We mourn the loss of Dan Campanelli, who passed away on May 24, 2017.

Dan Campanelli

Seldom are artists able to remain so completely loyal to their original vision while achieving the remarkable popular success of Pauline and Dan Campanelli. Most of their paintings; Dan's landscapes in watercolor and Pauline's still-life in oils; are reproduced by the New York Graphic Publishing Group, the largest and oldest publisher of fine art reproductions.

Pauline Campanelli passed away on November 29, 2001. We have been honored by her grace and support and by the privilege of including her story among those that characterize Northwest New Jersey.

Valley Forge, PA

Perhaps it is because the Campanellis, in all facets of their everyday lives, subscribe completely to the traditional American aesthetic expressed in their paintings, that they are so able to convey and reaffirm the simple, luminous beauty of their subjects. For nearly a quarter century, from their little stone house near Finesville, a few miles south of Phillipsburg near the Musconetcong River, Dan and Pauline produced a succession of work which has come to be admired across America and around the world. Much of the subject matter for their work lay literally within a stone's throw of their home; and all within an hour's drive. This is where they came to be near the subjects they love to paint. In their hands, plainness transforms to crystal clarity, and austerity becomes majesty, evoking a powerful response from an expansive audience.

Jockey Hollow. Watercolor by Dan Campanelli from the
collection of David and Robin Perelli

Powerful indeed. The chord they've struck elevated their sales past one million sometime about three years ago. Growing at a rate of over 100,000 prints each year, the total now rests at somewhere around 1.2 million. A Campanelli image is something you're likely to recognize, though the name may be one you're learning for the first time.

Although he can "do his art" anywhere they please, Dan continues to go to work every day in his Quakertown home, where he lives with his wife, Marty. This is where he came to be near the subjects he loves to paint. While others travel to Williamsburg, Virginia, or Sturbridge, Massachusetts, to experience history, here among the the sleepy little villages not named on maps, the nineteenth century still lingers. Indeed, the house is itself a work of art (and economic necessity), restored nail by nail by Dan and Marty, learning each step of the way, while adding the modern requirements for domestic living, spiced with twists of ingenuity.

Both Dan and Marty are continually immersed in projects important to local historic preservation. Most recently Dan agreed to sell limited edition prints of his rendition of the Historic County Courthouse via the Hunterdon Tricentennial Committee as a fundraiser for the many events planned to celebrate 300 Years of Hunterdon in 2014.


23 Feb 2018, 08:43
let's face it people... dan & paulene's paintings aren't worth the canvas or the paper they're painted on. Nobody out there even has a clue what anything is actually worth because there are no auction records so there's no basis. You can google it all you want, all you're going to get are worthless prints of the most popular known works - that you will enjoy looking at but will eventually be sent off to the local good-will once you get tired of it.
19 Jan 2018, 11:37
Hello I have a signed limited edition of "Early Spring"
883/950. Can you tell me its value?

Thank you!
Mike Butkus
14 Jan 2018, 13:57
Sorry to say Mr. Campanelli passed away in 2017

http://www.nj.com/hunterdon/index.ssf/2017/05/nationally-known_watercolor_a rtist_dan_campanelli.html
14 Sep 2017, 09:50
You might be interested to review a watercolor by Dan Campanelli, “Coopers Mill” that we are putting for sale on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/253144316673?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p398 4.m1558.l2649

The watercolor has remained in private ownership ever since he created it in 1984-1985. The only public sighting appears to be in a newsletter “Tel-news” from September 1985, issued presumably by New Jersey Bell, that shows the painting. We were made aware of this by Mr. Campanelli in a note he sent us in January 2016.
Robert Mitman
26 Dec 2016, 15:59
I'm curious where "House of Decision" is located and why it is called that. It reminds me of our ancestral family home.
05 Dec 2016, 10:52
I have just hung my favorite winter print - Dan's Solstice Morning. My husband and I love it - we just want to jump into the scene. I'd really like to know where it is. Anyone?
