Project Grass

Cellulose Heroes

By Tamara Scully

Most of the meat we purchase in the supermarket today is grown in crowded, confined conditions, where the animals have little, if any, outdoor access, and are fed a grain-based diet, laced with antibiotics, hormones and other ingredients. Although the classic image of cows grazing lazily, chickens pecking the ground at their feet and pigs rooting around the barnyard on Grandma's farm is long gone from the commercial landscape, some New Jersey family farms raise and sell meats for local customers. Like fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farmstand, stock raised with special attention to nutrition and living conditions is likely better for you. And it tastes better, too!

Matt Pearson of Howling Wolf Farm in Hope

Project Grass is a group of Sussex and Warren county farmers who rely on pasture, along with hay and grass silage, for much of their livestock's dietary needs. These animals spend the majority of their lives roaming the pasture, eating the grass at will, and enjoying the great outdoors. "I think it has a profound effect on the health of the animals, the health of those who consume the foods we get from animals and the overall health of the farms that adopt these practices," says Matt Pearson of Howling Wolf Farm in Hope. From start to finish, these farmers are hands-on with their livestock­beef, pigs, goats, rabbits, lamb, chickens and turkeys­working to ensure that humanely-raised, healthy animals are processed and packaged with the utmost care. The group, which also includes grass farmers and hay suppliers, seeks to actively promote the nutritional, ecological, and humane benefits of grass-fed methods.

Basia and Gary Van Boerum, of Snoep Winkel Farm in Branchville, sell pasture-raised beef, lamb, goat, chicken and grass-fed rabbit. "The kids got started in 4-H. Especially as parents, it really hit home to us, to know how the food we were feeding our children was raised," Basia says. "We really believe that the animals need to be treated humanely." The Van Boerums use only vegetarian grains to supplement the animals' diets, never the animal by-products found in most commercial feeds.

Whether raising a chicken or steer, the Van Boerums and the other Project Grass farmers believe that the quality of the animals' lives is reflected in the quality of the food. The emphasis on traditional farming methods­focusing on small herds, animal diversity, natural ingredients and grazing­is part of growing movement back towards environmentally friendly agriculture.

Dana Ortstein, of DanaRay Farm

"Project Grass is promoting a healthier, more sustainable agriculture," Dana Ortstein, of DanaRay Farm in Branchville, says. "We're part of a greater good." DanaRay is biodynamic, using everything on the farm to complement and benefit everything else. Extra goat's milk is fed to the pigs. The chickens eat the insects. The vegetables are fertilized with the composted manure from all of the healthy, pastured animals.

Pearson, who also practices biodynamic farming at Howling Wolf, says that part of the mission of Project Grass is to introduce local farmers to "the benefits which pasturing livestock have on the sustainability of farms." Farms that promote healthy land, fertile soil, and conditions conducive to good health of the livestock are self-perpetuating, with little outside input required. A grass-based farmer doesn't need to purchase expensive commercial feeds. Animals in healthy environments don't need antibiotics added to their food.

A recent study by the Union of Concerned Scientists has shown that meat, eggs and diary products from grass-fed, pastured animals are higher in "good" fats and lower in "bad" fats, and that the manure produced can be readily returned to the farm as fertilizer. Confined, grain-fed animals produce disease and manure that cannot be absorbed into the ground, running off and contaminating waterways, the study concluded.

Growing a Farmer Network

Louis Tommaso serves up samples at the
Warren County Farmers Fair

Louis Tommaso raises grass-fed beef and pork, pastured on his 185 acre, 70-year old farm in Green Township. Although he uses no hormones, antibiotics or steroids on his livestock, he had been spraying his hay with a conventional chemical product to combat weeds. By his own admission, he has learned how to be more environmentally friendly from other Project Grass farmers. "When you grow something and you don't use chemicals, it is always better than using chemicals," Tomasso says. So he was thrilled when he learned that his yield was more than acceptable after only spot-spraying field weeds, using a very diluted solution.

Not only do Project Grass members share ideas, they happily refer customers to one another. And several marketing projects have augmented their public profile. There is a Project Grass booth set up most Sundays at the Olde Lafayette Village Farmer's Market. The group held a cooking demonstration, grilling up fresh grass-fed meats and handing out promotional literature at the Warren County Farmer's Fair Cook's Corner. And a recent pasture walk and farm tour at Howling Wolf Farm showed consumers and the media just how grass-based farming works.

Many of these small farmers felt a lack of support from the State of New Jersey's agriculture programs, aimed at larger-scale commercial operations. Many of the state's rules and regulations pertaining to butchering and selling meat and animal products overlook the needs of the small farmer. By forming a cohesive voice for the common interest of these farmers, Project Grass can advocate at the state level.

Another frustration that led to the group's formation was the lack of a cohesive farming infrastructure in Northwest NJ. Farm supplies, equipment, labor­even hay grown in a manner acceptable to the farmer­are becoming scarce locally. A network of farmers gains purchasing power and shares resources.

Each farmer applies the grass-fed edict in his own way. At Havenwood Farms, eggs come from free-range, pastured-based chicken. The chickens are rotated to fresh pasture every two days, which keeps the quality of the grass they are foraging high. Certified organic grain feed supplements the diet of the poultry, which require added protein due to their high metabolism.

Beef farmers may differ in the amount or type of grain used, or might not supplement their stock diet with grain at all. Others might use organically-grown hay to "finish" the beef, imparting a flavor with which today's consumers have become accustomed. "High-quality, grass-fed beef is a complex skill that requires time for farmers to learn," Pearson says. "That is the situation we have here in NJ now: huge demand, and a few farmers honing their skills. NJ Project Grass would love to see more farmers learning the skills of grass farming."

From the Farmer to the Table

Aside from onerous regulations, the farmers have found it difficult to reach today's busy consumers, many of whom find the supermarket more comfortable than the farm. "Many of the issues of concern revolved around the difficulties of directly marketing to consumers here in NJ," Pearson says. Bringing consumers out onto the farm and showing them a superior product is a major focus of the group. "Fresher meat, fresher product. They themselves can physically see where it is coming from," Tommaso says.

In order to make buying meats right off the farm more appealing to consumers, Project Grass farmers offer many of their meats individually cut and wrapped. To cater to smaller families, those with a budget, or those wanting to give a local farmer a tryout, many are offering smaller shares, instead of 1/2 or 1/4 of an animal, Some are also experimenting with selling by the cut, rather than the portion.

