Land of Make Believe

Since 1954, the Land of Make Believe has given families a place where the kids and parents can have fun together. More than an amusement park, it is known for having something for everyone in the family like a Roller Coaster, T-Rex, Black Hole, Middle Earth Theater, and Old McDonald's Farm. The park also includes traditional arcade games and rides like a hayride, roller coaster and carousel. Generations can share the thrill on the Tilt-A-Whirl. Or they can ride the Civil War train or Blackbeard's Action River together. There is a large Pirate's Cove waterpark, with lifesize pirate ship, wading pool and an infant water area. Key to the success of Land of Make Believe is family picknicking and interactive medieval theater where whole families get into the act as Kings, and Queens, Knights and Princesses.

A turn-of-the-century Grand Carousel delights youngsters and parents alike. The carousel, exquisitely fashioned after similarly built ones that were hand-crafted during the turn-of-the-century, with original wooden horse designs, a chariot, a sea dragon and a spinning tub, will surely be a friendly trip back in time for adults and a fresh look at the past for youngsters.

Land of Make Believe, which has charmed children and parents for generations, is situated on 30 plus picturesque acres on a converted dairy farm just minutes away from Route 80. It is the largest children's amusement park in the state, offering visitors a combination of rides, shows, attractions, picnicking, a water park, and an educational experience.

The Frog Hopper, a fun ride designed to accommodate both children and adults, guarantees a smile from even the most discerning patron, joining other ageless favorites at the park, including the hugely popular Thriller, still the perennial favorite. Chris Maier, who operates the park now as his father did before him adds "When the kids and their parents ride together, sharing the thrills that only a roller coaster has, it creates a unique experience." The same can be said of many other attractions.

"Thriller" Family Roller Coaster, one of the many favorite fun rides at Land of Make Believe.

The talking scarecrow, Colonel Corn, is another Land of Make Believe innovation that seems to grow more popular over the years. The Colonel doesn't just talk, he carries on whole conversations. Parents, even grandparents, join in the fun, remembering their own childhood conversations with the amazing Colonel from years past. Meanwhile, Eddie Rickenbear, in his World War I ace aviator outfit, is also always on hand to wish with the children and pose for photographs.

The park is especially planned to appeal to children 12 and under and to their families. Conceived by an educator rather than an amusement park designer, it was among the first to incorporate child-participation and educational elements in its format. Thus, popular amusement rides such as Thriller, Tilt-A-Whirl, Red Baron, and Himalaya are complemented by fun learning attractions like Middle Earth Theater where children and parents dressed in costume are the stars, and Old McDonald's Farm with its pettable animals.

The Black Hole, designed specially for 8-year olds and older, will challenge the bravest in the family. Other recent additions include T-Rex, a spinning dinosaur ride, Windjammer, a hand gliding experience second to none, and the new castle at Middle Earth Theater.

Among the creative play favorites is an authentic cockpit of a 1941 DC-3 airplane, complete with controls and instruments that is powered entirely by young imaginations. An open maze is another favorite for kids of all ages. Games of skill and chance provide the opportunity for parents and children to win their favorite prizes.

Another ride, fun for the whole family, is the Alfalfa Express, an old fashioned Hay Ride that tours the rolling hills of the property. From the hay wagon the children can often spot grazing deer and other wildlife as they enjoy their view of the foot hills of historical Jenny Jump Mountain.

Food, of course, is temptingly available at the park, too, from burgers or hot dogs and cheese-drenched fries to Mama Santa's Pizza and Rudolph's handmade ice cream waffle sandwiches. Families are also invited to bring their own picnic lunches and feast in the spacious picnic grove where there are plenty of tables for a comfortable meal.

The park is open 7-days a week through Labor Day; then on selected weekends. For more information, please call (908) 459-9000 or visit their website.

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Bill Boyle
16 Jul 2017, 04:42
I haven't been to the the Land of Make Believe since 1965 , but the constant Comercial s make
me quite nostalgic , I have wonderful memories of the place as a kid , and they didn't have nearly as many attractions then as they do now . Makes me wish I was a kid again .
Leslie Gang
27 Jul 2014, 09:27
Criminals. Took my money without telling me the power was out and didn't tell me. Didn't offer refund only a rain check for this season but I am due in 3 Weeks so it's useless to me. They didn't care.