21 Jan 2016, 17:54
I just purchased an Oil on Canvas painting Pauline Eble Campanelli Private Collection 36" x 32" Wild Rose Berries in a lovely wood green frame. I am wondering was there such a thing as "Private Collection" and what it might be worth ?
Dawn Squire
13 Jan 2016, 10:41
I am desperately looking for a print of Hay Day by Dan Campanelli I have been looking all over the internet for it but I can not find it. My husband used to work on that farm when he was a young boy and he would really like to get that print his health is not that good he had a brain hemorrhage a few months ago so I would like to surprise him with this picture
06 Oct 2015, 16:11
My parents have a signed and framed print of the two quilts on the porch, numbered 104/300 and are interested in selling it. Does anyone have an estimate of its' value?
Thank you.
Cameron Price
10 Jul 2015, 06:23
Looking at a print of Daily Beggars in a waiting room and wondering: Why haven't those geese flown south for the winter?
Linda Allocco
07 Jun 2015, 13:16
Am interested in selling a signed, numbered print with an additional signature in gold by artist, Dan Campanelli, of "Groundhog Lock". Am wondering what it might be worth.
13 Apr 2015, 07:48
Hi I have a signed/numbered original and its called "Early Spring"....its beautifu. Can anyone tell me of its value?l
28 Mar 2015, 22:36
Fabulous collection of Campanelli art for sale including originals and rare limited editions. Excellent pricing. Email with needs. Also buying original Pauline Eble Campanelli art.
08 Feb 2015, 10:54
Can anyone tell me the current value of
"Dreaming of a Soulmate" by Daniel
Campanelli. It is 25/142, framed and in
excellent condition.
Thank you.
05 Dec 2014, 14:15
I have a signed numbered print from Pauline titled "Canning". Everyone I have asked about it said the painting doesn't exist. I know it exists because I bought it directly from Pauline and stood there while she signed it. Why does no one know anything about this painting? It makes me believe I might have a good find. If anyone knows anything about his picture please let me know. I have number 5 and I was told years ago she died before she had a chance to complete the numbering and that I got the last one she numbered.
Susan Wilkins
29 Jun 2014, 07:09
I have a signed lithograph by Dan Campanelli , I purchased it a the Blue Easel more than 20 years ago. It is called "Quilts for Sale" #282/300, but it is not the one that comes up when you google "Quilts for Sale". I know there was a story behind it, Dan was changing companies that he worked with at the time. I'm curious what this might be valued at now?
Edith Sickler
16 May 2014, 16:52
I have a Dan Campanelli print, "Big Wheel," which is matted and framed. Can you give me any idea of current resale value? I might also be interested in trading it for a more spring or summery print of his. Thank you for any information.
15 Apr 2014, 18:31
I have the daily beggars and just came across winter barn any idea where I could purchase it?
27 Jan 2014, 05:47
Apologies for the previous listing. The correct Email address for the Campanelli artwork is countryartforsale@gmail.com.
26 Jan 2014, 20:05
We have a large collection of signed prints,limited editions,rare pieces and original Campanelli art for sale. Email us with your needs at countryartnewjersey@gmail.com. Fantastic pricing to all Campanelli collectors. Serious inquiries only. Please include your name and email address.
Art Smart
14 Jan 2014, 07:49
Neil,\r\n\r\nI am a friend of Dan's and told him about the plaques of wood that you have. He relayed to me that they were actually created by his FATHER, Dominick Campanelli. Dan said that his father took up the craft later in life and apparently gave many of his pieces away and they are now turning up. One friend of Dan's found one at a flea market about ten years ago and thought Dan had made it as well, but once he saw the cursive signature he realized it was his father's work.
20 Dec 2013, 23:16
I've lived in North Carolina for the last 23yrs. I still miss home in Bucks County, Pa. Every time I see a \r\nDan Campanelli print I feel like I've gone home. Are any of his landscapes of the Bucks area? Such Beautiful work. They immediately deliver a sense of peace and tranquility. The work of both Dan and Paula show more than an artistic talent. Truly gifted!
