US Equestrian Team Headquarters

Proud to call New Jersey its home, the USET is the non-profit organization which represents the United States in international equestrian sports. For over four decades, the USET has proudly carried the responsibility of selecting, training, equipping, and financing teams of the highest possible standards to represent the U.S. in Pan American and Olympic Games, World Championships, and other international competitions. It is an exciting task considering a 1997 study performed by the American Horse Council Federation which determined the U.S. economy is currently spurred by 6.9 million horses and driven by the 7.1 million equestrian participants associated with horses. Participants in the equestrian industry generate an economic impact of $23.3 billion per year based on partnerships formed between Americans and their horses.

Once at USET Headquarters you will walk into a stable built in 1916 which has been described as one of the largest and most lavish in the United States. Built with brick and concrete, reinforced with steel, the ornate interior includes carriage rooms (which have become USET executive offices) corridors and harness rooms with tile walls, terrazo floors, and brass fittings.

As in any other sport, only a handful of those cross-species partnerships will ever be selected to represent the U.S. in international team and individual competition, after demonstrating a consistent pattern of success at the toughest level of their sport. Unlike participants in any other sport, male and female equestrian athletes compete as equals, unabridged by age. (And they are permitted to bring their pets to the Games.) Bringing an accomplished horse to a world class competition-and winning- requires another unique element to equestrian sports: a symbiotic and spectacular partnership between human and animal. In order to get the job done, both must have acquired the skills necessary to win internationally and remain in constant communication.

Competitive members of the USET have repeatedly teamed up with their horses over the last 46 years to win an impressive 27 Olympic and 54 Pan American Games Medals in Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing. The USET first sent a team to compete at a World Driving Championship in 1980, and has competed at every World Championship since. The USET reached new heights in driving in 1991 when it won the Pairs World Championship in Zwettl, Austria. That win was a key factor in the naming of Gladstone, New Jersey, as the host of the 1993 Pairs World Championship!

Adding to the driving boom were victories in 1992, when U.S. drivers won the Masters Trophy at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in England for the second time in four years, and in 1994, when Lisa Singer became the first lady driver to win the National Pairs Driving Championship. Singer took her place in history again in 1997 when she became the first driver to win the Pairs Division EquiSilk Triple Crown.

In 1992, the USET added Endurance Riding to its roster, bringing its number of equestrian disciplines for which it oversees in international competition to five. Endurance Riding is best described as a mounted marathon covering distances from 50 to 100 miles. U.S. Endurance riders have had tremendous success demonstrating the fittest horse and rider combinations as demonstrated by the Team's three World Championships in 1988, 1990 and 1992. The U.S. also won individual Gold Medals in 1986,1994 and 1996 and also won the team Gold Medal in 1988.

The future shines like gold as more and more public riding facilities are opening across the country and horse shows in the U.S. are at an all time high.

Additional horsepower was added at the 1998 annual meeting when the USET Board of Trustees voted to assume responsibility for the international riding discipline of Reining. According to USET Executive Director Robert C. Standish, "This is an exciting opportunity for the USET because the level of interest in Reining is staggering. Reiners going to international events will now be representing the USET and this is sure to have a significant impact on our membership and donor support."

Visiting The Center

Visit the USET and journey through the Nostalgic Trophy room's glass enclosed walnut cases, stained glass ceiling lights, and oak flooring. See what treasures America's finest equestrian athletes won and brought back to Gladstone. There are coveted ribbons and awards surrounded by a wonderful pictorial timeline illustrating exactly how the Team positioned itself over the years among the world's strongest equestrian powers.

Individual visitors and groups are encouraged to visit the USET Olympic Training Center and Headquarters in Gladstone at any time! Once at USET Headquarters you will walk into a stable built in 1916 which has been described as one of the largest and most lavish in the United States. Built with brick and concrete, reinforced with steel, the ornate interior includes carriage rooms (which have become USET executive offices) corridors and harness rooms with tile walls, terrazo floors, and brass fittings. The original layout included 40 rooms, including 10 sleeping rooms for the staff, an apartment for the manager, eight bathrooms, and recreation rooms.