jose Rodriguez
27 Jul 2014, 06:07
What are the prices for adults and cchildres also for disabled kids and parking..we live in long branch nj.07740
30 Jun 2014, 07:26
What exit is it at?
24 May 2014, 19:49
Hi I'm Alexis but everyone calls me lex I'm gonna be 13 years old soon and I was really wondering how old you have to be to work at land of make believe because I need a job this summer if I want to keep my cell phone if anyone knows plz tell me
Jazmyn Hernandez
27 Apr 2014, 18:22
Hi, I was wondering if there was an online application? I'm 15, and live in Pennsylvania so to go all the way there would be a hassle, although I will do it if needed! I've gone to the land of make believe since I was 1 and I've always adored it, even now! My 8 year old brother would love it also, it really is great! Email me if possible with the information on the application ASAP please and thanks !
Richard Buergerhoff
25 Jul 2012, 01:53
I'm a senior network engineer I was wondering if any positions were available at this time. Thanks
29 Jun 2012, 12:51
I don't understand why people are asking about prices and about employment on a NJ Skylands article about the park from four years ago. Visit the website or pick up the phone and call the park!
Jeanette Young
04 Jun 2012, 19:07
I was wondering if you could help me , I wanted to know if you are hiring for the summer . I have two daughters one is 14 and the other is 16 years old. They are both willing to work any postion you have available. \r\n\r\nCan you please get back to me or someone that could be able too. \r\n\r\nThank You Jeanette Young
22 Aug 2011, 07:55
30 Jul 2011, 15:01
i wanna know how much is for adults and kids plz tell me fast
10 Mar 2011, 11:57
I visited Land of Make Believe in August\r\n2010, it was great and worth the entrance fee....It should be made known to ppl who live in Brooklyn and Queens, they don't know about it......I'm from the Caribbean and it was my first time. My kids luv it.
11 Aug 2010, 20:11
I luv 2 go to the LomB the land of make believe itz great for birthdays and to just have a nice day i went there 2 times on friday and guess wat it close i came 6:00 and went to funplex................................................................
13 Jul 2010, 12:14
there is no other place like it we have made this one of our hot spots for summer fun and as long as it gates are open will continue to have a blast when we visit and for every time we visit the more family members and friends tag along to experience and see first hand how fun it is.
12 Jul 2010, 12:56
the land of makebelieve is one of my favorite places to go in the summer. it has great prices for kids and adults. the website is for anyof you that need more info. im sure u wont be dissapointed when u go. it will leave you with great memories and more to come:)
27 Jun 2010, 18:46
I still can't wait till i go I bet i will have so much fun. it looks awsome.
22 Jun 2010, 10:02
could kidz that are only 12 stay alone in the park???
cutie piie =]
26 May 2010, 17:42
i want to know how mch is it 2 go 2 land of make belive i haerd that it iss so much fun\r\n
doris Rivera
07 May 2010, 09:26
i just wannna know when u gonna open guys kids r so excited pls email thank you.....
02 May 2010, 10:06
04 Sep 2009, 13:56
This place is a jip. As an adult to pay $21.00 and have no rides to go on except for the pool is A waste of money. additionally, children under 2 are free however there are only 4 rides they are allowed on, one being a hayride, and another being a carousel. Also , topay $21.00 and sit there and be swarmed by bees all day becausee no one can empty out the trash receptacles is riduculous.. How me nor my family ddidnt get stung is a miracle.
Donna Leathers-Sonnenberg
31 Aug 2009, 15:26
I have a vacation rental property in the Poconos. I'm always looking for something for my guests' to do with their children. Would appreciate it if you could send me some pamphlets. If not this year, then definitely for next year.\r\n\r\nDonna
Ignacio Cruz
08 Aug 2009, 16:43
This park is excellent for the price: Adults=21.00 and Children=23.00. It is a waterpark and amusement park all in one. My two children enjoyed themselves.
miguel bajandas
31 Jul 2009, 11:29
hello im very much interested in this theme park and would like some info on how to get there from the city and pricwe adress is 2223 lafayette ave,bronx new york,10473 thank you so very much
Wendy L. Rosen
02 May 2009, 21:05
I was at the Land of Make Believe during its early years - 1960s - I loved the place!
13 Sep 2008, 19:51
I help you with that one!!! I have been working there for 4 years, and I can tell you they are always hiring. You need no experience or anything, If you work in the water park they will train you for lifeguarding and everything. It really is a great place to work!!! just go into the office and ask for an application
18 Aug 2008, 16:06
the land of make believe looks like so much fun!
Isabel Mitchell
08 Mar 2008, 06:50
Good day to you.\r\nI wonder if you could help me, I heard from my step daughter (who lives in Hope) that the Land Of Make Beleive offers employment to students in summer. My daugher, Megan Mitchell, is 19 and would like to work at the park this year, is there employment and what does she need to apply, (e.g. First Aid course, etc) \r\n\r\nPlease help me or direct me to someone who could\r\n\r\nThanking you\r\n\r\nIsabel Mitchell

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