16 Dec 2013, 18:52
Can someone please help me find a Dan Campanelli print of a White House with a wrought iron fence in the front with garland draped. Thank you so much!
25 Oct 2013, 14:19
To clarify, the "Mallard on Holly" plaque I have is done with hot sand outline and then beautifully painted. If anyone could provide a source to authenticate Dan's art I would be extremely appreciative. I can easily provide photos via e-mail. Thx.
25 Oct 2013, 07:17
in 1982 during an art show at U of P, my husband purchased what I would describe as a wood burned and water colored image of a goose entitled "Mallard on Holly." It's painted on an actual slice of log w/ bark, not a print or painting. My husband followed Campanelli's career and has ensured me that this is an original. The signature on the front is in cursive and only reflects the last name. Could anyone advise if Campanelli produced this type of art and also if he changed his signature format. Much appreciated
07 Oct 2013, 12:10
I have two original oil paintings by Pauline . If anyone is interested in them please contact me . They came from Pauline's fathers estate .
18 Sep 2013, 11:31
I have an old print signed by Dan Campanelli and dated 1985, titled Daily Beggars. It is framed and measures 34" wide by 24" high. It is a lovely painting of a snow scene with a stone house with Christmas wreaths in the windows and geese. If anyone is interested in purchasing, please email me. It is in very good condition.
11 May 2013, 12:46
I have a hand signed lithograph "Bittersweet" by Pauline Eble Campanelli. It has here signature on the lithograph and right above it she signed it again. I found this peice in a very unlikely place framed also. I was wondering what its value could be? I can't find any others for sale? If you have any info you can call me at \r\n864-315-7787 mike. Thanks.
Art Smart
30 Apr 2013, 08:33
wanted to let all Dan Campanelli fans know that there's a new line of prints available and they are reasonably priced, including lots of his recent work. In fact, the image of Valley Forge shown in this article is now available in print. Country Creations a nice store in Strasburg, PA. that has a website selling Dan's work. just google them.
Art Smart
13 Mar 2013, 10:51
For those of you who collect Dan's prints, there's a new limited-edition just released by Hunterdon County to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the county's founding. Go to www.hunterdon300th.org and see the print. If you want to reserve one, hit the contact button and send an email with your request. You may be able to pick the print number of your choice. Only 300 prints will be made and only the Hunterdon County 300th Anniversary committee is selling them.
10 Feb 2013, 02:22
I just bought a framed and matted picture by Dan Campanelli at a gently used store...have been researching the artist and picture since. The picture is a stone house with 2 quilts hanging on the front porch and a blue front door. I can not find it anywhere when looking for the print online. What would this be valued at?
Hills Gallery
16 Oct 2012, 11:40
Dear Art Lovers and Dan Campanelli's Fans,\r\n\r\nHills Gallery located in Hillsborough, NJ cordially invites you to the opening reception of "The Art of Dan Campanelli and His Passion for Local Historic Homes" on Saturday, November 3, 2012 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. The exhibit showcases Mr. Campanelli's original watercolor paintings, limited editions and hand-signed prints. The artist will attend the reception and sign personalized notes on his posters. Mr. Campanelli looks forward to meeting the audience and answering all the questions about his artwork. Refreshments will be served at the reception. More details can be obtained from our website www.hills-gallery.com or call Lily at 908-281-1855.\r\nWe look forward to seeing Mr. Campanelli's fans at the art show. \r\n
art smart
27 Sep 2012, 09:49
Stella- The bridge that Dan Campanelli painted in "To Grandmother's House We Go" is located along Route 57 in Warren County, NJ. The bridge was built in the mid-1800s by a man named Miller who owned property on both sides of the Musconetcong River. The bridge spans from Warren County into Morris County. A mile or so further south is a similar arched bridge, built by the same man, and it spans from Warren County to the northern tip of Hunterdon County. Hope this is helpful.
tama & roberto ghedini
20 Sep 2012, 14:13
Dan Campanelli,We've been trying to get in touch with you for a few years...please email us,we miss you very much! thanks,tama & roberto (we no longer live in pa.)\r\n
Stella Arvanetaki
16 Sep 2012, 16:32
I have an unsigned framed print of "Going to Grandmother's House - it is a winter scene of a triple arch stone bridge. What is the name of the bridge and where is it located?