See just how far the Team has come since the days prior to 1949 when the United States Cavalry both furnished and subsidized the equestrian teams that officially represented our country. With the mechanization of the Cavalry, we were left with no equestrian representation at all for either our own international events or the Olympic Games. So, in 1950, the USET was organized by a group of interested sportsmen to fill this breach. Today, the USET is wholly financed through tax deductible contributions made by individual, corporate and organizational supporters.

US Equestrian Team headquarters is located at Hamilton Farm on Pottersville Rd. in Gladstone, just west of Route 206. Excluding events on weekends, office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. For more information on how you can be a part of the gold medal action and family fun or to schedule a guided tour call (908)234-1251 or visit the USET website.

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Rosiel herran
09 Jan 2015, 06:11
Greetings, my ├▒ame is Rosie Herran. I currently purchased a young Oldenburg warm blood (Louie) for my daughter. He is 7 year old green gelding with a lot of potential. I am interested in a training program for Louie that will make him a great hunter-jumper and very kid friendly. Do you offer programs to train horses? Looking forward to hearing from you...
Thank you,
05 Jul 2014, 17:05
Hi we have a group of 6 that would like to come and see the
Hamilton Farm. Can you watch when you are riding the horses?
We are very interested in dressage and jumping

Please let me know. Thanks, Pat
11 Apr 2014, 03:55
Hi , Am 15 years young and have been on EQUESTRIAN CIRCUIT since last 7 years . Riding has been my passion since childhood. Have been participating regularly at FEI and other Horse shows and winning medals and prices. Now i plan to come to USA for my higher studies . I very much wish to participate in OLYMPICS and wish to have a coach who can guide and train me to achieve my goals .Shall be in WASHINGTON in JUNE 2014. can fix up all details before my arrival .Please advice if anyone can help me in my goals . Thank You .
Lillian Rose Wichman
02 Apr 2014, 20:10
I believe there are Olympic qualifiying classes at Rolex Kentucky, though I am not sure.
Lillian-Rose WIchman
28 Mar 2014, 21:18
I was wondering about the Amateur rule in the Olympics. How exactly does that work?
23 Feb 2014, 17:55
Hello, my name is Natalie. I am 13 years old and I would really like to try to be in the 2020 Olympics I am good at riding. I jump and I hope to have my own horse soon. Please contact me back if you are able to.
Lydia Tutella
13 Feb 2014, 14:02
Good Afternoon from Reading PA! My name is Lydia Tutella and have been riding all my life. Horses have always been a huge passion of mine and have been riding for 24 years now. My specialty is Show Jumping and Cross Country Jumping. I am a determined and spirited, young individual who is wanting to accomplish her own dreams by representing Equestrian team USA for the Olympics. Please email me the process and steps of what I have to do to audition to compete in the Olympics and how to repesent team USA! Hope to hear from you soon and have a wonderful eveing! Thank you!
13 Feb 2014, 10:12
Hi I'm caty I'm 11 years old in pony club I'm a D2 and I want to become an Olympian for horseback riding eventing. I play other sports other then horseback riding like ice hockey,field hockey,lacrosse,tennis,golf. I want to know how old you have to be to enter? I have 2 horses that train me very well!
13 Feb 2014, 06:04
Hello, My name is Abigail, I am only 11 years old. I have always loved horses and live on 18 acres (plenty of space to ride when I get my own horse)( possibly in 2015). I take lessons and will do whatever it takes to be a Olympian in 2020. Thank you for you time you took to read my note,
Jay k smith
09 Feb 2014, 01:44
Hello, how are you doing? Im looking for a coach to get me to the next Olympics. I just finished my undergrads in horse science, from middle Tennessee state university. I have honestly road all my life and will do what it takes to reach my goal that I've seat for my self. I do want to get back to training asap.
Jay k smith
Annie Davis
16 Jul 2013, 05:44
