Ceramic Works, Porcelain, and Pottery by Northwest New Jersey Artisans


Here is art made from the very essence
of the earth, fired by age-old processes, and refined by a learned combination of tradition,
intellect, and emotion.

Joyce Maurus-Sullivan

Joyce Maurus-Sullivan lifts pottery, fired by last evening's class, out of her electric kiln. One by one she takes them out--an aqua bowl with cut-out hearts around the rim, a trio of tiny pots united and glazed in "chocolate"--until the stacks inside are empty. She gently files drippy glaze from the bottoms of tiny cream and sugar pots and puts them on the table to cool.

For most of her 30 years as a potter, Joyce made functional pieces used in day-to-day living; lately, she's doing more as fine craft. It's easy to imagine a magical story swirling around her vase "Fire and Ice", a recently fired decorative vessel.

Wood fired vessel by Joyce Maurus-Sullivan

Joyce has mostly used an electric kiln to fire her pieces, a fast process that keeps the colors bright and clean, until this summer when she used the two-chamber wood firing kiln at Peter's Valley. This slow-cooking kiln helps Joyce produce stunning pieces with richer effects--runny glaze skirts over soft colors, dripping ash like stardust, and sheen caused by injecting salt that vaporizes in the kiln.

Joyce makes Raku-like pottery in a gas kiln, another fast cooker. She pulls out a red-hot piece and puts it in a garbage can, "reduction can," that is filled with wood chips and closes it up. The material ignites from the hot piece and smolders from the lack of oxygen, and a metallic, crackle effect is achieved.

Large bowls and pie plates etched with fossil-like impressions from local plants are Joyce's signature pieces. Her work can be seen in her gallery and studio, Lafayette Clayworks in Branchville (973/948-3987)

Gary Genetti

In Gary Genetti's studio in the woods, there is blown glass like you've never seen. Heirloom, timeless, elegant reaching shapes of clear color. Voluptuous bowls and vases in blends of colors, some brilliant, some soft like an evening sky, with black overlays of exotic animals and rhythms. Genetti is a complicated man, much like the processes in his art. Ethics, evolution and beauty are the moving forces of the man as glassblower. Born and educated in art and sculpture in Wisconsin, he came east and pruned apple trees to make a living as he learned his craft. He is of the Woodstock generation who revived traditional crafts in response to monotonous mass production.

In '79, Genetti started blowing glass as a living. He designed products by hand for a gift market - small perfume bottles, vases, bowls and paperweights. Being featured on the cover of The Smithsonian magazine in May 2000, increased the monetary value of his pieces, allowing Genetti to spend more time developing his art. Now his pieces have evolved into art items more than giftware, and he sells all over the world. He developed a style that keeps evolving, a constant movement towards higher quality and beauty. "My work is not conceptual. It is meant to be beautiful and reflect a tradition in decorative art.Ó He uses animal images and geometric patterns that have been put on vessels forever and that cut across every culture and time period in history.

Genettti perceives a larger definition of worth that includes the environmental and human tolls of manufactured goods, including glass. "It's not just the dollar value. We don't see the real value of our lifestyle. When people pay for something made by hand, they're paying the real cost. You buy the human quality of something made by hand that was usually left to the art world, but came into the craft movement. His work reflects a respect for traditional forms of ancient Greek and Roman pottery, but is innovative by using his own process of blending colors, "incalmoÓ a contemporary technique of joining hot glass of different colors, black overlays that reveal other colors underneath (a contemporary cameo technique) and cut-aways to achieve detail. Genetti shares studio space with his wife Mena, artist and jeweler. His work can be seen at his studio by appointmentÛcall 845-258-4664 or at Port of Call Gallery in Warwick, NY 845-986-9500.