Dr. Edward M.McLaughlin
13 Aug 2012, 07:49
My wife and I fell in love with our picture we purchased some years ago. It was a watercolor of I believe was Dan Campannelli home:\r\n 19.5 X 29.5 Watercolor, 1996\r\n\r\nMy wife died 2/16/2012 but I intend to see this painting will syay close to my family
Kim H.
28 Jun 2012, 13:54
To Art Smart: Hetzel's is getting my print by the weekend, thanks again for the suggestion, I'm so excited!
Kim H.
28 Jun 2012, 10:21
To Art Smart: Thank you so much! Hetzel's is less than 10 minutes from my house, I will definitely check with them.
Art Smart
27 Jun 2012, 13:44
A message for Kim H. Yes, "Christmas Tree Farm" is out of print, but Hetzel's Gallery in Clinton could probably get it directly from the artist if he has one. Just look them up. I think Dan's hand-signed and personalized prints go for $75 each unframed. And Hetzel's does great framing.
Kim H.
19 Jun 2012, 11:14
I am looking for a print called "Christmas Tree Farm" It looks like it is out of print, but was wondering if anyone knew where I could look to find one. Thanks!
Cliff Ballard
09 Jun 2012, 16:57
Dear William JT Brown,\r\nI may be interested in purchasing your paintings. I also have two of Paulines originals and might be interested in expanding my collection.
william j t brown
06 Jun 2012, 17:37
Two paintings that I bought from Pauline 38 years ago: a study of light through a glass vase and a more important still life of old books, with open frontispiece painting of Danny as civil was soldier. Pauline said this was the only painting she had done of Danny. I am wondering if there is interest in these paintings and what they would be worth.
Art Smart
26 Apr 2012, 12:50
I am friends with the artist and since he does not have email, I thought I'd respond to a few comments. First, Nelson Lair wants to know where to find Dan's original paintings. I think Hetzel's Gallery in Clinton, NJ can help him out. Some people have commented on the purpose of exterior doors lined up on upper floors of buildings. These buildings are mills or storage barns. A hoist with a rope would pull up bags of grain, etc, to the upper floors and the items could be pulled in throught the doors. The Campanellis never painted an angel with a hummingbird or anything like that. Someone asked who holds the copyrights to the original paintings and prints by the Campanellis. Dan owns the rights to all his watercolor paintings as well as the oil paintings by Pauline.
06 Apr 2012, 04:47
Milky Way Farm is the original home of my 7th great-\r\ngrandfather, Garret Lehr. Its tenant house still has his "1766" cornerstone.\r\nDoes anyone know who owns the original "Milky Way Farm" painting and how they can be contacted?\r\nHow about the current owners? I know Helen Barrett has passed on since our Lair/Lare/Lehr family reunion there in 1993.
21 Mar 2012, 15:23
23 Feb 2012, 18:51
Does anyone know where the original Mute Swan hangs, or who has the rights to it?
02 Feb 2012, 05:13
I am also looking for his Dickens Days picture. Unfortunately, I can't find it online. Does anyone know where I can buy it?
Mike Oshea
31 Jan 2012, 21:10
I love Dan and Pauline's work. I own two originals and would love to own a Pauline piece. They are true masters. If anyone wants to sell a painting please allow me to bid. Thank you.