Horses have been my life for the last 10 years. Since the age of 8 I've wanted to compete in the Olympics and I haven't lost that dream. I have just turned 16 and have been competing in dressage schooling shows with my horse. Even though I haven't competed on a higher level I believe I can be just the rider the USET needs. All I need is a high performance horse and a trainer who is willing to help me achieve this goal. I know I would most likely not be able to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics even though I would be more than willing to give it my best shot. I will not disappoint. I have lots of videos of my riding if you would like them. I am very serious about this so please consider me. Thank you.\r\n\r\nAnnie Davis,\r\nJacksonville Florida
29 Jun 2013, 22:48
I very much want to be on USET . You Guy are my idols.
29 Jun 2013, 22:46
Hey I Have been Dreaming to be in the Olympics. I'm Wondering I f you could give me a list of things I need to do to get to the Olympics. And I was wondering if you guys had horse riding camps . Because I really want to try out for 2016 Rio Olympics Please Email Me At
Lillian-Rose Wichman
16 Apr 2013, 19:58
Hello! i am Lillian-Rose Wichman. I am 12 years old, and am on the Miwok Stables Show Team. It is my dream to be on USET, and after my first and most horrific riding accident, that will is stronger than ever. You guys are my idols!
09 Nov 2012, 17:31
Hi!\r\n My goal is to become a top eventer. I'm currently 14 years old and a D3 in pony club, but I will be taking my C1 and C2 next year. I lease a Saddlebred/Arabian and we are currently jumping 3'9. Desi and I will be competing Training next year. I hope to be in the 2020 olympics and I couldn't compete in the 2016 olympics as I will only be 16 for WEG. I am a very hard worker and will do anything to be an olympian. Im homeschooled and I have been riding since I was 7 also. Where can I even get started?\r\n \r\nPlease respond, thank you!
09 Nov 2012, 17:25
Hi!\r\nMy goal is to become a top eventer. I'm currently 14 years old and a D3 in pony club, but I will be taking my C1 and C2 next year. I lease a Saddlebred/Arabian and we are currently jumping 3'9. Desi and I will be competing Training next year. I hope to be in the 2020 olympics and I couldn't compete in the 2016 olympics as I will only be 16 for WEG. I am a very hard worker and will do anything to be an olympian. Im homeschooled and I have been riding since I was 7 also. Where can I even get started?\r\n\r\nPlease respond, thank you!
Sam Williams
25 Oct 2012, 15:18
Hello, my name is Samantha and I have been riding for 7 years. I ride western and English, and I want to work as hard as I can to one day participate in the olympics for jumping. I also have a dream of becoming a Vet, but my problem is how am I going to do both, is there a way? and what do I need to be able to do in order to try out for the U.S.A Equestrian Team?How old do I have to be? what are the details that I should know about everything?\r\nThankyou, your answers will help me out soo much!!!\r\n~Samantha~
Liz Hedley
14 Sep 2012, 05:37
Hello,\r\nI am writing for my friend. Her name is Liz Hedley. She has been riding since she was 6 and is now 13. She honestly is the best horseback rider I know. She hasn't competed but her trainers have said that she could compete in the Rio Olympics if she had the right training. I have contacted you because more than anything, she deserves this. My father recently went off to war and she introduced me to a new proffession- jumping.She currently is jumping at 4 ft. something. I have been doing research about the requirements and she is so ready. Her parents are willing to ship in a horse from anywhere in the world if you say yes. She is homeschooled and has A LOT of free time. We always go to church together and I asked her what she prays to God about and she said that her family is always safe and that she could compete in the olympics. I beg that you would please email me if you are considering her. She is willing and a hard worker. Her family can afford a lot but with the economy going down, she is worried(i dont know why) that her chances are slimming down. Please respond ASAP.\r\nThanks and God Bless
Peter Holbrook
07 Sep 2012, 09:42
I am considering developing an Equestrian Park. Is there a criteria and or specific layout that the Olympic Equestrian Committee requires? If so, is there a printed layout or criteria that I could get? Thanks so much.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\nPete Holbrook
12 Aug 2012, 18:41