Mary Jasch

Frances Mackey

Metuchen artist, Frances Mackey, is a porcelain potter with a flair for oriental-styled pieces. She has been a potter for 30 years. "I have always enjoyed the process of taking a piece of wet clay through the stages of pinching, pulling and throwing on the wheel, thus changing the lump of clay into a pleasing shape. Add to that the magic of the fire on the chemicals in the glaze and you have the reasons I have been hooked on ceramics for more than 30 years." Her porcelain is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

Lisa Memoli

Memoli began working with hand-built ceramic pieces in high school art class, learned to throw on a wheel with the assistance of a part-time tutor, and learned about glaze chemistry at several state and community colleges in California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. She found a "calm, inner focus in the simple act of centering an irregular lump of clay on the wheel, and a great satisfaction in pulling and pinching that rotating lump into a cup, bowl, vase or pitcher." Most of her current work tends to incorporate the forms she finds in the forests near her home in Hardwick. She produces a variety of hand-built decorative and functional pieces based on the flowing lines of a gourd or twig, or the graceful lines of a leaf. Besides Early American styled tableware that includes pitchers and pouring bowls in a variety of sizes, Memoli produces a line of ceramic jewelry, making necklaces by combining handmade ceramic medallions with unusual polished stone and glass beads. She also makes ceramic earrings and pins. Lisa tends to glaze her pieces using a range of earth tones to produce color combinations ranging form celadon to forest green, while sometimes allowing the color of the raw clay to show on the finished product.

Karen Copensky

Karen Copensky graduated from the celebrated Kansas City Art Institute in 1993. She is known for her ancient-looking, animal-inspired pottery. Balancing a career in pottery with the raising of her four-year-old twin girls is difficult and challenging, but the artist finds the rewards plentiful and worthwhile. "Basically I work with clay because I love the material and what I can do with it. It's taking something silent and giving it a voice. There's also the combining of my interests: animals and historical/ancient ceramics and their uses in rituals and ceremonies of the past... the combined importance of a certain vessel with a certain animal and the power of those two things in a culture and its rituals. While I have no particular culture or ritual in mind when I work, these things are what inspire and interest me. The surface treatments I choose portray ancient or well-used affects, as if the pottery is very old or has been excavated from an archaeological dig, or from the bottom of the ocean."

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Brenda Johnson
01 Feb 2018, 17:33
In search of a used slab roller in the NJ/ PA area.

