Delaware View House

Delaware View House
Delaware View House on Old Mine Road

From the wrap-around porch of the Delaware View House you can see clear across the valley just about to Bushkill, PA. The building is one of a few hundred still standing in the wake of the abandoned Tocks Island dam project of the mid 60s, the misadventure that resulted in condemnation and destruction of thousands of residences in the valley and, the silver lining, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. But the 70,000 acre park, Elysian Fields for millions of visitors each year, remains dotted with decaying, falling structures, all of which are listed or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

The original Greek Revival farmhouse- 2 rooms up, 2 rooms down- was built in 1837. In 1892 a 2 1/2 story addition was built around the house to become a lodge called the Flatbrook Hotel. Sometime in the early 1900s it became known as the Delaware View House until 1926 when the building became known as Salamovka, a resort for Russian emigres.

To get to Delaware View House enter the DWGNRA from Rt. 80 at Exit 1 and continue on Old Mine Road. The house is about 1 1/2 miles past Millbrook Village on your right. Or from Route 94 in Blairstown via Route 602 to Millbrook Village, then right on Old Mine Road.

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Luke Fletcher
22 Dec 2015, 14:00
OK, found the link. It's the same place we had the swimming party at in 1967-8. Mispelled his name: Nevett Bartow.
Luke Fletcher
22 Dec 2015, 13:45
I remember a very gifted music teacher at Blair Academy in the '60s named Nevitt Barthow who had a swimming party for a bunch of students at what we were told was his family's summer house called "Salamovka" I don't remember exactly where it was (Hope?) but could it be possible this is the same place? Is there a pond out back?
Nick Homyak
27 Sep 2015, 09:21
Was at one party back in early 1970's with my friend Gerard Santuso some sentimental artist he and another resident there became embroiled in contentions concerning meaning of art and suffering. Me & Gerard sleep out in the cold, but that was our original intention anyway. We used the land for our adventure with time & space remember seeing little imps spirits that day..The old hunting cabin with blue shingles was still standing then on the landscape..
Debora Baker
14 Dec 2014, 23:24
Jane and Deborah , I was also a painter,printmaker at DWG in
1974 . I wanted to drive up and see the property Dec 2014 if my memory will recall my very "interesting time creating"
FYI. the cooks name was Viola Blazie who was wonderful.
Much alcohol was consumed, but the group managed to build on our portfolios. If anyone was at the house when I was there, I went under Debby Fisher and my school was MICA
Will post my findings in late December about the property . weather permitting
05 Sep 2014, 07:12
There is a severed deer head just inside the front window, crime tape dangling from off the back side of the porch, and an antique ladder leaned against the back of the house. Two hand prints are in the dust of the window, as if someone regularly climbs the ladder to the upstairs room.
I stopped because the house looked like it had been beautiful at one time. But, now it is clearly an unsafe place and is obviously attracting creepy people. It is beyond being able to be restored-- but then it should (and I've never said this) be taken down.
01 Apr 2014, 08:09
what i dont understand is why the Delaware park service inst do anything to restore this historic 100= house. the house probably has alot of history. I ember after mill brook day my family would always go there to see the old and who ran the general store. It is or was a beautiful building and the park service should really spend some worthy money on repariringg it
31 Dec 2013, 17:17
The Delaware View House was closed within the last ten years or so. The older man that had been living there and attempting to fix the place up was more or less forcibly removed. I don't remember the exact details but it involved an electric fence he had rigged on the front porch and a little girl (daughter of customers who stopped for lunch) who got zapped by the fence. I believe he had been told previously to dismantle the fence, at any rate she was rushed to the hospital and he was evicted. I'm sure if you Google his name you will be able to get the exact details. Most people aren't aware that the Parks Department does/did have a special program that allowed you to live in some of these buildings for a very small rent, all you had to do was maintain the building and grounds. I really wish they would advertise it if they still offer the program rather than allow these once magnificent homes waste away!