John Keegan
28 Dec 2011, 13:59
On behalf of my parents who recently purchased a Dan Campaneli print of house w/ exterior doors on the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th floors, I asking the same question as:\r\nSonia\r\n15 Dec 2010, 05:31\r\nCampanelli has done several paintings that show houses with exterior doors on levels above the ground level. Can someone please tell me what the purpose of those doors is????\r\nMany thanks, Sonia\r\n
07 Dec 2011, 08:33
Does anyone know anything about a signed print by Dan campanelli titled dickens days
19 Nov 2011, 15:33
When I was 7 I had the pleasure of living next door to Mr. Campanelli. He is a great person along as a great artist.
14 Nov 2011, 12:26
Can you please tell me the location of TOAD BRIDGE , thank you;
07 Sep 2011, 19:29
Walter Moser
16 Aug 2011, 10:09
I am interested in purchasing original paintings by Pauline.
07 Jul 2011, 13:23
I have an original watercolor by Dan Campanelli of Stover Mill. Any bites?
25 Apr 2011, 16:00
ive followed dans work for sometime,i just purchased a painting called troll bridge,ive never seen it anywhere before,anyone have any info on it.i may be willing to sell it
Pam Sekula
19 Feb 2011, 11:15
Check out the picture on the wall behind my Profile pic! There's Dan's "Daily Beggers!" I have three of his and two of Pauline's prints...no originals, sadly.\r\n I love the quality of Dan's paintings; it pulls me right into the scene!
08 Feb 2011, 21:18
I was in a little antique shop last year and came across the print Daily Beggers. At the time I just like the looks of the picture and didn't even notice the name on it. Just today a friend and I were looking more closely at it and I noticed the name and the date of 1985. I have to say I love the picture and even more now that I know a little about its painter. Thank-you for setting off a wall in my dinig room.
Barbara Costa
24 Jan 2011, 18:17
The Daily Beggars, 1985 [framed] hung in the Buckley Road branch of Onbank in No. Syracuse, NY in 2000+ and I offered to buy it for $500. Not for sale. When Onbank was bought by M&T bank, offices were renovated and this was to be thrown out in 2004. Luckily the Asst. Manager knew how to contact me here near Pittsburgh, said I could have it, so I had my step-daughter take it to be wrapped at a MailBox and shipped for under $60. It has hung lovingly in my living room since that time and I have this wonderful story to tell. My brother lived in a similar house between Easton and Nazareth, PA for many years and this drew me to the print in the first place. Love his work!
22 Jan 2011, 20:12
i received a lithograph 20/300 several yrs ago of a stone house gray with a green roof with a lot of snow. also has an american flag on the front of the house. it caught my eye while making a delv. the owner of the art store later gave it to me as a gift. could u please provide me with some information about this print. the bottom right is printed dan campanelli with the i dotted with a o. thank you rt...
rosemarie campanelli jaouen
11 Jan 2011, 10:05
I was born a Campanelli and recently lost my parents and wondered about our family tree and came upon your site. My dad, Nicholas, was also an artists, as well as my brother, Michael, so when i saw the wonderful art here I felt we must be related, if not by name, than by art. \r\nI am not sure who this email goes to since I understand that there has been a recent death but hoped to share with your family.\r\nThank you for your beautiful work and I know your family treasure it as much as I treasure my dad and brothers work since they have both passed on.\r\nBlessings, Rosemarie
03 Jan 2011, 14:03
I have a framed print of Wild Berries. I am wondering about different versions of this print. In the lower right hand corner where I have seen her name printed in other copies, This print has the name written out in black marker and not just a copied print. Is there any special value to this type of print? Is it an artist proof. Any help would be great.
27 Dec 2010, 19:11
I still have the framed matted numbered print of Dan Campanelli's picture of the stone mill in Clinton, NJ; the title, written in pencil at the bottom by Dan is "Forsythia". It is #31 in the series and is signed. I purchased back when this print was issued in the late "90's'. I do want to sell it, I'm retiring soon and trying to "downsize".
Sandy Maxwell
27 Dec 2010, 17:38
I love Dan!! we just purchased our first and now we are hooked.