18 Jun 2017, 09:07
I would like to donate my Electric pottery wheel. Robert Brent, Model CXC, runs well AND
Electric Skutt Kiln, model 231, recently tested and will provide more information if interested. I live in Rutherford, NJ. please contact me at email address above if interested.
17 Jan 2017, 14:57
I would like to donate a number of slip molds for ceramics. Let me know if anyone is interested. I am in the Andover, New Jersey area. 😀
timberland manchester
25 Jul 2014, 18:25
How Rockefeller imposter nearly got away with murder for 25 years by spinning elaborate web of wealthy identities linking him to aristocracy
timberland manchester http://www.granvilleguesthouse.com/includes/app.php?p=285
24 Jun 2014, 12:58
I would like to locate the artist who created the pieces in the shape of New Jersey with a small heart in the center. He sold his beautiful creations at Rutgers Day in April.
Carol Gordy
22 Jun 2014, 07:24
I purchased four contemporary tea pots and cups at an art show in 1999 in Fairhope, Alabama and would like to get in touch with the artist or at least know the correct spelling of the name. As close as I can determine they are signed I. Zaytura? The artist was from New Jersey if memory serves me. Do you know of this artist? I will appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.
fred raphael
16 Jan 2014, 12:07
hello my name is fred Raphael. I am looking for clay artist/sculptors to do some small freelance work. I am in need of an artist to create small clay figurines with moderate detail no paint or glaze need be added. If any of your students or instructors may be interested feel free to contact me
Rae Tamashausky/ Oxford Earther Ware
12 Sep 2012, 14:39
I am a potter in Oxford NJ,specializing in Redware Pottery and would like to be included in the directory of Warren County Ceramic Artists. I create English and American style Slipware plates, bowls, plattersin a large variety of shapes and sizes. I travel to events that emphasize historic arts and trades to show and sell my work. Some of my pieces can be seen at the Shippen Manor, and the Wayne Dumont Bldg.\r\n Studio Open House is Oct. 20th, 2012. Hoping to meet you all!\r\n
Michael Giannella
28 Nov 2011, 10:06
New Jersey ceramic artist living in central new jersey. Please vist my website at ceramicsbymike.com
10 Nov 2011, 06:53
Hi, I'm not sure if you do this kind of work, but, I'm looking for a ceramic painter to paint something for me. I have 2 dog statues that are dalamation dogs (white with black dots) and I'd like to paint the dogs into another color. Is this something that you can do? If so, please contact me. Thank you\r\n
30 Aug 2011, 19:24
hello everyone,\r\nI am looking for someone who would want to donate a kiln that i could use for my project . Im 34 years old with Parkinsons disease and would want to make an extra income but i can afford to buy a kiln because of finacial crisis right now. My goal for this project is to be able to generate an extra income and to raise money to donate for the reasearch for the cure of Parkinsons Diseasee.
09 Jul 2011, 10:53
These pieces really set a standard in the idnsurty.
stu blumenfield
25 Apr 2011, 07:04
need to have a ceramic cello/viola repaired. Where do i start?
Roscoe Jackson
10 Mar 2011, 05:59
To Karen Copensky; I am a high school art teacher in Atlanta. I really admire your rhino pieces. We are preparing to do a clay project emphasizing the animal as a vessel. Thank you for your inspirational pieces that show students the level of imagination and craftsmanship available.
08 Feb 2011, 09:54
I am looking for information where I can sell some pottery pieces that I have in my possession. Am moving and can not keep most. Any information would be helpful, thanks\r\nmaryalice0315@hotmail.com
09 Oct 2010, 16:59
Need a place to learn Glass fusing and pottery making, somewhere in central jersey.
jean stumberger
27 Sep 2010, 16:30
I have a large number of molds,\r\nceramic peices ready to paint\r\nand 2 kilns that we would like\r\nto DONATE.\r\nIf anyone is interested contact me\r\nvia e-mail: stumberger_r@msn.com\r\nThe ceramic supplies are located\r\nin the SAYERVILLE, N.J. AREA.
Sylvia Sherr
29 Jul 2010, 14:58
I am looking for a ceramic studio that I can rent space in. It has to be in Bergan County.
Marco Toro
21 Jul 2010, 03:49
I am interested in teaching ceramics in the States, have years of experience throwing and hand building,currently I live in England. Any information will be greatly appreciated\r\nThanks \r\nMarco
Keith Grabowsky
15 Jul 2010, 11:06
Hello All,\r\n\r\nMy name is Keith Grabowsky and I am a studio ceramist living in North Jersey. I have a state of the art studio space with two potters wheels, a large Bailey slab roller, an Extruder over 2,000 glazes. I have one large L and L electric kiln capable of reaching cone 10, and an outdoor Gas kiln for firing Raku or cone reduction. Please email me or contact me if you are interested in using the space or purchasing my work which can be seen my clicking the link below.\r\n\r\nVisit me at www.madebykeith.com\r\n\r\nI teach workshops as well. Thanks for looking.
Icehouse Pottery
23 May 2010, 10:59
Icehouse Pottery Co-Op Located in Riverdale NJ was created for potters by potters. \r\n\r\nVisit us on the web: IcehousePottery.org\r\n\r\nRiverdale in just north of Wayne and we are just 1 mile from the 287 & 23 intersection.
Nancy Jordan
08 Mar 2010, 18:51
Found Studio Space. Riverdale Art Center has a wonderful space. There is space for 5 more at this great location if anyone is interested. They have a wonderful automatic slab roller. It is machined and is awesome, also a nice large electric kiln.
Elenaor Parr-DiLeo
06 Mar 2010, 19:53
I'm a mosaic artist and can use any pottery shards that are headed to the land fill.
sharren dadswell
04 Jan 2010, 19:31