But buying beef or pork by "the side" is actually a great way to be-come re-acquainted with some tasty cuts of meat not often available on the supermarket shelf. All of the farmers are happy to share cooking tips, especially for the brisket, spare ribs, or other parts of the meat not commonly used today. Even those cuts that are traditionally saved for "special occasions," such as a ham, can be readily used for a not-so-difficult dinner when cut into small roasts or cubed for grilling. Part of the experience is learning what meat grown using age-old farming practices looks like, how it tastes, and how to use it. "The meat was raised the old-fashioned way. You have to cook it the old-fashioned way," says Basia Van Boerum.

So go ahead, explore some local meats today. The NJ Project Grass farmers are waiting for your call and willing to answer your questions. Make local, grass-fed meats part of your family's diet.

DanaRay Farm, Branchville: 973-948-0906
Havenwood Farms, Green Township: 973-383-3860
Howling Wolf Farm, Hope: 908-459-4474
Pittenger Farms, Green Township: 973-786-6147
Snoep Winkel Farm, Branchville: 973-702-2047
For farmers interested in learning more about joining NJ Project Grass please contact the Foodshed Alliance, 908-362-7967. Equine, hay producers and part-time farmers are also welcome.

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05 Jan 2017, 17:56
Hi, I am new in farming. I live in Middlesex county and would like to get a small farm nearby for livestock, preferably chicken to start with. I am interested to make partnership with similar interested parties as well. You may email me at Thanks!
Luke Van Grouw
16 Oct 2015, 04:57
Hello my name is Luke Van Grouw, my family is well know in the Agricultural business . Here on our farm and in our green houses we can offer many things . Beef, Pork, lamb, fowl and fresh eggs . Larger orders are possible with notice as we are a large family with Green houses and other farms in the Tri State area.
I can offer live or processed live stock or contract growing in either with green house or live stock with notice prior to growing seasons . Please make note of where you heard about my services .
Luke Van Grouw .
Luke Van Gouw
16 Oct 2015, 04:13
Hi My name is Luke Van Gouw . My family and I raise most all of our own food here on our farm in Blairstown .
I can supply beef,goat,lamb,chicken,rabbit and fresh eggs. Large order are ok if I know in advance. My family know for green house products in this state as well as NY and i can supply or grow on contract any product needed for a outlet is a yearly program is set up prior to growing season .
I can offer live stock live or processed as well. Please email me if you have any questions and note where you found my name please .
15 Oct 2015, 16:02
Looking to raise and farm 1 cow and 2 pigs must be done naturally. Just need a price thank you
Adam kpssbitsli
15 Oct 2015, 15:58
I am looking to buy and raise a calf and two pigs let me know please what the cost would be to raise them naturally. Grass fed and no drugs. Thank you please let me know

20 Sep 2015, 07:51
Hi! I'm in South Jersey (Salem County). Does anyone know of a similar website for my area that might help me find local free range farmers? Thanks!
16 Sep 2015, 10:44
I live in Wayne NJ (Passaic County)and am interested in buying organic free range chicken and beef. From where can I get it?
06 Apr 2015, 13:43
Hello, I live in the Toms River area and would love to know where I can purchase this wonderful meat, eggs and dairy? I am very excited about all of this. Thank you so much!! I prefer to go to the local are people vs the chain stores. They are rich enough!!
16 Mar 2015, 12:55
Hi....Do you sell wheat straw i want to grow mushrooms an it must be that. If so how much does it cost i need i guess about one of those rectangle bales not sure what you call that . I am in whiting nj an i think your in new Egypt ? THANKS
07 Feb 2015, 18:14
Hello I am in Toms River , nj I would like to know where I can purchase raw organic milk fresh organic eggs as well