27 Dec 2010, 06:48
I have a Pauline Campanelli print I believe it's called berries usually the basket is sitting on a green table/cabinet. mine is sitting on a blue cabinet. Can anyone tell me if this one is any different because of the blue. I only know of one other one. I have only ever seen them in green. Please let me know thank you.
21 Dec 2010, 14:01
I own 3 prints of Dan Campanelli, would like to know where I can view his work (in person) and purchase?
15 Dec 2010, 05:31
Campanelli has done several paintings that show houses with exterior doors on levels above the ground level. Can someone please tell me what the purpose of those doors is????\r\nMany thanks, Sonia
rosanne de gise o'neill
18 Nov 2010, 16:31
I am a former Eng. teacher of Danny Ca mpanelli from Ramsey HS. Would like to be in touch with him. He gave me more than a few of his works when he was in Hs and I still have them. Recently, my daughter who has one of the framed works became very interested and thus the search. Her remark is that his work is very different from his early work although both are great. If he happens to see this note and would like to be in touch, please respond. Rosanne DeGise O'Neill
12 Oct 2010, 19:41
Hello. I ahve a rather large framed print by pauline eble campanelli. It is actually signed by her in her own hand in gold above the printed signature. The print is the wildberries in a basket sitting atop a green chest. I am looking to get $4000. for it. if interrested please email me. I live in nj.thanks! carrie
Steve Richards
25 Sep 2010, 17:36
Sorry to take so long to respond. When I purchased this item 12 or 13 years ago I purchased the print and had it matted and framed at the shop on Main street there in Clinton, just across from the stone mill and the total was around $350.00. I was hoping to get $500.00 for it now. If you are interested in at that price let me know, I have one other person who has recently asked if I would sell it and that's what got me to thinking about it. Does that seem like a fair price to you?\r\nSteve Richards\r\njstephenrichards@gmail.com
19 Sep 2010, 14:16
I'd be interesting in purchasing Forsythia, what price were you starting at? Thanks!
Steve Richards
03 Sep 2010, 05:06
I have a framed matted numbered print of Dan Campanelli's picture of the stone mill in Clinton, NJ; the title, written in pencil at the bottom by Dan is "Forsythia". It is #31 in the series and is signed. I purchased back when this print was issued in the late "90's'. I was wondering if anyone had interest in aquiring it?
30 Aug 2010, 09:29
Would like to know if anyone is interested in purchasing an original artist proof of "Washingtons Birthday" signed and dated by Dan Campanelli. This has been specially framed to protect the proof. I have an estimate from appox. 6 years ago puting the proof at about $1800 without framing. I am very flexible on price. If interested please contact me at mavric308@comcast.net. Thank you.
Mike W.
27 Aug 2010, 07:42
how much do you want for "yule log" and do you have a picture?
24 Aug 2010, 17:27
I am interested in selling YULE LOG an original painting by Dan Campanelli. Any suggestions?
Alan Cooper
22 Aug 2010, 16:32
I am moving to Ca. and own a Pauline still life [apples. pears, cherries and a copper plate] oil on board. A relative wants to purchase this 18" by 10"framed work but I have no idea what value to put on it. Can you help? Thanks
14 Aug 2010, 11:31
I have an orginal framed oil painting\r\nsigned Campanelli. The painting is about 20 X 16. The back of the canvas has written in ballpoint ink: Title:"Birches"\r\nWhere Painted :1977-78\r\nPrice: 20\r\nArtist:Campanelli\r\nAddress:Auburn\r\nArt Society: Cay County Art Museum\r\nThe scene looks like trees over a lake\r\nreally nice and in perfect condition.\r\nAnyway, I dont know if this was painted by Dan or his wife. Would love to know more about it- Thank you
Patricia Bell
03 Aug 2010, 07:04
I have a vase, jar about 5 inches tall, colored sand with lovely vines and flowers. On the bottom is written C.D. Capanelli , beneath is written Gubblo. I would appreciate any info on this. Thank you very much, P. Bell
08 Jun 2010, 09:35
Where can I find the picture of an \r\nAngel and a hummingbird make by \r\nCampanelli?
