New Jersey's State Fair: August 5 - 14

Drawing roughly a quarter of a million people from all over the Northeast and beyond, the New Jersey State Fair, known for many years as the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show, has already been picked as one of the top one hundred events in North America by the American Bus Association, and a star attraction by the National Geographic Travel magazine. A real country fair, the home pride of generations worked closely with the land is everywhere to be seen: in the good food, good works, and good times that are the true bounty and community of the rural, agricultural heritage of Sussex County. The fair's roots extend back to 1821, and the annual Sussex County Horse Show took place in ever-expanding form in Branchville from 1936 to 1976, when the fair moved to new grounds on a 150 acre dairy farm on Plains Road in Augusta.

Visitors enjoy the tremendous agricultural exhibits for which the Fair is famous. Animals are everywhere you look - from a bee and honey display to the barns at the livestock exhibitions, in the horticultural exhibits and contests, and in the Horse Show Ring.

The Show is the largest livestock event and AHSA sanctioned festivity in New Jersey, with horses of all kinds; from workhorses to the sleekest thoroughbreds. In addition to the Horse Show all week you can see racing pigs, racing turtles, a llama show, woodchopping contests, arts & crafts shows, a performing arts tent, a queen pageant, and more, more, more!

You'll taste food whose recipes hail from the heart of rural New Jersey or from just about anywhere in the world. All of the various waves of immigrations that have built the state of New Jersey bring good things to these tables!

At Circus Hollywood, get ready to watch your favorite clowns, acrobats, and trained animals dazzle under the big top. Once you’re finished, head over to our Carnival for some thrilling rides, or check out our latest attraction—Tiny the Elephant! Brought to you by the Liebel Family Elephant Act, Tiny will dazzle the crowd alongside her human assistance, dancing and performing tricks that your family will remember for years to come.

Every member of the family will love this remarkable event. Groups and motor coaches are welcome. Parking is free. Adults $13, Seniors, $9, Children $6, Under 5 free. Reduced advance tickets are available. Rt. 206 & Plains Rd.. There are specials all week long. Check their website.

More about this and other summer fairs....

The Sussex County Fairgrounds are located on Plains Road in Augusta, between Newton and Branchville. Information: 973-948-5500, or website.

Upcoming Events at Sussex County Fairgrounds

  • August 4-August 13 • NEW JERSEY STATE FAIR / SUSSEX COUNTY FARM AND HORSE SHOW. This ten day event, NJ’S Largest Agricultural Fair, features agricultural events and education, animals, exhibits, horse shows, carnival, petting zoo, vendors, craft tent, flower and vegetable shows, art, photography, 4-H, chainsaw artist and auction, fair food, free entertainment and much more! $13/ $6 ages 6-12/ $9 Senior.
  • September 23-September 24 • ANNUAL PETERS VALLEY CRAFT FAIR. Beautiful American Craft made by 150+ exhibiting artists from across the country. This a juried show of exhibitors, who are each selected for excellence and originality in twelve different media. 10 - 6pm. $9.
  • October 21 • DOG WALK OF THE DEAD. Charity Halloween dog event to benefit One Step Closer Animal Rescue of Sparta 11am - 5pm. Free $5.00 parking.
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31 Jul 2015, 09:02
are there discount codes
connie mooney
30 Jul 2015, 20:31
does this fair still do the tractor pulls...the regular ones and the modified tractors??
Lisa H
28 Jul 2015, 05:55

I’m writing to bring attention to Nosey (aka Tiny). Nosey is scheduled to give rides to children, at the NJ State Fair (Sussex County). I wanted to understand the plight of Nosey, and what I’ve discovered was beyond heartbreaking.

Nosey is a 33 year old African elephant. She has spent most of her life shackled in chains or confined/crammed into a trailer, where she is carted across the country from one fair to the next. These brutal conditions have led to deteriorating health conditions for Nosey. She’s showing signs of arthritis, a life-threatening, chronic disease causing soreness, stiffness and lameness.
I ask that people visit the website and view the videos at the bottom of the page.
After learning about Nosey, you have to consider/question the following: We wouldn’t allow anyone to treat our dogs or cats with this kind of brutality. Why is it acceptable to treat this majestic animal with such cruelty and call it entertainment? What message will this send to the number of children that will be attending the fair?

Please visit website:
Amelia and Buttons
18 Sep 2011, 18:18
Hi! Does anyone know of any local children horse shows for begginers? I love riding <3 and I'm dying to be in another horse show! I've only been in two! PLEASE RESPOND -
Joanne S. Kanouse
07 Aug 2011, 12:12
I am always excited to have the Fair open; I try to enter a painting or photograph in the Art & Photography Exhibit each year. This year, I entered one of my personal favorites that has a special place on my living room wall.\r\nI will visit the Exhibit sometime this week; it is my birthday week, also.\r\nI enjoy stopping in at the beer tent to have a icy glass of beer and a plate of steamers.\r\nJoanne
Rose C. Luipersbeck
20 Jul 2010, 17:29
Please notify me with information of the 2010 Sussex. I greatly appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you for giving this your attention. Rose C. Luipersbeck
nancy hreha
31 Mar 2009, 19:33
Spring has sprung in Sussex County. With new life popping up all around us, thoughts and planning are already going into the always anticipated NJ State Fair Sussex County Farm and Horse Show. For 4H kids thoughts turn to the livestock shows and which of their new animals will be competition ready come fair time. For horticulturalists and agriculturalists, the Fair is a time to put their best foot forward in the forage, flower and vegetable shows. And for the rest of us who just want some great family fun with friends and community, there's nothing like the Fair.\r\n\r\nThe Fair is a volunteer driven organization of local folks coming together to produce 10 days of entertainment, competition and education. Long on heritage, rich in spirit this is New Jersey's largest agricultural fair and part of the culture of Sussex County. \r\n\r\nCome make a few memories of your own...July 31 to Aug 9.\r\n\r\n
hope sparkes
03 Jun 2008, 18:54
hi everybody miss working at the fair I did many thing just wondering what company is running the rides and doing the games I miss all the wonderful people there so whats going on who has the pizza stands this year i love pizza im hoping to see u all but dont know if i will be able to make it so send the pizza this way to pa lmao\r\nok this is hope singing out have fun every one.
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