Hello my name is hannah and im 13 years old and I plan to tryout for the 2016 olympics in Rio and I was ondering if I could get a list of the things needed to qualify for the USA olympic team, I am planning to go to houton and train there and live with a host family , incase you needed to know.\r\n Thanks,\r\n Hannah
09 Aug 2012, 20:01
Hello!\r\n\r\nMy name is Haley and i am 15 years old, i will turn 16 this september and i am already jumping 5ft-6ft now in show jumping on my friends Thorougbred Gelding. I do not have the money to buy a real nice horse for myself but i am slowly getting there. I have taken lessons with my friends trainer and even with Clayton Frederick and his wife in Eventing when they come down to put on a clinic. I have always wanted to go to the olympics and I would love to have the chance to be able to go to the 2016 olympics. Thank you so much!!\r\n\r\nSincerly,\r\nHaley H.
09 Aug 2012, 15:05
Hi i am 13 years old and was wondering if there were any events or arena in alabama or mississippi? I have been riding since i was 5 and am curently jumping 2 foot jumps. I wish that i had more riders my age to ride with. I am compeating with 4 to 5 riders until state compititions and i would like more compition. If there are any clinics or shows around or in the south east i would be glade to come.
08 Aug 2012, 21:35
Hello,\r\nI have always wanted to compete in the Equestrian Olympics! Beezie Madden, Karen O'Connor, Steffen peters and Ian miller are who I have always watched and tried to mimic. I have had trainers in the past tell me I could make it to the Olympics if I had a better horse. I just want to know what I HAVE TO DO to get their. I know I need a better horse but that's coming in about 5 years. my dream is to be in the 2024 Olympics competing in either Dressage or Eventing. Also I am on the west coast. please, please, please help me.
Jan Lachowycz
07 Aug 2012, 18:11
I loved watching the equestrian events at the London Olympics and have a question. When NBC had the riders' names up on the screen each name was followed by a capital T which no one ever explained. What did that "T" mean or stand for? Many thanks in advance.
07 Aug 2012, 11:24
Hi I'm 11 and I've been riding since I was 7. I haven't had much training and I've never been to a horse show before but I really want to learn dressage cross country and show jumping. I live in Michigan so there aren't many places for me to go riding, or many horse shows. I really want to if not win a medal, get to the olympics someday. I wanted to know if you have any summer camps or clinics for young riders. If you have any suggestions of where I should go to get lessons and to start training please let me know.
02 Aug 2012, 17:35
Hi. I am 12 years old and have been riding since I was about 5. I have been watching the equestrian Olympics and I now dream to be standing on the podium. I am in uspc and am currently d2. I also have been fox hunting. I was wondering if there is a chance that I actually could be standing on the podium. I was also wondering if someone would have to join young riders if they wanted to go to the Olympics.
31 Jul 2012, 19:06
I am 14 years old and I am only riding a medium pony. I have been riding since i was 6/7. I was wondering how and what it takes to be able to go to the olympics. What trainers are the best that their are, where is the best place to train. Riding is my life and my dream is to go to the olympics, what will it take for me to get there?
Heather. Murrer
30 Jul 2012, 19:00
Dear. Usef. \r\nHow. Are. You. \r\nI. Like ride. Horses. Do you like ride. Horses. \r\nMy name is heather murrer I ride horses. I was. 15 old. I am. 32. Old. I ride. Horses 17. Year. I live. In reading. Pa. You. Thenk. Lesson. Horses back. Ring. Do you. Thenk. Dressage jump too I like. Doing. Dressage. Or jump. Too \r\n Thank. You. \r\n Ps. Email. Back \r\n Heather. M.
23 Jun 2012, 17:29
I'm 13 years old and have been riding since I was 4. My dream is to be in the equestrian Olympics. I can currently jump 3'3" right now but am going higher. I show at garden state horse show, hits, and the Sussex county fair. I would like to know if it's possible to have a tour at the barns or watch you train. Also are there any clinics or summer camps I could go to with anyone of the riders? Thank you :)
18 Jun 2012, 10:33