hello,\r\ni have recently moved to ocean city,nj and am in search for a space to create my artwork. a garage, workshop,etc. if you know of anything, i would truly appreciate it. prefer to be on the island due to children in school and need to be close if i am needed.\r\n\r\nthank you in advance.\r\n\r\n
Nancy Jordan
04 Jan 2010, 12:55
I am looking to share studio space with another potter. Moved here from Atlanta and need to get set up somewhere. Please email me if you would like to share space or have any leads. Thanks
Jim Gallagher
16 Dec 2009, 21:40
I'm looking for a person in north Jersey who will make a clay plaque, adorned with a simple Celtic cross, incorporating the cremains (ashes) of a friend. \r\nAny ideas? Many thanks
09 Nov 2009, 17:53
I am looking to take part in a wood firing with about 6 of my students. We would each bring probably no more than 6 small pieces each, but would love to have the opportunity to take part in a firing. Will pay!!! Peter's Valley is all booked up...I've tried.\r\n\r\nThanks!\r\n\r\n
Joanne Bernardini
25 Sep 2009, 06:14
\r\nThe Ocean City Fine Arts League is extending a warm welcome to Textile Artists and 3D artists to our Gallery Art on Asbury located at 608 Asbury Avenue Ocean City, NJ 08226 (609) 814- 0308.\r\n\r\nThe Ocean City Fine Arts League recognizes that the downturn in the economy has hurt many of our regional artists. We are reaching out to all artists in the area with the offer to come and join our organization and have a venue to display and sell your art in a gallery environment.\r\n\r\n"Fine Arts" includes many different mediums and this year we are reaching out to broaden the selection of art work included in our gallery.We currently have a wonderful selection of truly talented artists who work in mediums including, oil, pastels, watercolors, mixed mediums and photography. We invite those artists who produce quality Textile Art, Ceramics,Wood Carving and Sculpture to join us! We hold monthly shows where artists can compete for awards and a best in show cash prize. In these competitions they will be judged against their peers within specific categories. Additionally, artists who become Friends of the Arts are entitled to rent gallery or front window space to sell their work. We have drastically reduced our fees to help artists in this tight economy keep more money in their pockets. \r\n\r\n We have reduced our Friends of The Arts fees from $50 per year to $35 per year. Joining now, your FOA will expire in December of 2010, a total of 15 months for the same low price of $35. That is less than $2.35 per month! Our Wall Rental and Front Window Display area on Asbury Ave rental space has been reduced from $60 month to $35 per month. This fee allows the artist to display several pieces of their works. 3D art must not be larger than what would comfortably fit on a table top. We do not have the room to display full size quilts but welcome smaller textile art pieces.\r\n\r\nWe invite you to come meet our artists, tour our gallery, enter our shows and become part of our Artists Community!\r\nFor more information contact the gallery at 609-814-0308.\r\n\r\n\r\nJoanne Bernardini\r\nManager\r\nOcean City Fine Arts League\r\n608 Asbury Avenue\r\nOcean City, NJ 08226\r\nGallery 609-814-0308
Carlos Maldonado
09 Jun 2009, 12:56
Looking for artist to show their work at a fair in Newark nj on august 15 of this year. No fee. We just want to show our hispanic people this very important area of art.Please open the door to your art to other generations and groups.Culture in general will benefit from your gesture.Waiting for your response. Carlos Maldonado Pastrana note:you will be able to sell your work
Carole Bartels
12 May 2009, 13:33
I bought a bowl marked Maurus, Waterloo Pottery, 1984. The bowl is about 6" wide. With the handles included, it is 8" wide. It is 3 3/4 " high. The ends of the handles are pressed flat against the bowl and are impressed with a mark at the point they are connected to the bowl. The mark looks like a fossil print of a leaf, a nut, or a a similar look. The color of the bowl is a mauve/beige with a brown glaze running down from the top edge into part of the inside and part of the outside of the bowl. Is this Maurus-Sullivan's bowl?
27 Mar 2009, 16:29
Hi i am looking for someone who does pottery or bisque firing in central jersey please ASAP my e-mail jastil@yahoo.com
27 Mar 2009, 16:24
Hi i am looking for someone who does pottery or bisque firing in new jersey...ASAP thank you..
01 Dec 2008, 07:37
Hello,\r\n\r\nMy son is going to do a presentation in Middle School that requires a ceramic artist to answer some interview questions. If any artist is available and interested my son has posted some interview questions in this website www.justinterviewanswers.com (RE:Are there ceramicists willing to be interviewed?) Your help in making this project a success is very much appreciated. Thank you.
19 Nov 2008, 08:35
I am looking for an artist who creates children's ceramic mobiles - in particular a Noah's Ark Mobile. I know the artist worked the Darts Mill Craft Fair in Flemington years ago and 've seen their work but that's it - I don't have a name. If you know of the artist please contact me via email.\r\nMany Thanks,\r\nHeather
05 May 2008, 17:29
Phil no longer works at Blair...I know this because I took his position as ceramics teacher 5 years ago. He has retired and is in Tenessee now making pots. I think he still has a few pieces in Gallery 23 though.\r\n\r\nDon't know if you care to update this or not...
Lloyd Oxford
09 Jan 2008, 12:32
Would you kindly provide me with a list of African American ceramic crafts person in NJ...I have an African warrior that broke in large pieces ...that I would like repaired or replaced.....Thank you....

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