04 Jun 2010, 09:47
I have a beautiful framed artist proof of "Washinton's Birthday" signed by Dan Campanelli that I believe is from around 1995. The size of this proof framed is approx. 34X28". Do you know of anyone that would be interested in purchasing this item? Thanks.
17 May 2010, 08:37
to Judy,\r\nJust came across this website today, no idea what made me go on it, Im a cousin of Dan's, but havent been in touch. Im hoping to contact him soon...i live in Midalnd park and work in ramsey, (small world)\r\nwill try to help you out with his art's worth.\r\nalso to Ray B... definately interested in purchasing original oils.. thanks\r\nLISA
15 May 2010, 19:46
Just found this blog/site. Dan and Pauline were very good friends of my ex and myself in the early part of both or our marriages. We lived in Midland Park and then Ramsey. During the time we were close I was bestowed with 2 of Dan's original barns and 5 of Pauline's watercolors and one pencil drawing. I have no way of knowing if they are worth anything or how much if they are and would like to find out for insurance purposes only. Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.
Walter Grace
20 Feb 2010, 13:54
I'm a collector interested in purchasing any of Pauline's original oil paintings. My day time phone number is 718-723-6400. If I'm not in ask for Mike or Liz.
Mike Sisbarro
18 Feb 2010, 15:56
I apologize if this is a duplicate post. I grew up with Pauline, when she was Pauline Eble, in Ridgewood, NJ, but I never met Dan. Back in 1967, I was given the first piece of art that Dan ever sold. It's a pencil drawing that he called "Pipes". I know he will remember it, because he has told my sister, a very close friend of Pauline's, that he would love to have it back. I am willing to sell it but don't know how to value it. Any thoughts or interest?
mark pfeil
04 Feb 2010, 15:03
I am a photographer and doing a pictorial book on stone structures: churches, houses, barns, etc.\r\n\r\nI saw one of Dan's works at Genisis Center in Lebanon NH, a stone house.\r\n\r\nI would like to contact Dan regarding my book.\r\n\r\nSincerely,\r\n\r\nMark Pfeil\r\n603-398-2218
ken steiner
28 Dec 2009, 17:39
looking to purchase a pauline campanelli\r\npainting. please email
ray babula
07 Dec 2009, 08:07
I have two pieces from the campanellis original oil and large water color both signed. if interested email me. thanks ray
Kenneth Markley
11 Nov 2009, 16:43
I would like to know which of Dan's oil paintings are available for sale and where I can purchase them?
Bill/ Flo Travers
28 Oct 2009, 14:53
My wife and I just found out that Paulne had died. We relocated to S. Carolia in 1985, and had not seen them since that time. Our son Steven went to Ramsey high with Danny, and through this contact we met them. We saw first hand their interest in the past when we visited their first home in Oakland, NJ. It was at this time that Pauline had made a buckskin outfit for Dan, who was making flintlock rifles. My wife and I feel that we helped in Paulines interest in the occult by giving her our Fate magazines. Dan used to say that after we gave them to her, she would spend her time in reading them rather than painting. The old stone house and farm was a work of art itself. She will be greatly missed.
Jim Walker LLP
15 Aug 2009, 16:08
Hello we were wondering what happened to the original wild rose berries painting we have a copy of it that says from the private collection 32x36\r\nframed and singed could you let me know\r\nThank You \r\n Jimmy Walker
les wallis
05 Jul 2009, 04:56
i purchased a print of "house of decision 1997"in florida while on holiday and was wondering what is the origin of the picture
07 May 2009, 06:32
i would like to contact christian campanelli. i found a piece that spoke to me and i would really have loved to speak to Pauline after pulling her picture from the trash and hanging it in my living room. sadly enough this interest took me to the world wide web i found she had passed.i would still like to say a few kind words to Dan about this painting.if some one could pass me an e-mail address i would really appreciate it
Penny Carson
09 Feb 2009, 21:30
It's been too long between then and now. Hope you are well, warm and happy.\r\nHappy (upcoming) 3/18....You were right...we '49ers' are here for a purpose.\r\nBlessings
28 Jan 2009, 11:49
I was saddened to hear of Pauline's passing. I am still looking for some of her and Dan's books. I have loved Dan's work long before I knew we shared the same path in life...
