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Banner Ad Campaigns

Banner ad campaigns are available in various sizes, and rotate across the web site and can yield 10,000 - 20,000 impressions each month.
Check the illustration below to see a typical web page layout with banner placements.
Our ad server controls the number of times your banner is seen and makes sure that it is spread evenly across the pages viewed by web site visitors.
You can change your banners to test special offers, etc., and you can use more than one banner in your rotation.
Reports are available via user log-in or email for all web-only or add-on premium magazine advertisers. Statistics include ad impressions and click-through results for your campaign. More about banner styles and web reports...

E-Mail Newsletter

5,000 opt-in website subscribers also receive our e-mail newsletter, featuring current events, suggested seasonal activities, and special offers. Events are also promoted in the "This Week in NJ Skylands" news feed. More about this...

Billboard or Profile Pages

Post your own billboard page directly on our site (example) , or "push" a profile or sponsored page (example).

Basic Website Listings

You can list your property on a combination of directory and map pages for one year: only $225, less than $20/month.
Website visitors refer to these pages about 50,000 times each year. Linked listing will appear in the appropriate directory: Linked location will appear on the appropriate map: by location or topic. Map topics are:

Extended Listings & Text Links

Extended listings are included as reader resources in specified directories, on suitable map pages, and with appropriate stories.
Directory and maps: For instance a campground or bed and breakfast listing would appear in the general accommodations list, on the accommodations map, or on event listings. Resources are also located and listed on appropriate area maps.
Story related: At the end of each article, a section contains a list of nearby attractions and activities. For example, a story about the Wallkill River includes links for nearby accommodations and attractions in Sussex County. Or a driving tour of Hunterdon's historic taverns includes attractions and accommodations in that area.

Banner Sizes and Samples

Banner ad campaigns run at the following frequencies:
10,000 impressions (usually over one month)
20,000 impressions (usually over three months)
40,000 impressions (usually over six months)
60,000 impressions (usually over twelve months)

Banner campaigns are made up of a combination of the following sizes:

Half Panel Banner:

234 X 240

Large Banner:


Medium Banner:


Skyscraper Banners:



640 X 100
Displayed primarily on map and directory pages as well as email newsletter:


For exclusive display on mobile devices:

Native ad line item

A native ad, or sponsored post appears above content on every page. The message can link to a story or page on your website, or announce an event or special offer.

Banner Placement

Banner ad campaigns rotate across the web site and can yield 10,000 - 20,000 impressions each month. The illustration below depicts a typical web page layout with banner placements.

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