Thanks Derek
27 Aug 2014, 20:31

18 Aug 2014, 12:52
I have a small property in Cumberland County NJ where I raise some chickens. I mainly raise them for the eggs but this year tried raising some meat birds as well. So far, my husband and I have been slaughtering them on our own when we have time. I would be interested in finding someone who will take live birds and slaughter & clean them for me. Do you know of anyone in the South Jersey area? Thanks.
Lisa Spiteri
18 Aug 2014, 05:27
I live in Rockland, NY and I am looking for someplace either in Northern New Jersey/Bergen County or someplace near Rockland County to purchase farm raised agriculture (duck, rabbit, goat, lamb)that has already been butchered but not necessarily cut into portions.
29 Jun 2014, 14:07
Hi You can get soy free chicken and eggs and grass fed beef at Central Valley Farm in Asbury, NJ
26 Jun 2014, 07:46
i live in central nj and i am looking to rent an incubator for chicks, goats, a rabbit for one month august. thanks
vic medore
16 Jun 2014, 18:10
I live in Blairstown NJ and raise 80 percent of our food as organic as possible free range . Lamb ,guinea hen fowl my ducks are grazing free range on 9 acres of land including artisan spring and pond you can not buy a better egg then this . 7.00 per doz fresh every day .
908 500 2305
25 Apr 2014, 07:52
Hi, I need to know where i can buy baby newborn ducklings. perkins or simalar for a pet.. i need two. easter presents... help please. thank you barbara
Gina Marie
01 Feb 2014, 08:28
Central NJ folks, I just discovered farm fresh Piscataway, NJ grown eggs sold at John and Joan's Road stand. They were delicious and so fresh. What a difference from store bought. They also carry dairy farm freshly delivered milk. Enjoy
Denise Kamer
18 Nov 2013, 04:30
Borrowed Thyme Farm is located in New Egypt, NJ (Ocean County). We have free range chicken and ducks eggs for sale as well as chicken, duck and rabbit fryer and roasters for sale. We can be found at \r\nThanks,\r\nDenise
James Markham
11 Oct 2013, 10:46
I used to eat duck eggs in Thailand when in the Peace Corps. Is there a farm in or near Ocean County, NJ where I can buy fresh duck eggs for eating?
07 May 2013, 09:33
I'm interested in buying farm raised meat but need more information please. I live in Warren County. Is there a local place I could get chicken, eggs, beef from? Also how much does it cost?\r\n\r\n
12 Mar 2013, 09:52
Where in NJ can we buy manure that from an organic farm - we will pick up - thank you to anyone that can direct us there
Robert Phillips
06 Dec 2012, 03:43
Yes, We will be butchering a few more beef cattle this month. These animals were born and raised on this farm and on pasture and hay their whole lives. Anyone may come to the farm on Jobstown, Mr McGregor's Garden and purchase cuts or one may order a side or quarter to save money. Find us on Facebook.
Edna Antonian
04 Dec 2012, 17:41
35 acres farm for sale in Hunterdon County, Clinton Twp. There are three homes on the property, including a log cabin. Current owner raises goats. Lots of grass, flat areas, no weeds. Great farm to purchase for someone wanting a family complex or income producing property through rent. Ponds, pool, barns. \r\ Contact me at my email:\r\\r\
20 Nov 2012, 10:10
Hey I'm looking to buy a live chicken any kind money's not a issue please call me ASAP 301 602 8967 it's my cell thank you ! Ill drive to you and all preferable south jersey
03 Oct 2012, 05:58
Dear Sir:\r\n\r\nMay I have the list of names for farms near Union County. Most of the farms are far and I am a senior citizen.\r\n\r\nI like organic veggies, milk, eggs and only fish I eat.\r\n\r\nThank you.
19 Sep 2012, 10:34
Please let me know where I can get a whole goat meat?
scott rowe
22 Aug 2012, 18:56
I can hook you up with a rooster my farm is in columbus nj. we also have grass fed beef pastured poultry free range eggs and pastured pork.all can be purchased by the cut the dozen a share of the animal we offer a monthly csa also a buyers club. website is
Janique Reynolds
21 Aug 2012, 13:33
I looking to buy a rooster, does anyone know someone selling them in So. Jersey. ASAP. please email me details.
28 May 2012, 13:42
Hello, \r\nI live a Paleo life style and I am looking to buy grass-fed beef and lamb and free-range poultry. Anyone know any farm near Mendham, NJ who has what I need. Greatly appreciated. Thanx
11 May 2012, 09:17
Hi, I am looking for eating rabbits. I live in ocean county. Anyone have an idea.Thanks
scott rowe
08 May 2012, 16:59
ive got a steer going to the butcher may 21 stil have 3 quarters available\r\nwe are 45 minutes from toms river not sure where on the shore you are pricing is 5 doars per pound hanging weight\r\n\r\
08 May 2012, 15:58
I am looking to find where I can find grass feed cattle (looking for i/4 or 1/2-depending on the price)I live at the jersey shore;anybody know the closest farm from there?
Robert Phillips
01 May 2012, 15:12
Our farm in Jobstown, Burlington county has been offering pasture fed beef for 39 years. The animals are humainly treated and live on their mother's milk and eat only grass from lush pastures and hay during the coldest winter months. Unlike some others, because we do not feed any grain we only butcher when the animals are fattest, typically in late spring-early summer and again in fall to early winter. Mr McGregor's Garden is open Wednesday -Sunday but one should call first to check meat availability. The farm can be found on Face Book.
29 Apr 2012, 12:13
I would like to buy the cow's insides. He heart, intestines, liver ETC for my dogs. Please let me know if I can get them at your farm please. Pigs feet too.
12 Mar 2012, 13:53
Looking for organic 100 percent feed for laying chickens . 100 percent non GMO feed
scott rowe
15 Feb 2012, 18:27
check out our new website still working on it
scott rowe
15 Feb 2012, 16:12
im in jersey city every other week. i can deliver chicken to you.
31 Jan 2012, 11:51
I am interested in purchasing bulk amounts of grass fed/finished beef, natural pork, and free range organic chicken.\r\nIs there anywhere near Bergen County that delivers?\r\n
23 Jan 2012, 14:41
Hi, \r\n\r\nI live in NY and I am interested in buying Larger amounts of free-range, pasture fed rabbit & turkey. \r\n\r\nPlease forward me info of any reputable farms.\r\n\r\nThank you\r\n\r\n
20 Jan 2012, 22:13
Hi \r\nI live in central Jersey in Toms River and am interested in grass fed and grass finished meats.... Please no grains fed \r\n\r\nIf you can give me any information I would appreciate it \r\n\r\nthanks \r\n\r\nMichael
18 Jan 2012, 05:06
Hello, \r\n\r\nI am not a well woman, and although iv'e been trying to change to eating organic, and have known of free range, and grass fed meats for while, im trying to educate myself more in this field, but...i'd like to start buying grass fed beef and cheese and stuff. I am in Hackettstown Nj, and dont know if I can purchase small amounts of these things, as if I were buying in a store? or is it where I have to buy sides of beef and stuff? Can anyone help me out here, or direct me to a place to purchase if possible. Thank u kindly :)
07 Jan 2012, 19:41
wanted. a person with tractor to cut grass and make hay on my property in the year 2012.\r\nWill pay for service or you can take worth of hay and more inexcahnge for this service.\r\npestide free farm,all natural grass.