Hi, I am a 13 year old girl, and have been riding for 6 years, I have been watching the olympic commericals for 2012 and I have realized I want to go to the Olympics. I live in Maryland & have a wonderful Qh/Arab who can only jump 2'6" (Which I am jumping currently), maybe 3feet, I want to know how I can one day live my dream and compete on the US equestrian team. I just need the horse and trainer. Please help me live my dream.\r\n- Elizabeth Beairsto\r\n
Joann Taylor
05 Jun 2012, 11:25
I am working on a novel that takes place at an Olympic equestiran event. I need some info on the how someone gets on the US team and the path they follow. If someone has knowledge or even know of a book I can use, please email me.\r\n\r\n
connie stevens
29 May 2012, 08:05
We have a girl coming to Gladstone for the ParaOlympic Dressage Trials.\r\nPlease send me a list of the closest hotels in the area. Someone has donated their Hilton Honors points in order to get her free accomodations for herself and trainier.\r\nPlease advise ASAP.\r\nThank you!\r\nConnie Curtes-Stevens\r\n847-644-0029
02 Apr 2012, 09:35
My horse and I are currently training for level 5 jumpers. By 2016 I am very determined to attempt and qualify for the summer Olympics in 2016. I have been riding for 16 years now and am expierenced in hunter, jumpers and equitation. I was circuit champion in HITS Ocala for the 3'3 equitation. I also placed 1st all five weeks I was down there in Marshall and Sterling Children's Medal. I also have many more accomplishments. Please contact me at I would love to get more information about the olympics
29 Nov 2011, 14:00
Hi. i have been riding ever since i was 6 years old. I'm now 14. i have an extreme passion for horses and am riding 24/7. i am currently jumping 3'6 and going higher as the show season continues. I have had dreams of going to the 2016 olympics with my friend who is also 14 and has been riding the same amount of time. We compete a lot and will do what ever it takes to make it to the olympics. Please let me know what we need to do in order to accomplish this. \r\nThank you so much\r\n~avery
Bill Weiner
28 Oct 2011, 16:06
Am looking for info on NAUTICAL horse.\r\nAnyone there remember him, 1960?\r\n(The Horse With The Flying Tail)
christine graham
15 Sep 2011, 06:31
\r\n\r\nPlease send a list of your equestrian events for this Fall.\r\n\r\nPlease also direct me to your fund raising contacts and events.\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\n\r\n\r\nChristine
11 Sep 2011, 13:36
HI. I am about 14 years old, I know super young, but don't missjudge me I am jumping at around 4 feet right now and come the begginning of 2012 I will be jumping at Grand prix level. I have been riding and jumping since I could get myself on a horse ( 2 years old) It is my passion to jump and I have the talent for it. I would love to ride in the Olympics, It is my dream. I have so much experience in showing. Please tell me what I need to do to qualify to represent the U.S in the Olympics.\r\nThanks!\r\nLexi
richard joblon
29 Apr 2011, 10:01
hi i understand you are having an horse and buggy or cart competition this saturday and sunday april 30th and may 1st . we would love to attend. would you please email us information on these events thank you \r\n richard joblon
Barbara Carhart
16 Jan 2011, 06:48
I am very interested in supporting the U.S. Equestrian Team but am currently short on funds. Is there a role for a person with experience to assist the team in kind? I suppose the team uses grooms and perhaps equine massage therapists? I have experience with both. Equissage trained. Just thought I would do a little dreaming!!!!(smiles) I would appreciate your kind comments. Thank you! Barbara
Dawn Meyer
03 Jan 2011, 02:02
I have read some of the above questions, mine is much the same. Where do you start on your road to the Olympic Team or riding in the Rolex? Not sure what road/path to take to get to the professional level? Just know our little town horse barn! Nice as it may be, it is not at the level that I think we would someday need to be on! Just not sure where to go, what to do, I understand the hard work, dedication and life long determination that it takes, just not sure were or how to start this journey? Suggestions? Thanks so much - Dawn
Carlos Genoves
30 Aug 2010, 18:47