02 Sep 2013, 12:46
@Em The house is caving in on itself, the house looks outside to be falling appart. Someone broke a window and i looked inside to find right there a huge chunk of the ceiling falling down, i wouldnt go in there if you payed me because its ready to fall! however there were many shattered windows and appears to be beer bottles so i could only assume trouble making kids went in there lol. I remember when i was an itty bitty girl going in and seeing some old man with white hair, just standing at the doorway looking inside about to step in. Thats about all i rememeber though. I would like to know when it was closed down, who was this old man? and who owns it now ( i assume that old man was the owner and is now dead seeing how my memory is 10+ years old) And lastly Why isnt anyone fixing it while it couldve been?
01 Sep 2013, 16:37
Why are there crime scene and police tape around the house ?
Bob Obobby
26 Jun 2011, 19:10
Ted don't be a hater instead of eating human flesh have a tater!
18 Jun 2011, 05:11
@ Tex Watson----REALLY? This isn't your house! Are you gonna bash my skull in? Whattup dude? Do u live here? Nope. Explain your comment & why are you so hostile?
Warren Dean
14 Apr 2011, 10:40
I was a maintenance employee with the National Park before retiring. I worked on Salamovka many times during my career. Sadly, like many park structures, it is in need of many repairs. I too have spent time on the front porch enjoying the view.
pat reedy
25 Nov 2010, 05:05
The house is closed now,boarded up.Most resently it was a general store.I would stop and get some hot dogs,talk with the old man who ran the store.Sitting on the front porch the view is still amazing.The house itself is in serious disrepair,its sad.
larry peters
20 Oct 2010, 18:48
I have been there many times,on my way to PETERS VALLEY.I ues to go inside and relax for a while when in my twenties and thirties.Very nice of the best of the Delaware River..
Tex Watson
21 Apr 2010, 19:16
This is my house, there are many like it but this one is mine. I will bash in the skull of anyone who says its not. Also tresspassers beware, whatever body parts i don't eat, my dogs will...
07 Oct 2008, 16:32
Visited Millbrook Village and the Delaware House last Sunday....a ride I've wanted to take for years..and finally did..not knowing what I'd find. It was a great experience. Love big old houses. We drank Jones Sods (never heard of it before) and Mr.Kately gave my two friends and me directions to Blue Mountain Lake.. or maybe we found Crater Lake and didn't know it. It's so good to know there's still a lot of country for us to enjoy. Take a ride there.. you'll enjoy it too. Thanks George!!!!
Fiona Long
15 Jul 2008, 13:49
I would like to know how far away from Worthington State Park you are. We have people who would like to stay at a nearby B&B or the like while we are camping at Worthington State Park. \r\nThanking you,Fiona Long\r\nWe are talking about the week of August 10-16
Jane Dougherty
15 May 2008, 08:56
I, too, was an artist who did a semester with DWG Artist for the Environment at Salamovka in 1975. I have very fond memories of sitting on the front porch, taking nature walks with the park rangers, as well as going out into the countryside with a easel strapped to my back to attempt to capture nature on canvass as I perceived it. I am greatful that I got to spend time there, even though painting from nature proved to be almost impossible given how everying was always moving, changing color, changing features. We had students there from all over the US, and we had a local woman who cooked for us. We had a chance to experience the natural bounty as well when we had venison for dinner, and rabbit stew. It was an experience I shall never forget.
Deborah Kriger
27 Apr 2008, 10:06
Hi,\r\n\r\nI was an artist in the Artist for the Environment program back in the 70's. Salamovka has great meaning for me and would love to find out what you are doing with it. I still paint and teach painting at a private school in NYC. I have summers off and am looking to have small painting workshops somewhere. I don't know if this would work with your plans but, I think I could perhaps raise some funds to put towards this and the property. It would also be in line with Salamovka's original purpose. I have also renovated several properties and don't mind getting my hands dirty. I could lend a hand.\r\n\r\nWarm regards,\r\nDeborah Kriger
Millie Krentz
10 Mar 2008, 06:37
I would love to help or join Mr. Kately in his venture to bring the Delaware View House back to life. Please point me in the direction needed to make this dream come alive.

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