04 Jan 2012, 09:49
Looking to purchase grass feed half or entire calf in Jersey.. Please contact me at if you can sell one.
Denise Kamer
31 Dec 2011, 13:38
Attention all gardeners:\r\nOur family raises chickens, ducks and rabbits. We have MANURE for sale. The chicken and duck would be at least a year old. The rabbit would be fresh or not, it doesn't burn. $5 for a 50 lb. bag. We live in central NJ by Six Flags and Fort Dix.\r\nDenise Kamer\r\n609-758-0564
31 Dec 2011, 12:19
I am looking for some leaf lard? IS there anyone in the Vernon/Sussex area who has some or will have some?\r\n\r\nThank you\r\nJanet\r\n12-31-2011
20 Dec 2011, 10:34
Debi,\r\n\r\nI live in Monroe too and eat only grass fed. I didn't want to post my email address, so I posted to central jersey craigslist under the 'community' section so you can connect with me if you want. Just search for your first name or 'beef' and you will find it.\r\n\r\nBest!
15 Dec 2011, 02:48
i have a nourishing product , cheap , product for feeding livestock interested person should contact me at tell 00233247755480
13 Dec 2011, 08:31
I just made an online order to a place in NY for Grass fed and grass finished beef as well as pork. I would prefer to be able to make my future purchases in NJ. Can you tell me if there is a place close to me? I am in Monroe Township, central Jersey. I don't mind ordering and having it delivered if it is not too costly. I am interested in raw milk as well and am wondering how I can get that in NJ. \r\nThank you.
Denise Kamer
09 Dec 2011, 13:19
Anyone interested in fresh chicken or rabbit, we also have free range chicken and duck eggs. Check us out on at Home On The Range Family Farm.\r\nDenise Kamer\r\nNJ
Denise Kamer
09 Dec 2011, 13:17
This message is for Cynthia Ferretti, the kindergarten teacher in need of duck eggs. I will be collecting eggs from my many breeds of ducks, in February, if you are interested in purchasing some. I will also buy back the ducklings for what you purchased the eggs for. I live in central NJ.\r\nGive me a call if you are still interested. You can check us out on, look up Home On The Range Family Farm.\r\nDenise Kamer\r\n609-758-0564
27 Nov 2011, 06:41
i want to buy a activation key for my windows 7 professional, where can i buy a discount key? thank you
Keith sacco
18 Nov 2011, 09:17
I am interested in buying some free range meat are you able to come out to the farm to buy your meat. particularly looking to buy rabbit lamb and muttin
14 Nov 2011, 20:29
I will visit Olde Lafayette Village to purchase eggs, milk and possibly meat. I am happy to read about your organization, I applaud your humane efforts in raising animals organic and free range and treating them with kindness. I would also like to visit Howling Wolf Farm in Hope. I will call to confirm whether the family sells their product there at the Farm.\r\n\r\nThank you for thinking.....
Cynthia Ferretti
28 Oct 2011, 17:38
I am a kindergarten teacher and am interested in hatching duck eggs in the spring..the problem I having is placing the ducklings once they hatch. Does anyone know of a farm where I an get eggs and then they will take the ducklings back once hatched? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cyndy
25 Oct 2011, 13:31
I am starting a catering business in New Hope PA only using organic greens, free range and grass fed meats.I need suppliers that could sell wholesale,.\r\nMy phone number is 267 261 67 35\r\n
Wendy Neill
11 Oct 2011, 08:57
I am a student researching small farms and sustainable practices in NJ. From reading comments here I see there is a big demand for local meat and produce, so I think this research could help both buyers and sellers, and could inform policy decisions. I would like to interview farmers, ranchers, buyers, etc. Even though my grandpa and grandma were farmers I'm not an expert on NJ farms and I am asking for your help. You can also e-mail me with your concerns-or suggestions for this research project. I will keep your identity anonymous if you wish.
Dan Caldwell
09 Oct 2011, 17:00
I have 10 acres of land and i want to start a free range chicken farm for eggs. how do i get started. 609-576-6099
paul gim
08 Oct 2011, 19:57
i want buy goat meat.\r\nhow do i?\r\nwhere?\r\ncost?\r\nwhen?\r\n
07 Oct 2011, 09:12
Hi I am looking for goats, sheeps, lambs or Rams for Sale, I live in S. Jersey...
29 Sep 2011, 08:55
I live in Gloucester County, NJ and am looking for a source of grass fed and finished meats, cheeses, abd eggs. Any information would be great! \r\n\r\nThanks,\r\n\r\nJake Dickenson
Jackie Gizelbach
10 Sep 2011, 19:20
My company i work for is Rastelli Foods, we are not your traditional meat/seafood supplier. We own the process from start to finish for all our steak, pork, veal, chicken, lamb, and seafood products. We hand trim, process, pack and ship our meat in our state of the art facility. We own all our own livestock, thus allowing us to monitor the quality. Our approach is all about your satisfaction. Our standards are top in the industry. We work hard to feed families nutritionally, by ensuring our products are free of growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids. Everything is shipped Fed-Ex directly to your home. Please browse either website or please contact me with any questions.
Aja Feliciano
03 Sep 2011, 10:21
hi i was wonder where the closet farm is to collingswood New Jersey. if some one coul right me back soon the would be great.
01 Sep 2011, 10:43
I have been taking care of a pig for the past year, poor thing needed a home, and I took it in, now I need to leave my residence, and the pig must go. All I know about her is she is female, gave birth to a large litter if piggies, soon after we got her, she is black and white.\r\n\r\n!!!!!!PLEASE TAKE THIS PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\r\nfree -free-fre-free-free-free-free-free-
19 Aug 2011, 16:46
Jose Hernandez
09 Jul 2011, 12:09
I am looking for a farm or Store that sales live chicken that are killed same day as fresh in South Jersey. When I was a kid, my parents took me to a corner store that had live chickens and we could pick one and the chicken would be prepare for cooking that day.\r\nThat is the best chicken anyone would enjoy.\r\nThat is what I am looking for. Can you tell me where I can just place. I live in Oaklyn, NJ
Harvey Finkel
23 Jun 2011, 15:45
Hello,\r\n \r\nWe are a group of business leaders and local citizens that are starting a farmers market in Clinton NJ. We are looking for a variety of vendors. Please contact us if you would consider selling at our market. We are looking to start it in July on Sundays\r\nfrom 10am to 2pm. Thanks!\r\n \r\n Harvey Finkel\r\n Clinton Book Shop\r\n 908-735-8811\r\n\r\n find us on Facebook at\r\n Clinton Farmers' Market\r\n
15 Jun 2011, 16:01
Melinda, I think I did find your phone number. Mary
15 Jun 2011, 14:59
Melinda, thank you! Do you have a site online? Looking through this site I didn't find a phone number, but did find your address. My email is Mary
15 Jun 2011, 12:19
Mary.. Our family owned farm sells pigs. All sizes. The name of our farm is Gordon Dey Farm.
15 Jun 2011, 11:30
Does anyone sell baby pigs? I am looking for 2 or 3 pigs, and can't find any anywhere in NJ. Any breed would work for us, and would consider an older gilt. Thanks.
13 Jun 2011, 17:48