My name is Carlos Genoves. Born in Mexico City and riding since I was 8.I have been part of the Mexican Equestrian Team.\r\n I went to college in Southern California where in my spare times had the chance of riding with Jimmy Williams, Hap Hansen, JJ Smith, Gigi Green, Kost and Jenny Karassisis and some other great horsemen. I am very proud of everythnig I learned from them and thankfull to them for sharing their knowledge.\r\n At any rate, I am intrested in finding out who will be able to help me achieve a perfect showgrounds setting. I have been currently encouraged by a good friend and sponsor to turn his 32 Acre ranch (located just 45 miutes outside Mexico City) into a showground facility for equestrian competiton. I would like to ask you who can you recommend who can help me out with this task from A to Z, all the way from the footing of the jumping areas to the organization itself.There is an very large, and increasing every year equestrian market in Mexico City, who I am sure will enjoy a perfect showground setting. \r\n Please let me know if you can help me with this great experience.\r\n Thanks for youe help and time.\r\n Carlos Genoves
18 May 2010, 18:03
Hello. I have been riding since I was five years old and started competing at seven. Since then, I have competed in two AA shows in jumpers and started jumping four feet. It has always been my dream to be an olympic rider but where do I start? My trainer use to coach the Canadian Olympic team and has given me life long opportunities such as riding her clients' horses and possibly work in Shanghai for a few weeks. I take clinics every month from Roy Toppings and would love to pursue my dream. Would it be possible to watch and learn from the olympic riders some time?\r\nThanks,\r\nChanning
Nicole Smith
04 Mar 2010, 15:56
Hello. I have been riding since I was 7 and I am now 16. I was absolutely obsessed with riding and horses when I was younger, and I have a dream to go to the Olympics. I was wondering what some steps would be that I should take if I wanted to try to get into the Olympics someday.\r\nThanks!\r\nNicole
Jessica HIce
21 Nov 2009, 23:19
Hello, my name is Jessica Hice. I have been riding since I was three years old and I am 18 now. I was wondering what the steps are to becoming an equestrian in the Olympic Games.\r\nWhere do you start? Where do you go?\r\nThat sort of thing.\r\nThank you for reading this.\r\n\r\nJessica Hice
Brittany Carmack
25 Aug 2009, 11:19
Hi,\r\nI have been riding since I was 4 and I am now 21. I have been jumping my whole life. I was wondering it there was any equestrian teams that would take on new people. Thank you
31 Jul 2009, 07:48
how do I schedule a tour of the farm? What is there to see there?
30 Jun 2009, 09:25
Hi I am 12 years old ihave been riding for 2 years;it has always been my dream 2 be able to ride in the olympics 2016;if it is possible and i am prepared;what lessons and camps do you suqqest?I would like some camps that specialize in hunter/jumper;residential would be fine;Thannk You-Cassie
Susan D'Amour
26 May 2009, 09:42
My daughter is 12 years old and has been showing competitively for the past 2 years. She would like to advance her skills in this area and I was wondering whether you could recommend a Summer Camp specializing particularly in Hunter/Jumper. We live near Princeton New Jersey, however a residential camp would be fine.\r\nThank you.\r\nSusan D'Amour
23 Dec 2008, 22:53
I noticed a lot of questions for this post on how to qualify. Remember that the Olympic equestrian sports are specific disciplines, so make sure that you stay active in your chosen discipline and never pass up training, clinics, or coaching from a professional.\r\n\r\nAs far as "camps" go, keep yourself updated on ex-Olympians and riders who are currently on the circuit in your area. For example, in the winter you can travel with a lot of the four-star eventers down south for the entire season and get training. \r\n\r\nA lot of upper-level riders also offer coaching, training, and clinics year-round, so get familiar with those riders and keep yourself updated on their websites.\r\n\r\nIf you're a jumper, start training and get under a trainer who is already at the level you want to be at, and aim for HITS and shows of that caliber.\r\n\r\nIf you're an eventer, groom for or train with a current 4-star eventer, winter with them down in SC or FL, summer up north, plan on a lot of travel. Eventers have a great team atmosphere. (USEA)\r\n\r\nIf you're a dressage rider, compete in USDF, get a Grand-Prix trainer or previous Grand Prix rider and compete in the USDF, and again, plan on a lot of travel and expenses with any of these. \r\n\r\nEventers are very concentrated on the east coast, with the Rolex being in KY. Jumper shows are most prestigious in FL and NY, with the west being a big hot spot in CA and AZ.\r\n\r\nEducate yourself, not only on the discipline and the show circuit, but on the riders, trainers, and horses that are upper-level, so that you know who to look up to, who to ask questions.\r\n\r\nCheck out the FEI, USET, USEF websites!\r\n\r\nMake lots of friends, they'll always help!