28 Jan 2009, 09:54
Hi, I have a Daniel Campanelli print of a violin with bow and a piece of sheet music on it. It is a black and white print and hand signed in pencil. It is at least 40 years old.The "i's" in his name are dotted with little circles. Do I have the correct artist and if so where can I get more infomation on my prized piece of art? Many thanks.
Skylands Visitor
08 Jan 2009, 16:14
The Daily Beggars is quite famous and is the basis for one of America's best selling prints. Are you sure it's original?
sandra seymour
08 Jan 2009, 16:04
Hello...I have just acquired a Dan Campanelli watercolor he did in 1985 called The Daily Beggers. It is a stone house, with christmas wreaths in the windows and geese around the front of the house. Can anyone tell me how to get information on this painting?? This is an original, NOT a reproduction. many thanks
sandra seymour
08 Jan 2009, 16:03
Hello...I have just acquired a Dan Campanelli watercolor he did in 1985 called The Daily Beggers. It is a stone house, with christmas wreaths in the windows and geese around the front of the house. Can anyone tell me how to get information on this painting?? This is an original, NOT a reproduction. many thanks
christian campanelli
07 Jan 2009, 11:00
Pauline and Dan were my second cousins
24 Sep 2008, 12:08
I have attended two house tours in Finesville and just loved the Campanelli home. I was saddened to learn that you had moved but understand that your love of sheep and wanting to accept another challenge by putting your excellent touch on another home has lead you to do that. When your home has been featured in magazines, I truly enjoy sharing every word and picture that the article brings out. \r\n Continued good luck to you and Marty in your careers.
Michael Kessel
29 Aug 2008, 11:38
As a young boy, I lived across the street from Paula and her family. I felt incredible sympathy for her as she struggled to get around...felt as if life had dealt her the cruelest of blows. Fast forward 25 years and my mother presented me with one of Paula's prints. She had not even read the artist signature, simply buying the print as a gift that would beautifully fit in the 1811 house I was reconstructing at the time. As I unwrapped the print, simultaneously we discovered the signature and both were struck with mixed feelings about the coincidence. Ultimately I realized how foolish a little boy's eyes can be, recognizing so many years later how my pity was so misplaced. Certainly she was not cursed, but blessed with vision, talent and dedication to craft. I've missed her in her passing, simply because the lesson I learned, watching from across the street.
07 Aug 2008, 13:40
When my Great Grandmother passed away the Campanelli's bought the historical Hunt family farm from my Grandmother Orpha Kormandy. The farm house is the subject in Dan's paintings of Daylilies and Wash Day. The work they put into the farm house to restore it to it's original condition including opening up the old summer kitchen ment so much to my Grandmother it is hard to imagine anyone else having taken over the farm. Unfortunately after Pauline passed away, Dan sold the farm and I have no way of contacting him. My Grandmother has now also passed, but I wanted him to know that she thought of the farm often in her final days and of how they took such great care of the place.
05 Mar 2008, 19:19
I have felt drawn to the Campanelli's for many years. Her books are part of my day to day life. May the blessings of the goddess guide her in Summerland until she returns to continue teaching her humble lessons in a world of egos. Blessed Be dear sister. Sleep well.
17 Feb 2008, 10:04
Pauline died of complications from polio. I wrote to her once & got a lovely letter back- I did not know her but I miss her being on earth & think of her often.
03 Feb 2008, 09:24
I have admired the work of the Campanelli's for years and read about her deathe in EAL some years ago. I picked up the magazine yesterday to read it again and couldn't stop thinking about the talen of these two people and how she died so young. What happened to her. She was a woman of so many talents. Her needlework was exquisite among all the other talents.

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