Please don't laugh, but I am actually looking to purchase a live female goose--my 19 yr old pilgrim goose died and has left behind a very sad, younger male goose. I have looked everywhere- I was hoping someone here could help- If anyone can I (and poor sad Frank) would greatly appreciate it!
12 Jun 2011, 19:11
hi, i would like to get info on any farm on newjersey where i could purchase goat meat.
10 Jun 2011, 03:03
I was looking to see if there are free range farms that sell meats in smaller quantities than a quarter. Im not looking for shrink wrapped packages but wanted to start with smaller quantities so I can see how it works out. I live in Budd Lake NJ.\r\n\r\nThank you
08 Jun 2011, 13:36
I can help you out with that.. G.Dey Farm specializes in pigs for pig roasts!
Mpho Reed
08 Jun 2011, 13:33
I am looking for a whole pig to roast.
Melinda oliveira
08 Jun 2011, 12:19
Visit us in Cranbury, NJ!! Gordon Dey Farm! We sell everything from chicken, duck and goose eggs to a entire butchered cow. We are animal friendly as one will see when arriving to our farm. Visit us on for more info and pictures!! Thank you !
Shawn Moschera
01 May 2011, 11:38
My brother and I live on same farm ,I have asmall flock of free range chickens.I pen them up at night,he says that he cant sell vegatables if theres loose. Some N.j. law ilive in Burlington co.?Can anyone answer this forme?
16 Apr 2011, 09:48
I am interested in buying mutton or goat meat with entrails. please contact me if available.
04 Apr 2011, 11:31
Hello, \r\nI have 12 acres in Hunterdon County. I am wondering if there is any grants out there for women to start a farm. I want to raise meat goats.\r\nThank you
Michael Keenan
12 Mar 2011, 07:19
Please email me and let me know how I can have free range chicken/grass fed beef delivered to me in monmouth county! I currently have raw dairy delivered from Pennsylvannia!
Dr. James C.Totten
11 Mar 2011, 17:02
The Totten Family Farm is located in the beautiful Schooley Mountain section of Long Valley. We are a certified Naturally Grown 80 acre preserved farm. We are offering this year a limited number of CSA (community Supported Agriculture) vegetable shares. We sell organic heirloom vegetables from our eight acre garden. We also raise free range chickens, turkeys, sell chicken and duck eggs, heritage Large Black pork, and grass fed lamb. We use 100 % organic grain when needed. Visit our farm stand! Our farmstand is open Tues to Sunday 10-6 starting May 15 For more info see our web site @ or visit our facebook page. Our Farmstand is located at 442 Naugright Road, Long Valley, NJ 07853 Tel: 908-850-0555 or e-mail us \r\
08 Mar 2011, 19:54
Hi Elisabeth,\r\n We deliver our meat and eggs to the Monnmouth area every other week.\r\nSnoep Winkel Farm
scott rowe
08 Mar 2011, 16:08
im 35 minutes from freehold elisabeth\r\n
08 Mar 2011, 14:50
i am looking for fresh chicken and beef in the monmouth county area.but able to travel to pick up in jersey if prices are good
scott rowe
24 Feb 2011, 12:29
We are currently expanding our production. We have been raising grass fed beef for 10 years now, chickens and eggs for 8 years and are scaling up our vegetables this year to 4 acres. Our green house will be thriving in February with transplants and cool weather vegetables. We offer different size shares to suit each family. We have grassfed beef by the half or the quarter at 5.00 per hanging pound custom processed by Bringhurst Meats in Berlin. Includes all steaks roasts etc vaccuum packed. We have 25 lbs packages for 150 dollars. \r\n\r\n
21 Feb 2011, 11:41
Hi folks,\r\n My name is Basia and i am one the farmers mentioned in this article. I am noticing many folks looking for eggs or meat in different counties. For folks in Monmouth County who are looking for free-range eggs - our farm sells them at Whole Foods in Red Bank/ Middletown area.I do see people from that area looking for meat products as well. We already have a co-op that we deliver to when we are in that area delivering to Whole Foods. If there are a bunch of people that would like to start a co-op of their own in that area, i am sure we could work out delivery to you.\r\n\r\nFor folks in the Bergen County or Morris County area, we are in several different farmers markets in the area and some of themdo go on even in the winter months.\r\n\r\nIf any one would like to ask specific questions, please refer to the phone number list at the end of the article - We are Snoep Winkel Farm or e-mail me at
Carolina Santamaria
14 Feb 2011, 09:37
I live in Bergen County, NJ. Where could I get free range eggs close to my house?
28 Jan 2011, 10:27
I live in Monmouth country and would like to find sources for pasture eggs, grass fed meat and raw un-pasturized butter, goats milk and kefir. I'd also like to find a good source for bee pollen. After seeing the movie, Kind Cor, I don't want to eat any animal products that were fed corn.
29 Dec 2010, 20:51
Just moved to Monmouth County, NJ and am looking for free range eggs. Can any recommendations be made on where I can find a farm in the area? Thank you.
29 Dec 2010, 19:07
29 Dec 2010, 07:03
Hi,\r\nI am trying to find some farm in the Somerset county or around, where they raise free range chickens or turkeys.\r\nDoes anyone have any suggections?\r\nThank you.
sam and steph
24 Dec 2010, 06:59
Steph and I have been raising two steers for roughly 2 1/2 years. We bought and raised them since they on the bottle. I would guess they are both roughly 1000 lbs now. they have been raised on grass and hay in the winter. except for the occasion carrot or apple they are grass fed only. we plan to move off the farm in the spring and looking for someone to take them. we have no means of transporting or butchering them.
19 Nov 2010, 15:45
If you are looking for somewhere in Gloucester County you might as well hang it up. The closest place is Rte 73 Marlton and you have to deal with the long ride and "wonderful" traffic to get there. Frustrated for sure
Jonathan Oracoy
05 Nov 2010, 02:05
I have a small free range chicken farm here in Cebu, Philippines. There are only a few farmers here who are into free range farming. Most of them are into cage type farming, where birds are placed inside cages.\r\n\r\nRight now I'm slowly introducing free range chicken to the market but I find it hard to continuously operate my farm due to lack of financial support. Is there any one out there who are free range advocates who wants to support my advocacy of promoting free range chicken?..\r\n\r\nThank you so much..
24 Oct 2010, 05:04
Hi\r\n\r\nI wanted to donate food for Cow, let me know if i can come and offer my donation in the form of Food or Money.\r\n\r\nyou can callme at 732-325-5011.\r\n\r\nThanks\r\nSrini
Denise Kamer
19 Oct 2010, 09:37
Hello,\r\nMy family and I have a small flock of free range heritage breed hens. My "girls" lay brown and bluish/green eggs. We do not give our hens antibotics, hormones or animal bi-products. They get fresh greens, fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains. They are not given corn in the warmer months, just in the winter. The name of our farm is Home On The Range Family Farm, we are located in New Egypt, NJ, (08533). We sell our chicken eggs for $3 per dozen and our duck eggs for $4 per dozen. In Janurary we will start hatching chicks again, if anyone is interested in raising their own. You can check out our listing on\r\nAnyone interested send me an email.\r\nThanks,\r\nDenise \r\n\r\n