Jamie Conklin
13 Dec 2008, 11:27
My dream has aways been to become an olympic rider i am 19 and have been riding since i was 4 I am now training peoples horses and am on my way to become a professional. That is another dream to own a barn but how do you become an olympic rider?\r\njamie
12 Oct 2008, 15:59
Do you know of any competitive riding camps? Where does one get started on the path to the olympic games?
Lauren Myers
21 Aug 2008, 20:23
Hi, \r\nI'm 18 and have been riding for the last 15 years and like so many other people, I've been dreaming of the Olympics since I first saw them. Where does one get started on the path to competing in the games? What would be the first step to take?\r\nThank you.
Veronica Fulton
18 Aug 2008, 08:01
Hello, I was trying to find the coverage on TV for the US Equestrian Team. We live in the Bluegrass (KY Horsepark area) region of Kentucky and am ashamed to say that the local stations did not have it on. If I see any more swimming or gymnastics or beach volleyball...I'm going to scream. I am very disappointed.\r\nWhere are the Equestrians?\r\nVeronica\r\n
Kim Hazel
10 Aug 2008, 18:46
My daughter has competed at AQHA level, Congress, Disix Nationals, etc. and is interested in trying any camps, advice on where she might try an achive her goal of trying out for the 2016 olympic games. She is 13 years old and has the ability to travel and do what it takes to pursue her career in the equestrain field. Please let me know if you offer any camps or lessons. Thank you,\r\n\r\nKim Hazel
07 Aug 2008, 18:49
I am very, very interested in this years Olympic Games and had a few questions such as, how much does it cost to qualify for the Equestrian division of this game? What is the most common breed that competes? How old are the riders and their four legged companions? What happens to these horses once they are finished with the games?
Tat-cheung Wu
16 Jul 2008, 21:02
Hi There,\r\n\r\nI am a phD student in Hong Kong and i am working on a survey call the Economic Impact on the 2008 Olympic Equestrian Events. I am still looking for a survey questions and related studies... can you give me some ideas on it, please?\r\n\r\nmany thx\r\n\r\nTC
Candace Elias
27 Jun 2008, 22:14
GO USA TEAM! Candy from Melbourne , Florida
26 May 2008, 15:54
I am using my mom's email address, but I am doing a report on Olympic Events and I chose the Equestrian competition. Who are some of our American athletes, my mom and I could not find names. Can you help? Thank you and Good Luck! I love gymnastics, but I hope to get to see the Equestrian competition. :)
26 Apr 2008, 22:00
hi,\r\ni am a jr. rider i show on the arabian, saddlebred, and open circut. i was wondering if it would be possible, if i did well enough on the circut to make it on the team. my mother is a trainer and as i already said, i am a jr. rider but i want to excel enough that rather than just showing in national and world shows, i could someday be on the team. i own many of my own horses, i just wanna know what i need to do, or if it is even possible....please reply.
07 Apr 2008, 06:52
Hey I love horses so much and my dream has always been to compete in the Equestrian Olimpics. I was wondering if I could ever come to the stable and take a tour and maybe even meet some of the riders and talk to them. Is that possible? Thank you.
06 Apr 2008, 20:24
hi! i am an absolute horse lover and i was wondering if there would ever at any piont af a tour of Hamilton Farm could you meet one of the riders taking place in the olympics and ask for any tips. Thanks so much!
24 Feb 2008, 10:25
I will be in the area on Saturday, March 1. Does the Equestrian Center have Saturday hours for tours? The stable and trophy room sound fascinating. I hope I get a chance to see them.
Marie Walling
09 Feb 2008, 12:00
Hello. My daughter is a member of the USPC (Lauren currently C1). Do you have any summer camps or horse shows for aspiring competitive riders? Thank you. \r\nMarie Walling

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