Thirty-Two Years:
Old Enough To Know Better!

Why Print? From Oldwick, NJ:

I deeply believe that people experience print media differently than digital media.  I do not find sitting with a cup of coffee and a lap top remotely relaxing or introspective — I tend to mindlessly jump from one link to the next and my 'reading' is puddle-deep and somewhat ADHD. Whereas when I pick up the Skylands Visitor in print I actually read it through cover to cover and use it to plan things that I want to do and see.  One is like a little 'mini-vacation' for the soul and the other is just like everything else digital — drinking a mass of new information from a firehose…   

Content and editorial highlights

Original, independently developed feature articles identify and describe the components and themes that define the distinct personality of our region. Each seasonal issue of the Skylands Visitor also includes an extensive calendar of events and activity guide highlighting recreational and cultural destinations in and around Northwest New Jersey.
Most of our written contributions, generated over 31 years of publication, appear on our website. Stories are categorized generally into outdoors and recreation; nature and wildlife; farms and gardens; history and heritage; arts and culture; towns and tours. A few minutes on the site will give you an idea of what we publish. Here are examples from recent issues or check here for circulation and demographic information.

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