30 Sep 2010, 13:35
Can anyone tell me where I can get bottled milk, eggs, cheeses ect delivered to my home in Monmouth County, NJ? Please email me at
29 Sep 2010, 13:55
Hello, we are picking up fresh milk from grass-fed Jersey cows every week. Half a gallon jar has about 2 cups of cream on top. We are a group of people in Closter, NJ ( 07624 ) and have a designated person who picks up the milk for us for a small fee. The farm is 1 hour 15 min away. They also have farm fresh eggs as well, but it is not guaranteed.\r\n\r\nI also ordered certified organic grass-fed beef from another farm in July 2010. They charge $4.50 a pound hanging weight, which will come to approximately $7 for a pound of meat ( ground or filet mignon ) . You have to buy a 1/8, a quarter, a side , or whole cow. You get all the trimmings ( bones, liver, kidney, heart) if you want them . My cost was about $630 for a quarter. Planning to do the same in January. \r\nIf you are interested - please e-mail me at
Kristin Donnan
25 Sep 2010, 05:39
Hi...I have been trying to find a local farm to purchase organic meats from. I am interested in even starting a group in my area that we would all purchase from. Sort of a co op. Do you know anyone I could contact? I am in the Moorestown NJ area. Thanks!
jason alexander
20 Sep 2010, 13:38
hi i am looking to open an organic bakery/gourmet restaurant very soon in monmouth county i need to know where to find affordable hormone free meats for wholesale email me at thanks
19 Sep 2010, 11:33
I was very pleased to have found this website and learn about the people involved in Project Green. I was trying to get information regarding animal friendly meat products for my family, we are very disturbed with current farming (not really farming) and the treatment of animals raised for meat consumption. Thank you for striving to farm the old fashioned way and good luck to you all, it can't be easy.\r\nIf someone would reply, we would like to know where to shop for your meat products, otherwise if I don't hear back, I will try calling the telephone numbers listed above.\r\nMany Thanks,\r\nRoberta Kleckner
Denise Kamer
02 Sep 2010, 11:29
Hello,\r\nMy family and I have a small flock of free range heritage breed hens. My "girls" lay brown and bluish/green eggs. We do not give our hens antibotics, hormones or animal bi-products. They get fresh greens, fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains. They are not given corn in the warmer months, just in the winter. The name of our farm is Home On The Range Family Farm, we are located in New Egypt, NJ, (08533). We sell our chicken eggs for $3 per dozen and our duck eggs for $4 per dozen. We also have Rhode Island Red pullet hens for sale. If you want fresh chicken we have Rhode Island Red cockerals for sale also. We will have them, until we send to the butcher. You can check out our listing on\r\nAnyone interested send me an email.\r\nThanks,\r\nDenise \r\n
19 Aug 2010, 13:02
i am trying to reach Denise from this site who just posted on the 17th of august 2010.........\r\n\r\nThere was no email on your post so have no clue how to send n email to you.....
Denise Kamer
17 Aug 2010, 12:39
Hello,\r\nMy family and I have a small flock of free range heritage breed hens. My "girls" lay brown and bluish/green eggs. We do not give our hens antibotics, hormones or animal bi-products. They get fresh greens, fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains. They are not given corn in the warmer months, just in the winter. The name of our farm is Home On The Range Family Farm, we are located in New Egypt, NJ, (08533). We sell our chicken eggs for $3 per dozen and our duck eggs for $4 per dozen. We also have Rhode Island Red pullet hens for sale. If you want fresh chicken we have Rhode Island Red cockerals for sale also. We will have them, until we send to the butcher. You can check out our listing on\r\nAnyone interested send me an email.\r\nThanks,\r\nDenise
dennis linehan
16 Aug 2010, 16:37
my wife and i have been buying delicious hormone and antibiotic free grass fed beef from bettinger's bluff farm in montgomery,orange co. ny.\r\n\r\ntheir web site is;
Dr.Vinod N Makawana
16 Aug 2010, 01:45
Dear Sir, \r\nI am Veterinary doctor but i not known in similarity in milk production based on callte walking please help me my cell no 09099030525 / 09429407911\r\ncall me Thanks & Regards,\r\nDr.Vinod nN Makawana
12 Aug 2010, 08:37
I live in Atlantic County,NJ and can sometimes buy eggs from a small nearby farmer's market where I get my locally grown fruit and vegetables. The 'pickings' (for eggs) are slim and my timing has to be just right or even, plain lucky! The market owners tell me they get the eggs from a neighbor who has only a few chickens. To make things worse, in the hot weather we've been having the chickens stop producing eggs. But keep on asking around and refusing to buy the wholesale marketed variety. I think those of us who are revolted by the current animal raising practices can make a difference, as evidenced by this article. Yes, you will pay more, but the taste and quality, not to mention peace of mind concerning how these animals live out their natural lives, are worth the extra cost. \r\n
10 Aug 2010, 06:09
Thanks for the much-needed information. The quality of our health depends on the qualitly of our food. Great artilce!
02 Aug 2010, 20:16
I would like to know where I can find free range chickens, and grass fed cattle raised and living in humane conditions. Thank you very much. This site is beautiful as well as hopeful.
Herb Obser
02 Aug 2010, 15:11
Looking for some backyard hens that are just about to lay eggs. Have room for about 4 birds. This is for my grandaughter. I live in Hope N.J. Warren County 908 459 5340\r\nThank you Herb
31 Jul 2010, 18:48
My husband and I are looking for a farm in New Jersey, particularly the Southern part (but we are willing to travel to any part if we have to), where we can find pasture fed raw goat's milk (I have a daughter who is allergic to cow's milk), pasture fed raw cream, pasture fed chicken eggs, pasture fed lamb, beef chicken and goat. It would be great if it is organic and free range. \r\n\r\nIf anyone knows where I can find this, I would greatly appreciate it. Please notify me on this post if you have the info I'm asking about on this forum. \r\n\r\nThank you
31 Jul 2010, 15:48
Very nice site!
29 Jul 2010, 05:05
I live in Burlington NJ and am interested in supporting local farmers and buying humanly killed meat and dairy products.. Please contact me if you have any suggestions...
27 Jul 2010, 06:07
I am looking where I can purchase dairy milk non commercial as well as and farms for sale. If you have any info please get back to me thanks
17 Jul 2010, 04:31
Very nice site!
Bill P
02 Jul 2010, 10:49
i live in Bergen county and would like to know where i can purchase animal-friendly meats and dairy. Thanks.
Jamie Pyatt
21 Jun 2010, 08:28
I am looking for a local source of rabbit meat in Warren County. Anyone know of any?
Skylands Visitor
15 Jun 2010, 06:34
For those looking for products, names and phone numbers are posted directly above. Please let us know if they are unsatisfactory or not responsive.
14 Jun 2010, 13:00
