Boyd during the late 30's. Anybody recall those names?? They would all be in their late eighties by now if still with us.
Luise Williams Brennan
07 Sep 2008, 19:26
I, like some others above, grew up at beautiful Lake Mohawk. We moved there from NYC (the Bronx) in 1942. I married and left there in 1957, but my parents remained in their home on Springbrook Trail until 1972. I have many wonderful memories of the years I spent there. My children loved going to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I was a lifeguard at Beach #5 the summer I was 16, and was a member of the Marine Pool for many years.
Carole Runne-Burdick
05 Aug 2008, 15:00
My grandparents were one of the first home owners at the Lake - on Arrowhead Trail. At first it was a summer home, then our family made it our primary residence. I was born in '46 and lived back and forth between Brookly and the Lake until we moved there permanently in the early to mid 50's - After leaving NJ, we spent summers there until the mid 60's - I still sorely miss Lake Mohawk - one of the most beautiful places on earth! I married there 2-1/2 years ago on the bridge that crosses the pond in the little park in front of the lake - December and snow covered and I could not have asked for a more beautiful setting - our (small) wedding group celebrated at Krogh's - the perfect establishment. Oh how I long for Lake Mohawk!!!
bill bigsby sr.
25 Jul 2008, 09:38
is lake mowhawk open to the public, or by memebership for swimming and fishing & boating
06 Jul 2008, 09:05
maryann stuart
10 Jun 2008, 09:27
Im looking for a new lake to take my children. They love lakes and swimming and it seems to be getting more & more difficult to find places to take them that arent becoming polluted and or closing. The lakes that I grew up are all closed now. We now go to a lake at Wharton State Park but i would like to have more options available.
24 May 2008, 08:57
Is this the lake in New Jersey that had the "mushroom" shaped sprinklers in the swimming area?? I remember it from 50 years ago, but am not sure of the lake's name??? :)
Wanda Chudeusz
30 Apr 2008, 08:51
Does anyone have pictures of the dedication of Lake Mohawk with Princess White Deer and the Girl Scout Troup from Sparta? My neighbor Mary Stankowitch 96 yrs old was in that Girl Scout Troup. We have been talking about the dedication that day which led me to try to find pictures and maybe newspaper clippings for her. This would make her very happy. Thank you for help doing this. Wanda Chudeusz, Florida
Marilyn Sullivan Diener
06 Apr 2008, 08:15
My Father, Tom Sullivan was the owner of the Mohawk Inn from the mid 50's until 1960. My brothers and sister spent a lot of time there in the few years that he owned it, my Aunt And Uncle Martin and Marie Murphy lived up stairs in the Mohawk Inn. It was such a beautiful Lake and great fun to visit. I ice skated, boated and swam in that lake. Great memories.
Jerry Sullivan
06 Apr 2008, 06:08
My father, Tom Sullivan was the owner of the Lake Mohawk INN on the boardwalk. It was a bar and restaurant at that time. He sold it in 1960. There was an empty lot between the country club and inn, and was next to the Green Orange INN. It was a great place to spend the summers.
Rick Wellington
18 Mar 2008, 01:32
Hi, I am curious as to any plans to revilitalize the Lake Mohawk business district. Don't get me wrong, it is very\r\nbeautiful, but it could be better considering it is one of the most beautiful locations in all of New Jersey in my opinion. For example, the Chinese restaurants exterior is deteriorating. So am just wondering if there are any sprucing up plans as well as maybe adding hanging colorful flowers to add that Bavarian touch. Take a look at Leavenworth, WA. They have lot's of pictures on their websites. Oh, and if your not the right person to be corresponding with, I apologize in advance. So, just tell me who I should be corresponding with. Thanks in advance for any feedback....
Miriam Wiebe Oakes
14 Mar 2008, 13:54
Along with my brother I spent my early summers at Mohawk. It was a wonderful place and will always be part of my youth (boy, were the boys nice then).\r\nAll the beaches had Numbers - ours was No. 4 - and one had to wear a patch on their bathing suits to be able to swim. Ilearned to swin at Mohawk. How wonderful that it is still holding onto its personality......
Al Wiebe
14 Mar 2008, 13:05
I literaly grew up at Lake Mohawk. Our cottage was one of the first, up on Hillside Road, and we were considered "Pioneers" at the lake. I know every nook and cranny of the lake both from the water and land. I have nothing but pleasant memories of the years I spent there from 1930 through 1951. To me, there is no more wonderful pastime than sitting on the boardwalk. I remember the entire boardwalk (it was a great place for young lovers to be alone - there were no lights then). There was an ice cream shop just about where the boardwalk now ends, and it was here all the teenagers would meet.\r\n\r\nOh, what a wonderful place Lake Mohawk is!!
De v
12 Jan 2008, 19:34
Drue Chryst Gallery is now called Lake Mohawk Gallery - which incidentally is the original name.

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