I read all the requests and doesn't ANYONE know where to purchase grass fed beef products locally in north Jersey? Please let me know at
03 Jun 2010, 14:38
Hi. We live in Bergen County, NJ and would like to know where we can get hormone free and natural fed meats particularly goat meat. Please email me. Thanks.
18 May 2010, 17:01
i live in north brunswick,nj and i am looking for a farm i can buy a fres goat sheep,fowl etc.
scott rowe
18 May 2010, 09:29
hi all\r\nweve got grass fed beef heading to the butcher soon. they can be custom cut to your desire seing by the quater or the half all natural no antibotics or hormones dry aged contact for pricing\r\nalso have fresh farm raised pork eggs 3 week old chicks and 2 month old chicks ive included a mapquest link so you can check out where we are n+Rd&zipcode=08022-2258&country=US&latitude=40.01192&longitude=-74.65926&ge ocode=ADDRESS\r\n\r\nscott rowe \r\n732 207 8959
18 May 2010, 08:50
I live in toms river , ocean county NJ and would love to find a local farm where I could get free range chicken, eggs, and grass feed meats. Greatly appreciate any info. Thank's
Ed Hall
11 May 2010, 04:52
We have Free Range lamb and pastured poultry growing on our small family farm in Salem County, New Jersey.\r\n\r\nLambs are processed in a USDA facility and are custom cut to your specifications.\r\n\r\nEd Hall Jr.\r\nSquare Key Farms\r\n\r\n856 299 0377
08 May 2010, 14:19
I am looking for pasture raised/free range chemical free beef, pork, chicken and eggs. I live on the border of Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ \r\n
scott rowe
28 Apr 2010, 15:49
hello everyone\r\ni have a small operation near fort dix pemberton nj we have fresh eggs chicks and grass fed beef all natural no hormones antibotic free no steriods if your not sure where im at my zip is 08042 my email is\r\n\r\nscott rowe
F. Salvigsen
20 Apr 2010, 09:18
I had the pleasure of hearing from a child's mother this week, asking if she could get a few fertilized egg for her son's incubator, which was a gift from his grandmother. Supplying them with some eggs is a pleasure partly because I'm a former 4 H leader, and I miss the 4H clubs very much. If any other children out there would like to incubate eggs as a project, I'll be happy to supply them also.\r\n973 222 9730 (cell)
05 Apr 2010, 08:06
Where can I purchase grass-fed no antibiotics meats in Bergen County, NJ? Thank you
Arlene Eddy
24 Mar 2010, 14:45
Live in Monmouth County and would love to purchase grass fed beef.
Lydia Witman
23 Feb 2010, 15:01
Try to find a source of local food near you -- I used that website to find an excellent farm CSA program for veggies near me in south Jersey.
christopher Robinson
18 Feb 2010, 09:50
I have recently moved to New Jersey. I am looking for a place to purchase free range meats. Does anyone know of any farms, supermarkets, or local stores that sell?
Mary T
25 Jan 2010, 11:02
I'm looking for a farm in Monmouth or Ocean County where I may purchase organic "farm fresh" eggs and chicken? I see that there are many farms in Northern and West New Jersey but none listed in my county. I am thinking that I may have to raise my own chickens to get good eggs. Anyone with an answer will be appreciated.
Frida Salvigsen
11 Jan 2010, 08:33
We have USDA butchered chickens free range, no anibiotics, no hormones. 973 222 9730.\r\nCan deliver at certain points in north-west corner of NJ -5 chicken minimum. Delivery range is from Matamoras,PA going clockwise along the NY border, Sussex, Passaic and Bergen county, south along Riveredge,Hackensack,Summit,west along route 78 to Morristown,Chester,northwest to Hackettstown, west to the Delaware River and north along the Delaware to the NJ/PA/NY corner.
10 Jan 2010, 14:11
Would love to find some stores near Hackettstown that sell grass fed and organic meats. I'd appreciate it if you could direct me to any.
04 Jan 2010, 17:27 address is
04 Jan 2010, 17:24
Hello. I am looking for farms/suppliers of pastured beef, chicken, turkey, lamb (as well as all natural/organic rabbit). Would like to buy large quantities. Please contact me. \r\n\r\nThank you.
Dr. B.
21 Dec 2009, 04:01
I am searching for grass-fed meats for personal use and for my patients' health. I am in Belvidere, NJ and can accommodate Warren/Sussex county. Thx
18 Dec 2009, 18:08
i a looking to buy goats milk at a local farm, i live on staten island NY but willing to travel to NJ, does anyone have any suggestions? Also want to buy grass fed chickens, lamb, beef atleast 2 a month for meals already humanly slautered. \r\n\r\nThank you,
17 Nov 2009, 18:43
I was hoping I could get some information on where to purchase Grass fed beef, poultry and eggs in Central New Jersey. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
14 Nov 2009, 05:07
Can someone contact me at if they have any ideas on where to obtain pasture raised, organic eggs,chickens, lamb or pork in the Monmouth County area? I would place large orders so monthly deliveries would be great.\r\nThanks
Elizabeth Clark
06 Nov 2009, 18:53
Hello.\r\nI am interested in obtaining local organic beef and poultry. Who can I contact to obtain prices etc?\r\nThanks
jackie mariet
01 Nov 2009, 10:20
I live in Marlton NJ Would like to find farm that sells chicken breast that is free range - organtic killed in a humane way and not fed cornmeal.
22 Oct 2009, 08:32
Where can I find out about laws and regulations about slaughtering livestock in NJ? Is it legal? What are the conditions? Where should I go to find this information or to start a butcher type of business? Thanks.
Rosetta Weaver
14 Oct 2009, 16:50
I just came across this info about free range every thing. Hope this helps.\r\n\r\nSincerely,\r\nRosetta
Evelyn Waller
08 Oct 2009, 15:11
Would like to know where to purchased grass fed beef and free range eggs in Ocean county NJ
uma dumas
04 Oct 2009, 06:55
send me info re good quality goat meat in nj. dumas
30 Aug 2009, 12:33
I too live in Central Jersey and would like to buy beef, chicken & turkey from a local grass fed free range farm. Can you tell me if any of your farms sell to local stores? Thank you
19 Aug 2009, 12:54
Hi, I am looking to purchase a small freezer order of grass fed beef. I live in warren county nj. would you be able to direct to farmers that sell their product nearby if possible? Thanks
24 Jul 2009, 21:39
Hi! i live in east Jersey, Clifton, and i'm desperate to find a place that sells free range and grass fed meats and poultry. It's such a shame that its so hard to find but i'm interested and willing to travel a few miles to find it. Please contact me with any information. Thanks!
23 Jul 2009, 13:05
Hi- I am looking for free range grass fed beef and lamb in central NJ. Please let me know of any farms in this area.
F. Salvigsen
09 Jun 2009, 13:10
Small Free Range Chicken Farm\r\nNorthern NJ\r\nBuff Cochins-gentle , Jersey Giants with Blue Genetics and Ameraucanas\r\nSome other breeds as well
don cross
28 May 2009, 12:35
in the South Jersey area i am interested in finding sources for free range eggs,free range chickens(for meat),grass fed beef (for meat) and raw milk or raw organic milk..\r\n\r\ndon
07 May 2009, 15:48
Re:MRVIN Parker..There is an organic lamb farmer in Hackettstown. Rt 80w to exit 19. Turn left onto Rt517. Go past Panther shopping center and look for Cat Swamp Rd. The NEXT road AFTER that is Ridge Rd. Make right and along Ridge Rd on right is the farm. Go slow and look for sign, Barn is very close to road.
julia and pete
29 Apr 2009, 18:48
This is in repsonse to mrvin parker on March 29. My husband and I just had 15 organic grassfed lambs. We will be selling the lamb half or whole. Please let us know if you are interested by emailing. thanks!
Julie Trovato
28 Apr 2009, 10:29
I am looking for pasture raised/free range chemical free beef, pork, chicken and eggs in Ocean County \r\n
11 Apr 2009, 11:58
Lin - are you still looking to "outsource" some of your chickens? I have long wanted to have a couple of chickens (for eggs only). Let me know if you haven't yet found a home for the ladies.
Karen Ryder
31 Mar 2009, 17:55
I am interested in knowing if you would donate a cow to Mission Teens Inc.They work off of donations only and due to the recession their income is down between $3,000.00 a month and they could use some help .I am willing to pick up the cost of the dressing,butchering and what ever else is involved. I wish I could afford to buy a cow for the center,butI am a single person and only have one income coming in and its going to be hard to pay for the cost of dressing,ect. but I will do it if I can found someone willing to donate the cow. Please get back to me either way and if you can not donate maybe you can direct me to someone who can. Thank-You for your time!
mrvin Parker
29 Mar 2009, 14:55
LOOKING TO BUY ORGANIC WHOLE SLAUGHTERED LAMB. I live in Hunterdon county. I can easily get to Morris, Warren, Sussex, Mercer etc.\r\nCan someone direct me?
10 Mar 2009, 15:34
We are a bakery that sells in the Green Markets in NY and we need to start buying meat products that are sourced locally (New Jersey) . Anybody knows any??? Thanks
01 Feb 2009, 09:14
I was thinking of thinning out my flock if anyone is interested in obtaining some chickens. They are Silver-Laced Wyandottes, cold hardy, more gentle than most. They are less than a year old. Good layers. I want my Blue Laced Red Wyandottes to be able to breed without the Silvers. My rooster is a Blue.\r\nlin
Julie Astor
22 Jan 2009, 09:41
I am interested in purchasing directly from the farm. I wanted to get information if possible sent to my email address so I can following up.
Bob Phillips
18 Jan 2009, 16:38
I have a closed herd of grass fed beef cattle and would like to find people in the central New Jersey (Bordentown) area who are interested in this kind of meat. We have been offering this meat to the public for over 30 years now. Our meat is killed and butchered in the local USDA inspected slaughter house. The cattle are particularly fat this year due to the hurricane that made the pastures flush early this fall.
James Covert
13 Jan 2009, 11:55
My son had to get rid of his chickens because he lived in a town in upstate NY and the landlord did not like them. I now have 5 hens and 3 rosters. I would like to buy 2 or 3 laying hens and I will give someone a roster.
rose mcgovern
07 Jan 2009, 10:56
21 Nov 2008, 10:59
I am pnterested in putting up a goat -Chicken and turker farm in NJ.Can any professional paid consultant help me in doing so.The assignment will include from knowlrdge about local government regulations to Farm Land purchase and the final start of breeding-sales to consumers.
15 Nov 2008, 12:01
I live in Turnersville, NJ.\r\nCan you tell me where I can buy free range meat? I can get "free range chicken" at a local Shop rite, but I would like to find a local farm with humane practices. I would go back to eating beef just to support these places.
14 Nov 2008, 07:18
can you tell me where I can buy farm fresh eggs in ocean county,or monmouth county.
Lisa Wright
10 Nov 2008, 09:34
I live in Sussex County NJ and am looking for a farm that sells fresh organic free range turkeys for Thanksgiving. I've heard that the Heritage Turkeys are the best for flavor.\r\n\r\nThanks,\r\n\r\nLisa
lori w
28 Oct 2008, 15:08
I was wondering where I could buy a side of beef. I heard about this from a friend and need more information. I would LOVE to purchase my meats this way than from the grocery store! Any information you could provide would be helpful (farms, prices, amounts etc).\r\n\r\nThank you!
05 Oct 2008, 10:53
04 Oct 2008, 15:28
the website "my pet chicken" advertises baby chicks that can be purchased in small quantities.
26 Sep 2008, 18:25
I am looking for Pasture-Raised beef, pork, chicken and eggs in Ocean county NJ.\r\nThank you.
Eric Morrison
13 Sep 2008, 15:52
I live in Pitman, NJ (Gloucester County). I have been researching keeping chickens as pets (3 or 4 in a coop/henhouse) but I cannot find anywhere locally that would sell such a small quantity of chicks (usually the minimum is 25). Are there any NJ farmers or organizations that I could purchase 3 or 4 hens from?
05 Sep 2008, 09:03
If anyone knows where I can buy range free eggs near Jamesburg/Monroe Township, NJ, please email me. Thanks.
Carol chaney
02 Aug 2008, 19:42
Do you have any farms in South NJ that have organc fruits and vegeatables and free range chickens?
31 Jul 2008, 19:50
I want to know where in NJ I can find organically grown pork, beef and paultry. I live in Bergen County, so what is the closest place to me.\r\nThanks
sanjay coutinho
10 Jul 2008, 09:31
I have all my dogs on a raw diet and looking for beef, lamb and other game meat. More interested in organ meat, bones etc
Charles Thompson
14 May 2008, 07:04
I work for a garlic company and i am looking for a farmer willing to buy sprouting garlic for feed. I have certified organic garlic as well as non-organic. Anyone interested can email me or call 732-417-1144 x418. Thank you.
Rahat Aziz
11 May 2008, 10:52
I used to grow all organic food in North California, I use to raise free ranged chickens.\r\nNow I moved to NJ I do not know How can I raise chicken & grow my own vegetables, herbs. where can I find about the law & regulation in NJ. In live in Piscataway, I have a big house with lot of place in backyard.\r\nThanks
Ethel T. Haines
08 May 2008, 12:02
I am very interested in purchasing beef, pork, and chicken, that is raised organically and without antibiotics.\r\n\r\nPlease forward me information regarding how one becomes a customer.\r\n\r\nThank you.\r\n\r\nEthel Haines
30 Mar 2008, 17:07
I live in Glassboro NJ, I was wondering if there are specific ordinances dealing with the raising of chickens. My family is trying to go organic and a hen would help. Do you need a license to own a livestock animal? Is it possible to own a chicken as a domestic pet? Is that legal?
22 Feb 2008, 10:48
Melinda,\r\n\r\nI found your message while looking for free-range eggs in Monmouth County. Virtually impossible unless I want the stuff from Whole foods, which I don't. Could you please let me know where you are located? I would love to get some real eggs and for once I won't care about the price of gas.:)\r\n\r\nThanks.
18 Feb 2008, 06:05
where can i find free range meats, grass fed cattle localy raised on clean \r\nhumane farms? where cattle are abble to be cows first. fresh air grass and sunshine. (Bergen County N.J.) \r\n\r\n thank you
Melinda Boye-Nolan
02 Feb 2008, 17:46
Our farm/home is Nolan's Nest.. We would like to sell our eggs, we have free range hens, golden reds, rhode island reds, delaware whites. How andn where di you get the license to sell?
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